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Flashing the Dick

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Started by #82813 at 06,Dec,10 12:42
Flashing the Dick--might be an obvious exposure in public or maybe tight jeans or shorts showing a bulging crotch,or an on purpose slippin out the leg flash of cock head--they're all hot!! tell me bout your cock shows or ones you've seen.

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By wycowboy at 16,Sep,18 18:30 other posts of wycowboy 
I love to do this. I will wear shorts and sit out under my tree and make sure my semi hard cock is poking out. Or, when we had a female friend of ours living with us, I would pretend to be asleep in my recliner and have the pee hole of my **** pants gaping open with an erection sticking out.

By Yando at 07,Sep,18 19:30 other posts of Yando 

By Beercan10 at 07,Sep,18 13:56 other posts of Beercan10 
I once was leaving a liquor store after looking at some porn. I saw a lady sitting in her car that I recognized from the Oaktree Lounge. I walked up to her car and unzipped my landed on the car door with a thud. I'll never forget the look on her face. She was beautiful. It seemed like I had my dick out forever, but it was only a few seconds. My dick was so hard it hurt. I went back to the car and let myself out of misery. I saw the lady a few weeks later at the lounge. I was with my ladyfriend, so we just smiled at each other.

By Nottsplaymate at 18,Mar,18 13:41 other posts of Nottsplaymate 
My 26 year old girl neighbour has been coming around to my flat for a few years now and I have slowly allowed her to catch me in various states of undress , I can now sit , with my hard cock in my hand , next to her on the sofa and she loans me the use of her laptop to go on chaturbate and sits and watches while I wank . Fucking heaven
By Username22 at 22,Mar,18 15:29 other posts of Username22 
I envy you

By leopoldij at 06,Sep,18 06:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Does she ever touch you?
By Nottsplaymate at 06,Sep,18 09:51 other posts of Nottsplaymate 
By leopoldij at 06,Sep,18 10:34 other posts of leopoldij 
Does SHE touch herself?
By Nottsplaymate at 06,Sep,18 15:38 other posts of Nottsplaymate 
Noooooooooo she normally just plays on her phone
By leopoldij at 06,Sep,18 18:16 other posts of leopoldij 
But she looks at you, at your cock, doesn't she??
By Nottsplaymate at 06,Sep,18 18:55 other posts of Nottsplaymate 
By leopoldij at 06,Sep,18 19:21 other posts of leopoldij 
There is something to be done then. WHY does she like to watch you wank? Obviously she finds it hot. Take advantage of that. Talk to her. Do a lot of talking, making it more and more explicit. Make her want to be fucked. You have to sense when her pussy is getting wet.

By qhaos at 06,Sep,18 07:28 other posts of qhaos 

By leopoldij at 06,Sep,18 06:55 other posts of leopoldij 

By WhoNeedsPants at 20,Aug,13 18:53 other posts of WhoNeedsPants 
There's nothing better than being naked where random strangers could see you!

Local tourist spot
By leopoldij at 06,Sep,18 06:53 other posts of leopoldij 
Even better: where random strangers can see you!

By tinypenissaggyballs at 05,Sep,18 16:48 other posts of tinypenissaggyballs 
I'm on the road a lot so i like to jack off on the bed with the curtains opened enough so if somebody were to look they could see me.had quite a few men and women stop and watch,i pretend like i dont know there watching and shot huge loads for them

By PeterPeter at 15,Mar,13 17:29 other posts of PeterPeter 
i like flashing in the woods
i act as if i am pissing and like it when walkers by look at me
would you look at me?
By pifad at 16,Mar,13 05:09 other posts of pifad 
Oh, I'd more then look at you Peter Peter.

By vebi at 16,Jun,11 22:45 other posts of vebi 

By #163488 at 28,May,11 17:50
On weekends, my 20 year old Grandson who lives with us has his friends over to swim in our pool. We all swim nude as we have a 7 foot high wall surounding our property. I like to just lay out to get some sun. It's funny the way those young men strut back and forth proud of their semi hard manhood. Sometime I have to put my hard cover book on my lap.
By MoeJoe at 29,May,11 07:10 other posts of MoeJoe 
Yet you have no pics of all of this activity......

By pifad at 29,May,11 00:06 other posts of pifad 
MasonA, you give me inspiration. Wish I was your neighbor!

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