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who has fucked his brother and vice versa?

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Started by #131120 at 01,Feb,11 12:17
i have fucked my brother and he has fucked me and we still does it.

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By cody8789 at 01,Mar,18 22:18 other posts of cody8789 
I have a ****, and he would be the last person on earth and then some, that I would want to have sex with.

By #549130 at 01,Mar,18 22:13
My older **** fucked me many times, he has a bf now but he sometimes still fucks me

By #218023 at 05,Mar,13 09:56
My **** sucked me off many times I wanted him to fuck me up the ass but he wouldn't do it. he want me to suck him off I said i would if he fuck me up the ass he still refused so i never got to suck him off big mistake on my part
By bella! at 05,Mar,13 10:34 other posts of bella! 
Be thankful that your **** stopped the cycle and had the common sense to realize those actions were wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!!!!!

By cravecock at 05,Feb,11 08:54 other posts of cravecock 
I don't have a brother,but the boy across the street and I used to fool around and fuck each other all the time

By #13219 at 01,Feb,11 23:17
I had no brother
By #135959 at 02,Feb,11 03:51
Sorry to here that I'll be your little bro if you want

By #135959 at 02,Feb,11 03:47
I fucked my brother a lot growing up I miss it we see each other now and again but he's married now and we don't talk about it . But I do wonder how big his dick is

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