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Driving naked

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Started by #11555 at 21,Apr,09 10:27
Anyone had the pleasure of driving naked? Alone or with someone?

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By wycowboy at 31,Mar,19 08:46 other posts of wycowboy 
I drive naked all the time. Usually on long highway drives. One night I was driving home from another town 150 miles away. It was at night. I took my clothes off as soon as I got in the truck, drove nude through the town to the highway with a raging hard on and started home. I edged all the way home and pulled over about a mile out of town. I got out of the truck, walked around to the front and finished off in front of the headlights. Just as I was cumming an 18 wheeler went by. Great orgasm. Writing this has made me hard and now I want to do that again.

By Luke008 at 31,Mar,19 02:11 other posts of Luke008 
Drive nude all the time

By Smoothmann at 30,Mar,19 23:43 other posts of Smoothmann 
I drive nude as often as I can!
By champstamp at 31,Mar,19 00:36 other posts of champstamp 
I have done that as well and it is fun. I have lso got a BJ a few times while driving. There is something about being naughty in public its very fun

By #510409 at 30,Oct,16 11:07
when i drive a long way i always get my cock out and play with it

By mn751 at 30,Oct,16 08:05 other posts of mn751 
Oh yeah!

By #493999 at 30,Oct,16 09:11
U woyld enjoy me there with u!!!!
I love naked auto play!

By supablack at 21,Apr,09 12:54 other posts of supablack 
on a long road drive once on a dark road i stripped down naked and drove it was a nice night had the windows down, and keep it at the speed on cruise control, and had a good time lol
By pifad at 25,Oct,16 12:18 other posts of pifad 
I would have noticed and gotten in with your our be fun on a road trip
By #493999 at 27,Oct,16 15:54
Love a ride along!

By swvsucker at 01,May,15 22:07 other posts of swvsucker 
I have done it many, many times. Over time I have come to realize that people literally pay no attention. I think it is the fear of making eye contact. I have driven through mall parking lots in the middle of the day without a stitch of clothing on and nobody notices.

Just this past summer I sat in the Walmart lot parked up front where lots of people would pass by, bare naked and jacking like a feind. People walked right by my window and a couple actually got in the truck beside of me...nobody noticed.
By pifad at 25,Oct,16 12:16 other posts of pifad 
I would have noticed and gotten in with you

By 67malibu at 01,May,15 12:30 other posts of 67malibu 
When I was younger

By licksipsuckit at 01,May,15 11:55 other posts of licksipsuckit 
only totally naked at night now, but when l was married ld get naked on the passenger seat anytime so my hubby could play with me *lix*

By routemaster at 12,Mar,15 03:23 other posts of routemaster 
A friend and I were out on a country road once, he was driving, and we both went along with our aroused pricks out!!!

By #59212 at 15,Apr,10 23:56
Long ago I'd throw on a pair of shorts on a warm Summer night. Go find a deserted dark country road. Masturbate for a while driving. Then stop, jump out, strip naked and blow a wad. Felt particularly good if there was a cool breeze blowing on my bare ass. Damn I'm getting horny!!!Where's my shorts?

By MoeJoe at 14,Apr,10 06:13 other posts of MoeJoe 
I've done it lots of times,,,it's exciting and I've taken a lot of pics doing it.

By Tobes at 11,Mar,10 22:27 other posts of Tobes 
I've thought about doing it before but there is always a risk that you could get pulled over by someone or you could crash your car. I live in the Australian Outback as well so there are plenty of deserted roads for me to drive on so the risk of me getting pulled over is far less than most people on here. I did one strip off and masturbate in an open field about 500 metres from the road but don't think I will do it again.

By spermkiss at 09,Mar,10 16:55 other posts of spermkiss 
I've done it lots of times. It's especially fun in a convertible with the top down.

By #10655 at 21,Apr,09 13:09
I never did it, but I read about a couple who were driving naked and got pulled over for a broken tail light. They didn't have time to put their clothes on and the cop got them for the broken taillight and indecent exposure.
By #11555 at 21,Apr,09 22:59
Yeah, gotta keep those gym shorts in standby mode right at your feet.
By supablack at 22,Apr,09 09:38 other posts of supablack 
yeah you have to keep something close just in case

By BushPilot at 21,Apr,09 23:34 other posts of BushPilot 
It's best in an open Jeep on a Mountain road or in the Desert at night. Open the top, put down the windshield, buckle the seat belt, and let the warm breeze blow where it may. It's even better when the lady in the passenger seat is similarly undressed and very fluid in her build. I think I'll head out this weekend to the back country.

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