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Cum inside,or cum on,----your fave?

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Started by #68382 at 12,Apr,10 10:43
Do you prefer to cum while your cock is inside,or do you like to see yourself cum on your partner,or into a mouth,then spit or swallow?

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By cody8789 at 10,Feb,19 00:03 other posts of cody8789 
In of course

By #579310 at 09,Feb,19 17:39
Usually I ask where partner wants me to finish. But my favourite is when my partner open his mouth and I cum some in his mouth, some on his face.
By spermkiss at 09,Feb,19 18:54 other posts of spermkiss 
I hope that you lick it off his face and then give each other a nice sperm kiss. [Hey, spermkiss. That would be a great SYD name!]
By #579310 at 09,Feb,19 20:00
Yeah I do that. Lick his cheeks and lips and then kiss him passionately.
By spermkiss at 09,Feb,19 20:13 other posts of spermkiss 
My kinda guy.

By lawrenceo at 25,Dec,18 08:28 other posts of lawrenceo 
Always inside, unless that is unsafe. I think that the videos which show a pull-out at spunking time are just for show. I never want to pull out when my spunk is rising.

By #573046 at 25,Dec,18 06:52
I love cumming inside my partners mouth. Watch in the eyes as my cock shoots my warm cum inside. And if he or she swallows I am the happiest man. Sometimes I enjoy giving facials as well.

By iowaguy at 13,Jul,14 11:54 other posts of iowaguy 
Pussies I fuck always get my load balls deep. Usually tubes are tied or on pill but notice if there is risk the bigger and thicker the load.

By Odin_york_pa at 03,Oct,13 10:33 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I actually prefer to cum on rather than in, I can finish myself off with the perfect touch every time. Also love to watch a cock squirt so I prefer someone to cum on me

By Bernie at 30,Sep,13 10:00 other posts of Bernie 
When I'm at work I never had the power to withdraw. So I always donate my juice where it supposed to be. lol

By CreativeOne at 30,Sep,13 09:07 other posts of CreativeOne 
Inside !

By #33070 at 30,Sep,13 08:32
75% to 90% the time I cum inside. Luv the feeling

By horniperv at 30,Sep,13 07:21 other posts of horniperv 
Depends on my mood. Some times I like to see it smeared all over, other times I like to push it in real deep

By #427539 at 29,Sep,13 12:26
Stick cock in as deep and i can. And cumm
By *kmadeau* at 29,Sep,13 22:21 other posts of *kmadeau* 
this time you are so much Right, my Buddy!

By #136427 at 29,Sep,13 19:13
Fire in the hole!!!

By cumaddik at 29,Sep,13 11:47 other posts of cumaddik 
When a man use me as his bottom, i want him to always cum inside my mouth or deep inside my ass and when i cum...i don't mind in his mouth or not i don't top

By #10060 at 22,Apr,10 15:41
I like to cum inside but sometimes outside is nice too

By Lizzie2010 at 13,Apr,10 17:13 other posts of Lizzie2010 
I love to have cum shot in my mouth, up my pussy and over my clit xxx

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