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Father & Son: Cut/Uncut ... same ? different?

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Started by 3fdfd at 24,Nov,17 10:21  other posts of 3fdfd
My Dad was uncut. I am cut. I'm wondering what's the pattern with you guys ... you - your dad - your sons - your grandsons. I suppose this depends on when the guys in your family were born. My Dad was born just before WWI. I was born during WWII. Depends too I guess in where you were born; family background' things like that. Your comments ?

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By yellowman at 29,Nov,17 13:13 other posts of yellowman 
As far as I know none of the men or boys in my family are cut. Mind you, I've never asked!

By uncut1944 at 28,Nov,17 19:34 other posts of uncut1944 
All men born before 1950 in my family uncut

By smplcsms at 26,Nov,17 17:07 other posts of smplcsms 
My dad's policy: The Good Lord allowed us guys a little extra - for "fair wear and tear" ! He, me, my sons all uncut! Thanks be!

By pifad at 26,Nov,17 05:44 other posts of pifad 
USA: me cut at birth 1948, Dad cut at birth 1919, Grandfather uncut born in Ireland 1880

By Athickstumpyone at 25,Nov,17 03:54 other posts of Athickstumpyone 
Dad is in cut.

By routemaster at 25,Nov,17 03:00 other posts of routemaster 
My late dad was uncut like me

By Rob00 at 24,Nov,17 19:40 other posts of Rob00 
Aussie here,my father was cut,i am cut,i Wish I still had my foreskin,but I never had a say in that

By Jack1999 at 24,Nov,17 19:23 other posts of Jack1999 
Australian. My father is cut, and I'm uncut and loving it!

By superstudme at 24,Nov,17 17:48 other posts of superstudme 
Australian .Father uncut me cut no sons

By Willum at 24,Nov,17 14:29 other posts of Willum 
American . Dad uncut me uncut son cut grandson uncut .

By #539358 at 24,Nov,17 12:56
Me: English, uncut. My Dad: Scottish, uncut.

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