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Eating a Creampie

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Started by #138396 at 09,Feb,11 12:29
How many like to eat a fresh fucked pussy? I have eaten a few women right after I came in them! I would love to eat another man's cum out of a well fucked pussy!!! I love creampies!!! I think this is the best way to eat pussy. My favorite fantasy is to be in a 69 position with the woman with me on the bottom. The man fucks her doggy style with me licking her clit and his cock!! When he cums, I would have a fresh creampie!! I would also clean off his cock

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New Comment

By Ablaze at 26,Jan,18 14:34 other posts of Ablaze 
I love too

By Jrbowen2016 at 22,Jan,18 12:58 other posts of Jrbowen2016 
I love eating creampies it makes my dick soo hard

By Crazj37 at 21,Jan,18 10:20 other posts of Crazj37 
There's nothing like eating other guys loads of cum out of a well fucked pussy I love it then I'll eat my load and love every single drop

By Jrbowen2016 at 21,Jan,18 09:14 other posts of Jrbowen2016 
I do it evey time i cum in my wife she loves for me to clean it up

By Browningman at 17,Feb,15 07:26 other posts of Browningman 
My dream too

By Shesaysimtiny at 14,Feb,15 18:16 other posts of Shesaysimtiny 
My gf use to bring me home many fresh pies. Climb on my face and say clean me......awesome

By cumonme1 at 05,Feb,15 08:25 other posts of cumonme1 
I would love to eat my ladies freshly fucked pussy BUt she won't let me I have been trying for years but no luck.

By #332336 at 24,Jan,13 08:39
I always eat pussy after I cum in it. That's when she is the most sensitive and will cum over and over. And I love the taste of my spunk and her pussy juice mixed together. I have a young black gf that gets on top and rides my face after I blow my load in her. She grinds and pushes it all out and goes nuts popping her little ass on my mouth. And sucks me back up for another go. I love a wet juicy pussy on my face!!
By freaddy at 03,Feb,15 17:30 other posts of freaddy 
How's that black pussy taste?

By #338058 at 02,Feb,13 05:13
I love eating cream pie,my favorite is when my partner fucks a girl and she then sits over my mouth and drips the spunk into it,then sits on me so I can lick and suck the rest out.
By #164428 at 02,Feb,13 08:10
By pornlover59 at 02,Feb,13 09:16 other posts of pornlover59 
i want so badly to eat your creampie steff!!!

By tallon77 at 01,Feb,13 18:33 other posts of tallon77 
Brings me great pleasure and makes my cock very hard if it's my cream or anothers!

By cravecock at 04,Mar,11 08:43 other posts of cravecock 
My wife gets off when I eat her after cuming in her pussy! She is so sensitive after a proper fucking!! She calls me dirty boy while I'm doing it

By Exrated at 12,Feb,11 15:42 other posts of Exrated 
Used to suck my cum out of many A Gf.

By #131746 at 11,Feb,11 04:42
Id love too

By BushPilot at 09,Feb,11 23:31 other posts of BushPilot 
I can't say I've ever had a lot of interest in eating out a pussy with a fresh load inside but I have gone down after cumming in a girl to get her off too. What I do love is pushing my cock inside a wet, full pussy. It turns me on that it's the one time I can fuck a woman hard, hard, hard, and enjoy it.

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