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tips for eating pussy

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Started by #111347 at 01,May,11 22:31
anyone have any helpful tips or tricks to really satisfy a woman when eating her out? the girl im with now has never complained or said anything, ill usually just lick for a few mins then fuck her brains out but id like to know that im doing it right and i want her to like it so im not so self conscious about it while im doing it. comments appreciated.

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By leopoldij at 07,Apr,21 16:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Look at this for inspiration

I'm holding it open with my fingers.

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 04:52 other posts of JackS 
Start by not being so CRUDE, calling it "eating out"!
You want to sensually love, and appreciate her, discover how she feels, and what makes her aroused, and feel good.
It's not some TASK, or JOB, but something to enjoy, love, and share, together.
By Skittles at 06,Apr,21 14:36 other posts of Skittles 
Why don't you realize that post is from 2011 and the OP is not even here anymore. Keep up the good work mongo!

By Gntlmn at 02,May,11 00:13 other posts of Gntlmn 
A "few minutes" is laughable. You've gotta' inhale its fragrance & heat it up with your breath....Gently explore all its cave & contours with your lips & tongue & nosetip, then GENTLY dance circles around her clit with your tongue as your nose rubs her bush --- & that's just the beginning....You need to SING to a pussy while you eat it!
By Sucklove at 03,Apr,21 18:27 other posts of Sucklove 
Was trying to come up with a comment read yours. Perfect! I agree 100%

By X_Y_Z at 05,Apr,21 11:39 other posts of X_Y_Z 

By wycowboy at 06,Apr,21 11:23 other posts of wycowboy 
Perfect explanation! Performing cunnilingus correctly is an art form that few men strive to learn. When you can make a woman squirt using just your tongue you've learned it.

By #637638 at 06,Mar,21 15:51
Does it help to eat other's pussy to learn how to satisfy your wife better?
I love eating my wife, but I don't think she enjoys it as much as I do. I've asked what i can do better, and read and tried different things, but still don't think that has helped. I don't think she'd be game for me eating someone else, but if she thought I could learn from it and be better maybe?

By #158021 at 02,May,11 07:45
To me, eating pussy is as much mental as physical. I get lost in it actually, thinking just how much pleasure I'm going to get within minutes of finishing her off. I think you have to get a girl off first, and then you can enjoy yourself. I lick a girl's pussy to the point where she has to beg me to stop. That's saying a lot too. That's one thing us guys could do a lot better. There's nothing better than the pleasure we can get from a woman's hot wet pussy. If I get a girl off multiple times, she returns the favor and then some. I've had multiple orgasms with some of the women I've been with due to how freaky they become once it's their turn to pleasure me. In some ways it's a competition. She doesn't want to feel like we're the one providing all the pleasure, so they try all that much harder to get us off. Also, I enjoy cumming in a woman's face. About woman I've been with has said "I hate it, but if you enjoy it, go ahead". The reason for that is simple! I licked the hell of their pussy and clit, and they thought it was the least they could do to return the pleasure.
By #164428 at 04,Mar,12 22:12
I've never been with anyone who knew how to eat pussy. I would give anything for you to eat me out!
By #316057 at 23,Nov,13 01:17
I'll eat you out to find out

By steve3095 at 23,Nov,13 01:08 other posts of steve3095 
Put your lips around her clit and suck. It'll drive her wild and she'll fuck like crazy.

By #136427 at 22,Nov,13 13:14
Cum in it first, my wife love when I lick her cummy pussy...

By #111347 at 06,May,11 17:47
thanks to everyone that commented. i will follow the advice and hopefully it goes well

By #148911 at 04,May,11 20:03
My wife loves when I rub her g spot with a finger while licking her clit..
By zakwild at 04,May,11 20:11 other posts of zakwild 
To the OP:

After you've warmed her up and teased every part of her body, go near her pussy with your tongue but don't lick it yet. stay around it for some time till she begs you to go for it.

Then lick her pussy lips, up and down, and apply pressure between her clit and vagina. Then pay attention to her clit.

Don't just lick it. Try this: apply pressure with your tongue, and then suck on it ! Many people just lick it but you should know that they love the pressure too.

At that time you can concetrate on her clit (while you slide a finger in her pussy too, rubbing her insides), and make her cum.

See what works for her, she will respond with her pussy-contractions and with her breath. You can tell if you pay attention.

Enjoy !

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