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Boys Boarding School

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Started by jock78 at 26,Apr,16 01:13  other posts of jock78
How many had a similar experience...I was introduced to gay sex at a very early age when attending an all boys school in SA. The first introduction came just a few weeks after my arrival at the school where a senior pupil forced fed me his cock and decided that I'm the one to satisfy him whenever needed! In later years it actually escalated to such an extend that the seniors actually practiced 'liberty' nights on the juniors during which they target one of the boys and if it was you that night you could expect anything from someone cumming on your face whilst sleeping, being pinned to the bed with a dildo shuffed up your ass to the delight of an audience or being dragged to the showers with a 'army' waiting to piss on you....these are just a drop in the bucket of what I ecperienced there...at the time it wasn't that much fun but thinking back it now after 30 years it turns me on and makes me super horny now.

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By cody8789 at 17,Oct,18 00:39 other posts of cody8789 
Let them try to drag me to the shower /aonqse7a65mypic.html

By #568296 at 16,Oct,18 21:40
I was at a boys boarding school since 14. My 2 roommates stripped me naked and teased my little cock while showing me their cocks. They made me suck their cocks in turns and I liked it. The next day a perfect took me to his room and made me suck his cock while naked, he had a huge black cock and I deep throated it. My roommates the following week stripped me naked and took turns making me suck their cocks cumming in my mouth. One day while sucking my friends cock a teacher caught us and took me to his room. He asked if I liked sucking cocks and I said I did. He took his big cock out and made me suck it. That night the teacher came to my room and stripped me naked and made me suck his cock, he got naked and touched my cock. My roommates watched as he bent me over and fucked me in my ass hole making me moan and squeel. The next night my roommates took turns fucking me forcefuly. I moaned loudly as they used me like a little slut. In class the next day the teacher stripped me naked and fucked me on his desk infront of the class. I joined the wrestling team and at practice our coach taught us that the winner was the first to put their cock in the others ass. My opponent pinned me down and took my pants off **** his cock in my ass. The next year i was sharing a room with 4 guys, they made me suck rub and foot fuck their big cocks. In class the boy next to me made me stroke his cock, the teacher caught us and kept us for detention. he locked us in the classroom and stripped us naked touching our cocks.

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