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Question to gay guys........

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Started by #263271 at 28,Jul,12 05:46
while looking through the site do you use it as a masturbation aid?
also do you look at some cocks and wish that the guy was gay?

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By bella! at 28,Jul,12 08:03 other posts of bella! 
I'm not a guy however I am compelled to say that this is an odd question. What goes on with you, in your mind when you look at all these exquisite cocks? Do you masturbate? Do you ever wish you were gay?
By biggerdick at 05,Oct,18 15:15 other posts of biggerdick 
I like to masturbate while looking at cocks, cumming or about to cum. I'm straight, but I am fascinated with other big cocks.
By rudy51 at 05,Oct,18 22:16 other posts of rudy51 
I feel the same way

By nolongercurious at 05,Oct,18 22:20 other posts of nolongercurious 
Careful, that is how I started. Now I am a cock sucker.

By jsmythe73 at 05,Oct,18 22:53 other posts of jsmythe73 
I'm not gay, and don't really want any real experience with a guy, but I have a penis, and there is some research that says guys like identifying with that, and just like dicks, because they like theirs.
I can look at them here, and just like what I see, and feel something, but not want to actually be with that guy.
Guys are visually stimulated, sexually. Why do you think even fake trans-girl pics are so popular?
By 2nice at 05,Oct,18 23:43 other posts of 2nice 
Fake trans-girl pics? I see shemales and trannys everywhere, but where are the fake ones?
By jsmythe73 at 06,Oct,18 23:43 other posts of jsmythe73 
The REALLY cute girls, that seem to have dicks, are most probably good fakes!! I found one, and the real girl, and then the post that I liked, with her having a dick!
Sorry to be a Downer, but the fantasy is still good, right?

By CloseYetFar at 05,Oct,18 23:19 other posts of CloseYetFar 
I don't usually use this site to get off, so much as interact with others in a somewhat sexual way - I'm surprisingly shy and don't often get to be sexually blunt, or just flirt with any guy who catches my eye.

A side note, I constantly wish hot straight dudes were less straight, because most who catch my interest are straight or mostly so. Still, I know that wouldn't guarantee I'd be the kinda guy they'd want, so I don't waste much time wishing - I just enjoy the eye candy heh

By #539358 at 04,Apr,18 12:09
I only get aroused by cock, so yes, I do like to look at the pics whilst wanking. Iíll always get drawn towards the chubby guys though, they always get me rock hard

By lawrenceo at 04,Apr,18 08:59 other posts of lawrenceo 
For mutual masturbation, gay or not doesn't matter to me.

By pifad at 08,May,14 09:48 other posts of pifad 
I am gay. I get the real deal in my home city. I come to this site because I like to look at cock and being here over five years I've made a large number of really good friendships, both men and women. Do I wish more guys were gay? I don't really care. Deep down I know I can get what I want from a str8 or Bi guy so it really doesn't matter. And I **** labels

By ravick28 at 29,Jul,12 05:23 other posts of ravick28 
yes it helps me get hard, yes i look at dick and no i couldn't care whether or not the guy is gay, bi, or str8.

its just interesting to chat to different people to get a different perspective on sexuality.

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