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How do you ask a guy if you can suck his cock?

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Started by 4sknlvr at 12,Nov,11 10:13  other posts of 4sknlvr
I'm a straight married guy that likes to suck cock, but oppertunities are rare. How can you know that it's ok to ask someone if you can suck thier cock?

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By #576878 at 14,Jan,19 10:55
I had this opportunity to ask and used it nicely. I was at a party with my friends. We got pretty drunk and there was shortage on girls there.I noticed my friend alone without a girl, so I went to speak with him.Wihtout a lot of talking I offered him blowjob and guaranteed he likes it. He was drunk and followed me to the bathroom. We got in and locked ourselves.I pulled his pants down and started sucking. He had his eyes closed whole time. I think he imagined hot girl blowing him.Soon I felt him reaching orgasm and he ejaculate d in my mouth.I cleaned his dick with my lips and spat out his load in a toilet. He left first, then me.

By #550003 at 09,Feb,18 13:37
Last time I just asked straight out. I had just been swimming at the beach and walked up to the surf club to have a shower and get changed when i went into the shower room there was a surfie looking guy abot 22yo stark naked having a shower he had a beautiful cut 9" dick.I couldnt stop looking at it and he kinda saw that i was looking so i thought fuck it and just said "can I suck that big dick of yours" next minute we were in a cublicle with his cock sliding down my throat until he shot a load. Definatly worth asking.
By #549651 at 14,Feb,18 05:47
That's perfect. Always best to be direct, I say. 😉

By lawrenceo at 11,Feb,18 05:18 other posts of lawrenceo 
Please will you let me suck your cock sometime when you fancy it?

By CountryCouple54 at 09,Feb,18 12:44 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Ask him when it's already in your mouth. Maybe he will understand better.

By thebeewolf at 09,Feb,18 12:28 other posts of thebeewolf 
Watching porn together probably creates the best opportunities. Once there are erections, even in pants, things are headed in the right direction. Once there are visible penises, unzipped and everything, you're almost certain to go further. At least you'll get to touch his penis. If you get that far, his erect penis in your hand while he's horny as fuck watching porn... it's just one small step before you end up throating that dick until he sperms in your mouth.

I wish more guys would ask me. I've only ever been asked once in person (not online). Wait.. I need to blog about that!

By JustWill at 09,Feb,18 12:06 other posts of JustWill 
You start by saying something like, "Excuse me, Sir, but can I ask to suck your cock?"

If he says "No", then it is not okay.

By Mazinga at 08,Feb,18 22:26 other posts of Mazinga 
1. long time Friendship.

2. watching porn together.

3. TRUST, Discretion, and confidentiality.

4. Maintain sense of masculinity.

About #4: if you act submissive or effeminate
leading up to that moment, it might turn the guy off
thus making him feel even more squeamish about you.

I dunno how else to put it, because I've never asked
a guy (gay or straight) if I can suck his cock.
Easier said than done.

But if it happens, keep it confidential between you two.
What happens in the privacy of your home or his
should Stay there.

I personally do not believe that you sucking a
man's cock or having a man suck your cock will
"make you gay".
But, for many men, it's a stigma of a kind.
Getting past that stigma is the first hurdle.
The rest will come as it plays out.

It's just two guys having their male bonding moment,
simple Man-to-Man fun between confidant buddies.

By #218812 at 18,Mar,13 18:20
This is exactly how I did it. First I pick the bud of mine I suspected would most likely do it. Then I envited him to my house. So it was just me and himin my basement. Then we got drunk. Then I just started pplaying with my dick. So then he started playing with mine. Then I pulled mine out and he soon followed. Then I asked to compare dicks with him. I then asked him to give me a dutch rudder (look it up). Then he actually made the next moveby just ggrabbing my dick. It was the best feeling. So I returned the favor. So there we were sitting on the couch jacking each other off at the same time. Now he askes " would you blow me, to see if it feels like a girl?" I said yeah if you return the favor. He did. Before he came he warned me so I stoped sucki g and just jacked him more and he shot his cum and it ran all over my hand. I did the same for him. I'm glad I dared to ask bec
By #264896 at 18,Mar,13 23:37
I invited a friend over to watch a homemade video I had of my wife masturbating. I had an idea he might be receptive, and after about 10 minutes of my wife rubbing her pussy on the big screen his jeans were about to rip open. I kept watching the TV and the bulge in his pants, and he slowly began to rub his dick in his jeans in front of me.

I asked if he'd fuck my wife, and he said "hell yes". I asked if he wanted to jerk off watching her, and he unzipped his jeans and pulled out a rock hard 7" cut cock. It was totally amazing to watch another guy masturbate to my wife .. I think it was the horniest thing I'd ever done.

After a few minutes I asked if I could touch it, and he took his hand away. I stroked him for maybe 5 minutes, and he kept saying how bad he wanted to fuck my wife. Out of the clear blue he said "you can suck it if you want, I don't mind at all." It was amazing.

So, all I did was ask another married guy if he wanted to see a homemade video of my wife. I guess it could have gone another direction with him sitting passively and never acknowledging his hard dick. By the way, the tape had audio and my wife is a fantastic moaner. Her orgasms are porn star quality and her pussy gets soaking wet.
By #362273 at 25,Mar,13 23:46
If you had invited me over and I was watching your wife masturbate I easily would have also let you suck my cock and i would have sucked yours!
By naked8 at 13,Feb,14 21:47 other posts of naked8 
hell ill let any guy suck my cock if he swallows and deep throats it,i think guys sometimes suck as good as some females..where can i meet you to suck me off..

By #434591 at 12,Feb,14 14:56
You play with him and to.uch his cock. he will like it

By #389093 at 23,Jun,13 19:37
i like to suck my cock so much i m trying to suck but my cock is so small just 11 cm i suck just heads my cock

By #358284 at 23,Jun,13 09:09
Tricky question.

By #211891 at 23,Jun,13 07:24
I don't think I have ever asked! You know the saying, "Actions speaking louder than words"? Most times I am with gays so I just wrap my lips around and suck. My advice? Go where the gays are. Bath houses, bars, beaches, video stores.

By _avg_ at 06,Apr,13 16:35 other posts of _avg_ 
Well, first, you have to use your diaphragm, tongue and mouth to form words out of the noises you make, then you string together the words "Can I suck your cock?" with an inquisitive inflection. Sounds tricky, but it's really that simple!

Warning: take your audience into consideration!!

By #362273 at 25,Mar,13 23:48
This is exactly my dilema, how do I ask another guy if I can suck his cock? I do not want to ruin a friendship if the guy is not receptive and I do not really want to approach a stranger. I look at cocks on-line and really want to try both jacking another guy off and sucking his cock. Help!
By #182552 at 02,Apr,13 22:02
You should ask someone here thats looking to get head from another man.Or place an ad on craigs list,require pics, a public meet,get to know them first.I've sucked a lot of cocks that way,still do.I love sucking cock.

By mickey192 at 18,Mar,13 17:43 other posts of mickey192 
I just let people suck mine if they wish it is a lot of fun

By #364116 at 17,Mar,13 17:56
Just build up to it I think. Let him see yours if you have an opportunity, and look at his if he gives you one. Then maybe play with yours a bit while looking at him/his... get a nice bulging erection in your pants and see what he does. Things like that. It isn't hard. Well it is, LOL.
By tb1 at 18,Mar,13 16:35 other posts of tb1 
hey I'm getting a stiffie, thanks crownroyal

By boc at 12,Nov,11 12:17 other posts of boc 
You can tatoo an advertisement on your forehead.

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