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Massive transformation from soft to hard

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Started by #83895 at 29,Aug,10 17:06
Hi, when my cock is soft it is incredibly small and I feel a bit embarrassed, but the moment I get hard its like a completely different cock. The transformation is quite drastic. Is this normal or am I just to self aware?

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By Earlybird at 29,Mar,18 16:59 other posts of Earlybird 
Another grower here.

When soft, my cock's size ranges from less than 2" to ~3.5" long, with a girth of ~3.5". When fully erect, it's ~5.75" long x 4.75" in girth on a good day. Comments are welcome!

Small as it gets!

Starting to get back to normal!

Back to its usual soft state!

Fully erect!

By Sharkie at 07,Sep,10 06:45 other posts of Sharkie 
Quite a huge difference here too.

By cutedick at 01,Sep,10 12:50 other posts of cutedick 
Seems as though we have quite a few growers on here!

My flaccid penis can be a number of different lengths, due mostly to the temperature. But, completely flaccid, it is less than 4":

But, rock hard erect, it is around 7"...so almost 100% increase!

Don't worry about it! It's totally normal, and we are in good company!
By spermkiss at 01,Sep,10 15:40 other posts of spermkiss 
Most men are indeed growers.
By cutedick at 02,Sep,10 03:06 other posts of cutedick 
Do you think so?? I've always wondered what the ratio is....but I guess most of the men I've seen naked must be...
By spermkiss at 02,Sep,10 12:06 other posts of spermkiss 
I cannot give you a precise number for the ratio, but as an old gay cocksucker who has had at least two or three thousand sex partners in his life, I've been up close and personal with a lot of dicks. So, yes, most men are growers.

By spermkiss at 01,Sep,10 11:59 other posts of spermkiss 
You've touched on the "grower" versus "shower" issue. Penises which are small when soft tend to increase quite a bit in size when they get hard (growers) while penises that are large when soft tend to just get hard without much increase in size (showers). So while there is quite a bit of variation in size of soft penises, most erect penises fall within a pretty narrow size range.

Please note the weasel words here: "tend to" and "most", because there are of course exceptions. Some small penises do not get much if any larger when they get hard, and some men are truely gifted with a penis that is both a shower and a grower. They have an impressive soft penis that becomes positively massive when erect.

By oldbugle at 01,Sep,10 11:42 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes, I'm quite tiny, and juvenile looking when soft. When I look at my pix even I find it a bit unbelievable!

By supablack at 01,Sep,10 09:55 other posts of supablack 
I am like 2 inches when I am soft I believe I have pic on here if not I can take one of me if I just dropped my pants now but it doesnt stay that way

By Aussie123 at 01,Sep,10 08:32 other posts of Aussie123 
supakewl.. YEP..normal when cold and slack..well try pepper to find it( wait for it to sneeze)..hot days 4-6" slack and get the blood pumping..WELL. even I'm impressed. So.. we all have our slack moments and really stiff ones.. the trick is to use it to the best of your ability and enjoy the moments. slack or rock hard..

By #1501 at 29,Aug,10 17:32
It's normal!

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