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I'm Asian guy . I know asian corks are smallest than other nation. But I would like to know about mine. Tell me please.

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Started by #12778 at 14,May,09 14:04
I'm Asian guy . Is my cock about average or on the small size than you?

I know asian corks are smallest than other nation. but i would like to know about mine . Please see my pics and tell me what do you think about my penis (length ,girth ,head ,shaft ,shape etc.) Is it O.K. ?

Thank you very very very much for every-reply .

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New Comment

By Alwaysnude at 03,Apr,21 12:28 other posts of Alwaysnude 

I am small and use to it now that i old it cool
By whitebriefs at 03,Apr,21 12:54 other posts of whitebriefs 
Looks great to w

By HaoYap at 02,Apr,21 22:47 other posts of HaoYap 

I am asian too

By Mikkellund1312 at 25,Apr,19 19:13 other posts of Mikkellund1312 
Nothing to worry about, its a fine dick
Rate my dick please

By leopoldij at 25,Apr,19 16:07 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm European and I'm small.
By dgraff at 25,Apr,19 17:26 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha Leo said your A pee in

By nolongercurious at 25,Apr,19 16:26 other posts of nolongercurious 
Dude, your cock looks great.

By phart at 24,Apr,19 15:12 other posts of phart 
If asian Corks are smaller,does that mean the wine bottles are smaller to?
By JustWill at 24,Apr,19 15:14 other posts of JustWill 
The bottle is the same size, but the cork-holes are very tiny.
By phart at 24,Apr,19 18:00 other posts of phart 
ok,so it must take longer to empty the bottle.

By dgraff at 24,Apr,19 19:15 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha I like tiny cork holes

By Skittles at 24,Apr,19 14:30 other posts of Skittles 
Ken31234: Post ONLY with yer real profile lass!

By JackHammer at 24,Apr,19 10:18 other posts of JackHammer 
Your cock is absolutely beautiful.

By #586471 at 24,Apr,19 10:08

i am asian too

By #323075 at 06,May,13 01:05
I think your length is normal! Nice cock!

By slipper at 13,Feb,13 00:17 other posts of slipper 
The main problem... you need to post MORE pix of it!!!

By asianboy at 11,Feb,13 05:14 other posts of asianboy 
i,m a japanese guy with very thick cock

By #172995 at 17,Nov,11 12:53
You have a great looking cock. Nothing wrong with its size.

By badass at 01,Aug,11 09:04 other posts of badass 
u don't have to worry about anything that's a beautiful cock u have , very nice shroomhead u got

By #12778 at 14,May,09 14:22
More Question.
I never have any experience with other nation girl & guy.
Are you have any experience with Asian-guy (expectcially Thai-guy) ? How do you feel ? (Good / bad / o.k. / same the other / etc. ?)

Please tell your experience on this .

Thank again .
By #100230 at 07,Sep,10 03:09
Sawasdee krup. It is not the size that counts ... it is what you do with it. Yours is NOT small. [And the best sex I ever had was with Thai guys!]

By Sharkie at 16,May,10 06:24 other posts of Sharkie 
Nothing wrong with your cock....I've always had some weird fantasies about a nice Asian cock such as yours...

By asiate77 at 28,Jan,10 00:46 other posts of asiate77 
lot's of asians here. way to represent! i am asian too, brother

By penisadmirer at 15,Jan,10 04:05 other posts of penisadmirer 
not long but thick and very inviting...

By slipper at 10,Oct,09 22:45 other posts of slipper 
You are hardly SMALL, by any means! Check out this Website and search for "small dicks" and you'll soon see what I mean!

Now, move along and get back to your lady!

By MoeJoe at 22,Sep,09 06:06 other posts of MoeJoe 
It's a great looking cock, with big beautiful head on it!

By niginni at 21,Sep,09 10:08 other posts of niginni 
great cock hot got me hard as well perfect size irecon mmmm

By #4650 at 19,May,09 08:46
Yours is an asian too

By #8288 at 15,May,09 05:47
Your cock looks fine. I am guessing it is approx average sized. Stop worrying about/comparing with the HUGE cocks here. Those are not the majority of the population of the planet Earth. It's just like with women, some have large breasts and others don't (for example). It doesn't make any of them more or less of a woman. And your girl has a nice pussy too. Enjoy!

Or, if you have an interest in men....then enjoy that too.

Having sex with someone from a different culture/race is still just sex. As long as you are attracted to each other, are able to communicate some how, then it is the same as having sex with any other person. There will be different sizes of people in all different cultures. Not all "westerners" are big (men or women), just like not all Asians are small (men or women)....just look at the Chinese NBA basketball player, Yao Ming. He's a VERY BIG guy. And I know a lot of caucasian women that are very petite. And I think there are several Asian guys that are now pornstars in the USA too. In general, certain races will be of a certain size when compared to other races, but it is all "individual" and can vary tremendously.
By #12778 at 15,May,09 16:12
Thank a lot for good answer.

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