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Eating a Creampie

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Started by #138396 at 09,Feb,11 12:29
How many like to eat a fresh fucked pussy? I have eaten a few women right after I came in them! I would love to eat another man's cum out of a well fucked pussy!!! I love creampies!!! I think this is the best way to eat pussy. My favorite fantasy is to be in a 69 position with the woman with me on the bottom. The man fucks her doggy style with me licking her clit and his cock!! When he cums, I would have a fresh creampie!! I would also clean off his cock

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New Comment

By knewbi at 25,May,18 13:05 other posts of knewbi 
Wife and I are swingers and I love cleaning her or any woman after a great gang bang.

By cumcouplessa at 19,May,18 23:31 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. As a cock and cum lover who isn't realy into men as a whole, I find the best way to taste a guys cum is from wifey's pussy directly after she's taken a load. During a threesome, I can't wait for the guy to off-load so I can lap it up. She knows this, and usually jumps on my face soon as she has some on offer. Makes me realy hard and horny, resulting in awesome sex.

By ahiker86 at 18,May,18 18:27 other posts of ahiker86 
Over the years, I've enjoyed eating my cum out of past GFs and my wife. Haven't knowingly ate other men's cum from cunt, but wouldn't object if I had the opportunity.

By Eerect at 12,May,18 18:13 other posts of Eerect 
My wife had been out with her friends to a party and came home with a pussy full of spunk and very sore arsehole,I licked and sucked all the spunk out of her and stuck my tongue up her well fucked arse,we both loved it! Shot my load down her throat to mix with all the other sperms down inside her.

By GloriD at 12,Apr,18 21:52 other posts of GloriD 
Love it. That said I love pussy and dick. And cum for that matter. So maybe I don't count. Honestly, I'm torn over whether somebody else's cum tastes better straight (oh the irony ROFLMAO) or out of a pussy. My cum always tastes better out of a pussy. To me. Because my dick was in a pussy.

By #553253 at 11,Apr,18 17:36
I have eaten a woman during sex, after sex, and usually while she gats fucked by another man...its a fetish!

By horniperv at 25,Mar,18 12:44 other posts of horniperv 
So yummy

By Okaynow at 25,Mar,18 12:20 other posts of Okaynow 
Fucklicking is so hot too

By Ablaze at 26,Jan,18 14:34 other posts of Ablaze 
I love too

By Jrbowen2016 at 22,Jan,18 12:58 other posts of Jrbowen2016 
I love eating creampies it makes my dick soo hard

By Crazj37 at 21,Jan,18 10:20 other posts of Crazj37 
There's nothing like eating other guys loads of cum out of a well fucked pussy I love it then I'll eat my load and love every single drop

By Jrbowen2016 at 21,Jan,18 09:14 other posts of Jrbowen2016 
I do it evey time i cum in my wife she loves for me to clean it up

By Browningman at 17,Feb,15 07:26 other posts of Browningman 
My dream too

By #471466 at 14,Feb,15 18:16
My gf use to bring me home many fresh pies. Climb on my face and say clean me......awesome

By cumonme1 at 05,Feb,15 08:25 other posts of cumonme1 
I would love to eat my ladies freshly fucked pussy BUt she won't let me I have been trying for years but no luck.

By #332336 at 24,Jan,13 08:39
I always eat pussy after I cum in it. That's when she is the most sensitive and will cum over and over. And I love the taste of my spunk and her pussy juice mixed together. I have a young black gf that gets on top and rides my face after I blow my load in her. She grinds and pushes it all out and goes nuts popping her little ass on my mouth. And sucks me back up for another go. I love a wet juicy pussy on my face!!
By freaddy at 03,Feb,15 17:30 other posts of freaddy 
How's that black pussy taste?

By #338058 at 02,Feb,13 05:13
I love eating cream pie,my favorite is when my partner fucks a girl and she then sits over my mouth and drips the spunk into it,then sits on me so I can lick and suck the rest out.
By #164428 at 02,Feb,13 08:10
By pornlover59 at 02,Feb,13 09:16 other posts of pornlover59 
i want so badly to eat your creampie steff!!!

By tallon77 at 01,Feb,13 18:33 other posts of tallon77 
Brings me great pleasure and makes my cock very hard if it's my cream or anothers!

By cravecock at 04,Mar,11 08:43 other posts of cravecock 
My wife gets off when I eat her after cuming in her pussy! She is so sensitive after a proper fucking!! She calls me dirty boy while I'm doing it

By Exrated at 12,Feb,11 15:42 other posts of Exrated 
Used to suck my cum out of many A Gf.

By #131746 at 11,Feb,11 04:42
Id love too

By BushPilot at 09,Feb,11 23:31 other posts of BushPilot 
I can't say I've ever had a lot of interest in eating out a pussy with a fresh load inside but I have gone down after cumming in a girl to get her off too. What I do love is pushing my cock inside a wet, full pussy. It turns me on that it's the one time I can fuck a woman hard, hard, hard, and enjoy it.

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