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Started by m125 at 23,Apr,11 11:04  other posts of m125
Get fed up of people bragging about their big cocks, now it time to see who has the smallest cock and is proud of it. Sorry you don't win anything just bragging rights to the world!!!!!!!

Only small and proud aloud!!!

Similar topics: 1. I'm Asian guy . I know asian corks are smallest than other nation. But I would like to know about mine. Tell me please.   2.BEST LOOKING PENIS COMPETITION!!!   3.Post your big of small uncut Penis here. Who has the biggest Penis? Who has the smallest?   4.What's the smallest cock you ever encountered?   5.Smallest cock pics.. is mine the smallest ?  

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By bil47 at 31,Aug,19 16:01 other posts of bil47 
Here's my 4.5 incher:

By Alwaysnude at 06,Jan,20 08:00 other posts of Alwaysnude 
my is the same
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By curvy8 at 29,Jan,21 06:30 other posts of curvy8 
Greek god

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 06:32 other posts of whitebriefs 
They’re both so perfect

By Alwayslittle at 28,Jan,21 04:47 other posts of Alwayslittle 

Can anyone beat me?
By Richie at 29,Jan,21 23:34 other posts of Richie 
I thought I could but maybe not. Is that fully hard?
By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 06:32 other posts of whitebriefs 
I’d beat that off anytime, you’re certainly a grower

By probowler298 at 27,Jan,21 21:51 other posts of probowler298 

i win and i show my face as well...LOL

By licksipsuckit at 27,Jan,21 21:03 other posts of licksipsuckit 
vote on who has the smallest dick between the biggest 'dickheads' on the site.. they've wanted to know this for a long time, just no one would do the deed. so here it is, and while youre there, check out the 'how big of a jerk freddy poll too.. both a closed voting so the arseholes cant see who votes.. *Lix*
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By obeys at 26,Jan,21 09:00 other posts of obeys 

By Soerencut at 25,Jan,21 02:52 other posts of Soerencut 

By Pantyhose1 at 23,Jan,21 15:09 other posts of Pantyhose1 

By Upforanything122 at 23,Jan,21 10:20 other posts of Upforanything122 

Only 3” when soft

By bernd123 at 23,Jan,21 07:01 other posts of bernd123 

By Davdar192 at 10,Jan,21 16:49 other posts of Davdar192 
Mines quite small

By #633057 at 03,Jan,21 19:59

By Bullcat at 03,Jan,21 19:37 other posts of Bullcat 

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 03:37 other posts of cutroundhead 
I can make just about 5 inches, but very thin...always the smallest in the showers

By Skittles at 06,Jan,20 18:23 other posts of Skittles 
Bjuka is front runner for site cat

By #608250 at 06,Jan,20 07:42
Guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Does it qualify?

By CreativeOne at 21,Dec,19 16:33 other posts of CreativeOne 

By lahbr at 21,Dec,19 09:47 other posts of lahbr 

My dick is Vers tiny

By mattyZak at 21,Dec,19 09:35 other posts of mattyZak 
Does my clit dick count?

By uncutjoy at 01,Sep,19 10:08 other posts of uncutjoy 
By #551147 at 01,Sep,19 16:47
I'm sure that qualifies, But the author of the thread will NEVER know since they been gone for... Oh.... Looks to be at least 30 days... 😉

By Moench at 31,Aug,19 16:20 other posts of Moench 
i think ,this is small
By #551147 at 01,Sep,19 16:46
Probably... But the author of the thread will NEVER know since they been gone for... Oh.... Looks to be at least 30 days... 😉

By #567042 at 31,Aug,19 08:12
....small enough?
By #551147 at 31,Aug,19 14:05
Probably... But the author of the thread will NEVER know since they been gone for... Oh.... Looks to be at least 30 days... 😉

By bella! at 31,Aug,19 13:21 other posts of bella! 
By #551147 at 31,Aug,19 13:57
Lol Hey he was on visual rhyming roll. 😃

By reichs23 at 16,Dec,13 12:57 other posts of reichs23 
I win! or at least top three probably

By #188764 at 16,Dec,13 10:23
Not the smallest, but I love to show it off.

By gazlittlewilly at 16,Dec,13 08:27 other posts of gazlittlewilly 
What do you think of my little fella?

By #439814 at 15,Dec,13 23:35

By lahbr at 12,Dec,13 08:15 other posts of lahbr 

By #250899 at 23,Dec,12 07:22
love small dicks! check out my favs to see some of the best i have found on this site.
By slipper at 23,Dec,12 23:06 other posts of slipper 
I like all the uncut frenny pix there... thanks!!!

By winnie at 23,Dec,12 05:40 other posts of winnie 
Mine when its hard, not so big

By #19273 at 24,Sep,11 16:24
I think it is not important as the dick to be short or long. Important is to "use' it good. To make happy your partner.
My dick is normal, 16 cm long. I red that a longer dick make more happy a woman. I started to use a pump. My dick and balls became more bigger. The result was that my girl friend was scared by my dick and refused to make love with me till my dick became at the normal size.
Conclusion: let the dick so how it is short, long, but use it how likes your partner.

By #86844 at 21,Sep,11 17:01
I'm shocked shrimpy didn't get in on this
By slipper at 22,Sep,11 03:07 other posts of slipper 
Yeah, one of my faves!

By #71080 at 23,Apr,11 11:10
Look mine
i love your cock
By slipper at 22,Sep,11 03:02 other posts of slipper 
YOU have one of the sweetest!!!

By #135959 at 21,Sep,11 18:40
Check my pics I'm under 3" hard I'm proud of my little guy

By #164428 at 21,Sep,11 09:55
I'm a fan of little dicklets! The first part of both cock and pussy is the most sensitive, and teeny weinies hit right at the G-Spot! Also, I can always deepthroat, or, er, shallowthroat, a wee one!
By staudacher at 21,Sep,11 16:27 other posts of staudacher 
You can shallowthroat mine any day

By #153129 at 23,Apr,11 14:51
This is me (4.5" hard): -

By vebi at 21,Sep,11 14:05 other posts of vebi 

By small-is-beautifull at 24,Apr,11 03:12 other posts of small-is-beautifull 
my dick is small, too. watch him, please!

By slipper at 24,Apr,11 01:46 other posts of slipper 
NOW you're talkin'! I'm SOOOO tired of horse-cock, real or PSed.

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