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Shaving and wanking

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Started by shaver000 at 01,Apr,19 03:51  other posts of shaver000
I'm smooth and have been shaving for many years. Whenever I shave myself I always end up getting hard, and end up wanking. It always feels good, playing with my freshly shaved dick and balls. Is the same for you?

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By hotsmooth at 02,Apr,19 05:56 other posts of hotsmooth 
Another great thing to do is shave with oil instead of shaving cream.....

By Smoothmann at 01,Apr,19 20:49 other posts of Smoothmann 
I shave in the shower daily and you right it is much nicer too feel your smooth cock while stroking it to orgasam!!!

By knewbi at 01,Apr,19 13:33 other posts of knewbi 
While I wank almost every day it is so damned sexy when I have just shaved...
By shaver000 at 01,Apr,19 18:25 other posts of shaver000 
I will go along with that

By #564101 at 01,Apr,19 14:05
I touch up my package every day in the shower so it's always smooth. Jacking is a separate activity, but it's much more fun when I'm freshly shaved.

By JohnnySyxx at 01,Apr,19 13:08 other posts of JohnnySyxx 
Yeah same here it feels so good having a smooth package

By SluttySarah069 at 01,Apr,19 12:58 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Being a cross dresser I shave all my body so I'm nice and smooth for the guys who like to use me as a substitute woman.
It also makes me feel very sexy and I sometimes wank after a good shave. add_smile("")

By bil47 at 01,Apr,19 09:39 other posts of bil47 
I do it occasionally, and it always feels sexy. I masturbate more often when I'm smooth.

By wycowboy at 01,Apr,19 09:14 other posts of wycowboy 
I usually don't shave but the few times I have I always wound up jerking off too.

By hotsmooth at 01,Apr,19 06:19 other posts of hotsmooth 
I have a shaving fetish. Love to shave outside naked and I always rub my smooth skin while jacking off!!!!!
By shaver000 at 01,Apr,19 06:42 other posts of shaver000 
I have done that, it makes me feel so horny

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