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How long is your foreskin

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Started by #12124 at 02,Nov,10 01:07
How long is your foreskin, does it cover fully your hard cock? or some part of head is nude?

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By JHP at 18,Feb,18 20:25 other posts of JHP 

By JHP at 18,Feb,18 20:21 other posts of JHP 

By foreskinlover52 at 17,Feb,18 13:36 other posts of foreskinlover52 
When soft about 3 to 4 cm overhang but when hard it rolls back of my glan

By #206678 at 16,Feb,18 14:30

By #511422 at 16,Feb,18 01:53
mine is this long:

By Sergius at 13,Feb,18 10:27 other posts of Sergius 
This long...
By Lenatur at 14,Feb,18 03:21 other posts of Lenatur 
Lokks good !
By tb1 at 14,Feb,18 16:54 other posts of tb1 
Looks gorgeous to me, succulent too

By #539358 at 14,Feb,18 12:59
Short foreskin here. The only time it covers my glans completely is when it's cold. When it's at it's usual flaccid length the head is semi visible. As soon as start getting erect it rolls behind my glans naturally. When I'm rock hard it always stays back exposing my big ridged purple glans
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

By tb1 at 14,Feb,18 16:54 other posts of tb1 
Sweet dick, luv it

By Lenatur at 13,Feb,18 01:15 other posts of Lenatur 
By tb1 at 13,Feb,18 08:37 other posts of tb1 
sweet and sexy
By Lenatur at 14,Feb,18 03:19 other posts of Lenatur 
By tb1 at 14,Feb,18 06:59 other posts of tb1 
its gorgeous and succulent too m8
By Lenatur at 14,Feb,18 14:57 other posts of Lenatur 
in oil
By tb1 at 14,Feb,18 16:53 other posts of tb1 

By chris23d at 18,Jul,13 00:46 other posts of chris23d 
By tb1 at 13,Feb,18 08:38 other posts of tb1 

By Defiant91 at 12,Feb,18 17:20 other posts of Defiant91 
i can pull it back all the way but this is as far as it retracts on its one when I get hard

By jonns at 12,Feb,18 11:37 other posts of jonns 
By 3fdfd at 12,Feb,18 14:54 other posts of 3fdfd 
That's a lot of foreskin

By #351685 at 17,Nov,13 17:31

By foreskinfetish at 17,Nov,13 13:59 other posts of foreskinfetish 
Mine fully covers the head, both hard and soft. I would like to have a couple of inches of overhang so I stretch it often.

By twrog at 08,Sep,13 02:38 other posts of twrog 
I have full coverage when flaccid but it retracts fully when I'm hard. I'd really like more overhang, so I'd better get stretching!
By soundsgreat87 at 08,Sep,13 02:51 other posts of soundsgreat87 
Yeah you better

By #284656 at 07,Sep,13 22:39
Long...and large!

By chris23d at 09,Feb,13 15:43 other posts of chris23d 
I think mine would be considered on the short side... It usually goes back on its own wen erect...
By skot at 06,Sep,13 06:15 other posts of skot 
my partner's like that - really turns me on watching the skin slide back

By topalbatross at 18,Jul,13 11:07 other posts of topalbatross 
Long enough to cover the head when soft.

By #323075 at 18,Jul,13 00:11
Example when hard:

By #323075 at 18,Jul,13 00:08
Example, soft:

By #323075 at 17,Jul,13 23:55
I have an overhang of 1.5cm when flaccid. My forskin covers my cockhead completely when my cock is hard.

By #177288 at 17,Jul,13 23:18
It cover my erected dick

By mzr at 15,Jul,13 07:13 other posts of mzr 
My stretched foreskin (after the vacuum pump)
my stretched foreskin (after the vacuum pump)

By lahbr at 12,Feb,13 23:17 other posts of lahbr 
I have a cut dick but sometines my cock is so tiny that my foreskin cover it all

By slipper at 12,Feb,13 23:24 other posts of slipper 

By slipper at 03,Nov,10 11:12 other posts of slipper 
Pretty long... but, NOT long enough!

By #352019 at 09,Feb,13 14:23
One cannot have too much foreskin!!!
By slipper at 12,Feb,13 23:24 other posts of slipper 
Absolutely CORRECT!

By binbags at 11,Feb,13 02:49 other posts of binbags 
Mine covers my head hard and soft

By #188813 at 10,Feb,13 15:44
Mine isn't long at all. In fact it's quite short. My cock is too long lol. And my head is too big for it to even reach haha

By #102053 at 10,Feb,13 06:55
Want someone with a nice long foreskin to dock cocks with me.

By #147052 at 13,Aug,12 15:30
my foreskin is long.....gone

By foreskinned at 12,Aug,12 07:51 other posts of foreskinned 

how about you guys tell me
By slipper at 12,Aug,12 23:39 other posts of slipper 
Stopped by your page and commented, but in a nutshell... GREAT!!!

By #2924 at 06,Jun,11 23:44
Mine is long enough to cover my head at all times.
By slipper at 10,Jun,11 14:27 other posts of slipper 

By JeffinKS at 07,Jun,11 18:26 other posts of JeffinKS 
coverage when soft and slight coverage when erect

By #113432 at 29,May,11 08:47
my glans is only half covered with foreskin! when it ist hard my foreskin is completly pulled back!

By #95006 at 01,Dec,10 20:52

about that long

By buni at 20,Nov,10 20:08 other posts of buni 
my forskin totally covers my cock and sometimes dangles about an inch

By oldbugle at 02,Nov,10 04:24 other posts of oldbugle 
Mine covers most of my glans when hard with just the slit showing....

By hytiger at 02,Nov,10 03:25 other posts of hytiger 
it doesn't quite cover my fully soft cock.

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