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Precum, Like it or not

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Started by #95843 at 10,Aug,10 20:29
I love when I have a lot of precum, whether I'm jerking off or fucking. What's your opinion?

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By niginni at 28,Jul,18 05:32 other posts of niginni 
And it tastes great.

By #13481 at 14,Aug,10 03:59
I don't get pre-cum wish I did
By slipper at 14,Aug,10 20:39 other posts of slipper 
Are you serious? Has it always been this way for you... no matter how much or how long you are turned-on??? Just curious as I've never heard this before. Thanks, for any follow-up.
By skinb at 01,Jan,13 01:48 other posts of skinb 
I've never had precum either. Well just a drop or two. Wish I had more, looked at ways to get more and they just say edging but that doesn't give me anymore either. But I shoot really far, maybe the muscles too tight to let any out?
By Mazinga at 28,Jul,18 03:18 other posts of Mazinga 
When you masturbate, have you tried stimulating
your taint? The taint is the area behind your balls,
between your balls and anus... if you apply gentle
pressure to your taint it feels like an external
prostate massage.

When I edge myself, I like to "frot" my taint with
a dildo placed barely against it. As I stroke my cock
my balls tap the dildo to bounce against my taint.
It feels ticklish for me...

...Then as I'm climaxing I like to nudge my dildo
against my taint with gentle pressure.
That pressure makes me ooze with pre-cum, and ultimately
it makes me shoot a fierce load of cum.
My orgasms feel more intense this way.
And yet even MORE intense when I'm edging after
several days or weeks of abstinence!

I got that idea from a former play buddy who used to
hump my taint with his cock as he sat between my
legs to handjob me with olive oil.
My final visit with him occurred after he challenged
me to hold my load for almost a month.
After sucking my cock for 2 hours, we went into
this frot mode with him handjobbing me with olive oil.
His frot method felt so fuckin good!
The sensation felt similar to how a woman feels
when her pvssy gets rubbed and nudged by a cock,
because the taint is the soft part of the pelvic floor
to a guy, the way the pvssy is to the woman...

...My buddy continued humping my taint and handjobbing
my cock until I was oozing with mad pre-cum and
gooning toes curled outta my mind, and then I shot
a thick rope of cum for him all over my chest.

You can stimulate your taint with a dildo, a vibrator,
a vibrating bullet, or a buddy dry-humping you
in that same frotting manner. Do it GENTLY and
start out SLOWLY with random teasing.

The back skin area behind your balls are also
very sensitive to stimulation;
so treat that area with a bit of a feathery touch
and tickles by yourself, a vibe or dildo, or by
the help of a partner.

Hopefully these ideas will help you produce
more pre-cum.

Try it and report back with results and your thoughts.
Good luck!

By bikev at 28,Jul,18 02:58 other posts of bikev 
precum rules. love it love it love it

By Mazinga at 28,Jul,18 02:52 other posts of Mazinga 
Although I'm not a pre-cum "fountain" like some
other guys ( I wish I were! ), I love to taste my own.
Whenever I'm doing my edging marathons I like to hold
my pre-cum back at will and save it as lube when
I reach my goon stage during climax.

I've sucked some really good pre-cum from a few men
who can just GUSH it out as I orally/manually edge them.

Here's mine, flowing after almost an hour of edging
and holding it back at will...

By gypsy at 27,Jul,18 22:27 other posts of gypsy 
it is simply the best

By curious73 at 27,Jul,18 08:13 other posts of curious73 
Love it, love it, love it ...

By Lenatur at 27,Jul,18 00:30 other posts of Lenatur 
I like ! A lot of Precum

By cumaddik at 26,Jul,18 20:17 other posts of cumaddik 
Love it so much!!!

By seantopaz at 19,Jan,13 17:53 other posts of seantopaz 
love precum leak like siv when sexauly excited

By 67malibu at 19,Jan,13 12:35 other posts of 67malibu 
Definitely like

By Narcan at 19,Jan,13 03:03 other posts of Narcan 
I never let it go to waste!

By slipper at 10,Aug,10 21:48 other posts of slipper 
It's wonderful and flows freely, especially when I'm greatly turned on and for sometime after I cum!
By slipper at 11,Aug,10 23:16 other posts of slipper 

By skinb at 01,Jan,13 01:53 other posts of skinb 
I would love to see that and play with you. I get super turned on by those different than mine, such as precum and your luscious foreskin

By Foreskinlover at 25,Feb,12 23:33 other posts of Foreskinlover 
I love the taste of pre cum...mine or any one else's!

By gradurgaur at 25,Feb,12 11:04 other posts of gradurgaur 
I love to lick my pre-cum..and i get so horny and hard when i do...

By iluvcox at 25,Jan,12 21:23 other posts of iluvcox 
I'll never forget the look in my junior high J.O. buddy's eyes as he licked the precum off my cock and swallowed it.I then gladly returned the favor!

By stickyknickers at 25,Jan,12 16:15 other posts of stickyknickers 

What's not to like about precum?!

By #79498 at 25,Jan,12 15:41
i enjoy precum as much if not more (some times) than actual cum!

By dreamer at 25,Jan,12 11:01 other posts of dreamer 
I LUV it

By #28707 at 10,Aug,10 21:32
Nothing is better.
By Vita at 25,Jan,12 02:24 other posts of Vita 

By #34386 at 14,Aug,10 14:58
Like it!!

By #30602 at 14,Aug,10 08:41
I'm always tasting my pre cum while jerking off. I love it.

By #44157 at 12,Aug,10 23:00
i make alot of precum while jerking, and i love licking it up

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