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Started by 2nice at 31,Mar,20 17:41  other posts of 2nice
Does not play well with any type of sex,...sadly the reason why Im no longer getting any.

I recently returned from a vacation in Jamaica where everything was right in the world. Ya Mon. 🇯🇲

Home now, with no freedom left. Rightly so, we need to beat this thing.

Standing in line at one of the only essential establishments open this day, a person behind me coughed down my neck. Standing less than one foot away from me.

We have to social monitor others and correct them when they are being careless.

How are the rest of you coping?

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New Comment

By bigg at 01,Apr,20 17:16 other posts of bigg 
Advice from Limerick on social distancing. Warning: need sense of humour only registered users can see external links
By leopoldij at 09,Apr,20 01:55 other posts of leopoldij 

By bigg at 07,Apr,20 12:27 other posts of bigg 
Ive figured out how to make your own Social Distancing Aid.

You will need:

12.5 metres or about 14 yards of flexible curtain rail

Gaffer tape

About 20 ft of string

Brightly coloured paint.

Paint curtain rail with your selected, preferably hi-vis colour

Take the curtain rail, bend it in a circle and secure with tape.

Tie the string to opposite points on your circle.

Put middle of string on head, preferably leading left to right so as not to oppose vision. Hoop will dangle down through evenly distributed gravity and clearly indicate your 2 metre or 6 ft safety zone at all times.

Note: it may be difficult to go through a door or drive a motor vehicle with this safety aid

By bella! at 31,Mar,20 18:36 other posts of bella! 
I'm kinda surprised your "only essential establishment" did not have markers on the floor 6 feet apart. In New Baltimore, the Walgreens store is marked, in my city, Rite Aid is marked as is the Kroger. I drove into St Clair last week and Nieman's, a Spartan store,and had a portable handwashing station as you walked in, the checkout line was marked and there was a 4ft x 4ft plexiglass shield between me and the cashier.

I don't know about you, but I'm working from home two out of 4 days. Yep, my employer went to four 10 hour days, only for and during this pandemic.

I'm isolated, lonely and bored shitless.
By Rocksalt at 31,Mar,20 18:57 other posts of Rocksalt 
Bored as hell too, got a puppy,
By bella! at 31,Mar,20 19:07 other posts of bella! 
I would enjoy having a dog as I would I would welcome that companionship. The working from home is only a temporary and eventually, probably the month of May, it will end. Long days, lengthy drives are not conducive to having a dog.
By Rocksalt at 31,Mar,20 19:09 other posts of Rocksalt 
I get that, I'm lucky enough to work outside 99% of the time and having a travel buddy in my truck isn't a big deal.

By bella! at 31,Mar,20 19:11 other posts of bella! 
By the way, what kinda fur baby did you get?
By Rocksalt at 31,Mar,20 19:14 other posts of Rocksalt 
Mini Schnauzer
By bella! at 31,Mar,20 19:16 other posts of bella! 

You mention that you work outside, please stay well and be safe!
By Rocksalt at 31,Mar,20 19:18 other posts of Rocksalt 
Oil and Gas industry, layed off right now due to this mess.
By Ted-E-Bare at 01,Apr,20 06:55 other posts of Ted-E-Bare 
What have you called your little buddy ?. And is it a He or She ?. Pics would be nice . I think that would cheer many of us on here up .
By Rocksalt at 01,Apr,20 13:37 other posts of Rocksalt 
He, Bentley

By whatsupcocks at 04,Apr,20 07:31 other posts of whatsupcocks 
t's nice to have a penis.It's frightfully good to have a dong.It's swell to own a stiffy.It's divine to own dick.from the tiniest little tagger to the worlds biggest prick.So three cheers for your willy or john tommis,hurray for your one eyed trouser snake.Your pease of pork,your wife's best friend,your Percy,or your can rap it up in ribbons,you can slip it in a sock.But don't take it out in public,or they will put you in the dark.and you wont come back.Thank You Very Much.

By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 15:25 other posts of kebmo 
Rocksalt, I live in Alberta, Canada and I'm a chef right in oil country so we were hurting before this shit and of course this only amplifies it tenfold. It's only coincidental that Saudi Arabia got into a price war with Russia over the price of oil at this time then of course demand as dropped like a rock because nobody is going anywhere. Lots of people in my family rely on the oil industry and have for years. I feel your pain.
By Rocksalt at 01,Apr,20 16:31 other posts of Rocksalt 
exactly!!!, I feel for all small businesses, I hope this virus crap doesn't hang around too long, I wanna get back to work and visiting my fav restaurants
By overeight at 06,Apr,20 05:19 other posts of overeight 
Ok people this isn't about politics but I want just to say someone sent me this on another chat place I go to. I'm not versed enough to load it so if you want you may check it out but it is interesting. Back in October Bill Gates,Johns Hopkins University,a economy investor,and a political party engaged in a coronovirus pandemic scenario simulation starting in Wuhan China to see what results it had and how the simulation turned out. The video is Professor Simon Event201. I dont know about the validity of the video or where it originated and I'm not claiming this was a real meeting or scenario however the outcome was 65 million died and global economy was completely crushed and only the political heads and very wealthy weathered the virus well enough to survive and the only poor who survived were the strong younger healthy who were able to perform manual labor. Just something interesting to check out. Like I said it supposedly was put out back in late October 2019 and I am not knowledgeable enough to check digitally to see that is true. Some of you people might be.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Oh sorry thats Event 201 YouTube Professor Simon.

By 2nice at 01,Apr,20 07:34 other posts of 2nice 
There were markers on the floor, but some people clueless and careless.
By bella! at 01,Apr,20 07:42 other posts of bella! 
You summed it up yourself, "We have to social monitor others and correct them when they are being careless." It is all of our responsibility.
By dgraff at 01,Apr,20 13:23 other posts of dgraff 
But be careful when doing so just yesterday in a convenient store parking lot in johns town Pennsylvania a man coughed without covering his mouth and another guy told him about it there were words exchanged and the guy that coughed opened fire on the other guys car as he drove away people are going absolutely crazy over this
By overeight at 02,Apr,20 20:12 other posts of overeight 
Well you also have the border patrol reporting a 200% increases in the amount of drugs they bust at the border since the virus shutdown too. That $29 million dollar bust in San Francisco where they found a tunnel and the border stations da its now catching around 9 tons a day now on average not the usual 3 tons of drugs coming in the border.
By dgraff at 02,Apr,20 20:23 other posts of dgraff 
Holy shit that a big jump
By overeight at 02,Apr,20 21:31 other posts of overeight 
I read border patrol newsroom if you want its the best place to get real news from the border and drugs coming in and illegal immigrants trying to get in. I also read coast guard news each week they usually have one or more cutters come in and dock with 10-12 tons of cocaine and heroine and meth and thats every Saturday. Sometimes they get 15-18 tons but that's not a usual week. The average at border patrol newsroom is 3 1/2 tons per day they catch of cocaine,heroine and meth that they catch coming in hidden in cars and trucks and usually when they catch big loads its in like a load of produce mostly.

By cumcouplessa at 04,Apr,20 08:05 other posts of cumcouplessa 
I read somewhere that corona virus hangs around in the throat and is killed at 32 C. I believe sperm is ejaculated at +/- 34C. Food for thought maybe?
By dgraff at 04,Apr,20 08:57 other posts of dgraff 
Packed full of protein and essential vitamins and minerals in a good cum shot

By Jamie at 04,Apr,20 08:32 other posts of Jamie
By dgraff at 04,Apr,20 08:54 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha love it

By DJS at 01,Apr,20 04:17 other posts of DJS 
After the panic buying here in the UK
Supermarkets now only let so many in at once,who ever comes out the same go in,and your only allowed some many off 1 purchase.and queueing is 2mtrs a part.
But as for other social shit you've go scorates coughing & sneezing on the vulnerable thing it's funny,1 prick did it to a copper got 6mth inside..
By Ted-E-Bare at 01,Apr,20 06:29 other posts of Ted-E-Bare 
This from the UK .
Police have the power to issue 'unlimited fines' to people who don't comply with social distancing measures, the health secretary has told the House of Commons.
Matt Hancock said fines would start at 30 ($35.25) but could rise indefinitely for non-compliance.
He said: "These measures are not advice, they are rules and will be enforced, including by the police with fines starting at 30 up to unlimited fines for non compliance.
"Home is now the front line, and in this national effort, working together, we can defeat this disease. Everyone has a part to play."
PS . Do you think the police are going a bit to far in the way they are handling this . IE taking drone pics of people outside . Stopping people in the streets to ask why they are outdoors without a good reason . What say you ??
By DJS at 01,Apr,20 08:13 other posts of DJS 
No,me personal would go further,seeing people are still having parties,or large groups forming,I would use force till it get through to those pricks who think they are immune to the virus
By overeight at 02,Apr,20 20:21 other posts of overeight 
Well I live in a neighborhood that is primarily Hispanic people most of who dont even speak one word of English. Now since the shutdown everyday just a few doors down the road from me the cops have to come run off the ones who dont live there hanging out drinking beer and partying. They turn up the radio on the Hispanic Channel and fifteen cars pull up and they all have a big party 30-40 people and its got to where its everyday now. Cops have got to where they just pull up around the same time of the day to stop cars and turn them away.
By DJS at 03,Apr,20 03:06 other posts of DJS 
Everyone has seen some off the policing in the USA beatings even cold blood murder, so am not comparing to the UK about coming down hard on these fkwitts me personally would like to see batons used to make sure they get the message,

By cody8789 at 02,Apr,20 21:27 other posts of cody8789 
Be careful eveyone, I just heard that the coronavirus is spreading thought the Internet and you can catch it through emailing
By dgraff at 02,Apr,20 22:48 other posts of dgraff 
Good lord its gone net borne
By Jamie at 02,Apr,20 23:39 other posts of Jamie 
Get Norton it may save us

By JustWill at 02,Apr,20 23:04 other posts of JustWill 
I have been practicing ant-social distancing for most of my life without any problem. Now I am just pissed-off because they are making me be "social" about my distancing.

As for coping: so far, so good.

By routemaster at 02,Apr,20 21:31 other posts of routemaster 
For someone who loves going out every day like me, this enforced stopping home apart from shopping and exercise is purgatory but we can't complain, its an unfortunate necessity right now. With the death toll around the world rising daily, I don't understand these people who think they can flout the rules and go off to the seaside, thinking its a holiday. We all dislike stopping home but we have to and those who don't haven't got the brains they were born with. I've read more books than I've ever done and am rapidly becoming a couch potato watching t.v. as well as watching porn on the internet too, of course. I'm missing meeting up with all my friends but we phone each other several times a day to keep in touch, thank goodness this isn't the Middle Ages when phones and emails never existed, we'd all be totally cut off. A friend of mine made me a mask for my shopping trips, I feel like Jesse James off to rob a bank as I mosey on down to the supermarket! At least I've still got my sense of humour but my heart bleeds for all those who have passed away and I have nothing but admiration for the doctors and nurses who are looking after people when they haven't got enough of the necessary equipment to make sure they stay well themselves. I hope you all remain healthy and take care, RM xxxxx

By Skittles at 02,Apr,20 14:37 other posts of Skittles 
All good in NYC... sucks ass to be inside all the time... We prob have another 40 days of this...

By thickswingercock at 01,Apr,20 11:17 other posts of thickswingercock 
been very tough, usually have a few different partners a week and am missing group fun

am isolating and have two women i can see but miss everyone else and new

By #612667 at 01,Apr,20 09:58
This from australia the have shut most of our borders here people panic bought at shops but that has settled down but shops still low on stock but i self issolated to a degree as i have health issues but im ok with it all as im not allowed to work

By stiffone4u at 01,Apr,20 09:34 other posts of stiffone4u 
No matter how much most of us do the right thing, the 10-20% of ignorant idiots are putting our lives at risk. I am ready to put a sign on my lawn to let my neighbor know he should stay the hell home. He had a cookout over the weekend with people visiting.. New Yorker's gathered in a group to watch the Navy Hospital ship arrive. What the fuck is wrong with them! New York is maybe the most infected area in the world right now. Maybe they should tie rocks on their feet and jump in the river. Save the hospital bed they will soon need for being stupid, for a smarter person that did the right things. Unbelievable to me that they still don't get it.

By phart at 01,Apr,20 09:24 other posts of phart 
Some of you say,"staying in the house". So is that to say some of you have no acerage to for example mow the lawn or chop wood or go work in the garage on a long term project? Wow I would go insane if I didn't have the abilty to go outdoors for activitys of some kind even if my property lines could be considered borders. I do go out to get food in the morning and a trip to the bank or something but then come back. Nothing like normal. I never knew how much i would miss sitting down in a comfortable seat and have someone bringing me my food and filling my tea glass.And cleaning up after me!
I did get a bunch of paper plates to help with the clean up when I cook at home.

By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 08:29 other posts of kebmo 
Today is day six of quarantine for me, not because I'm in a high risk group but because I've become indefinitely unemployed and it's the right thing to do. I live alone with no pets and have always loved my couch time and I'm OK with my own company. I'm not lonely because I am in contact with my family and talk to my best friend Judy for an hour or two every day. Judy knows that I like to jerk off when we're on the phone because sometimes she goes on and on about something and I like to jerk off when she does. She knows I do it and tolerates it.
I have lots of food and toilet paper for when my body is done with the food.
Being a chef I've always had good hygiene habits (bordering on the side of OCD) and the last time I was sick was about 17 years ago so I feel that my immune system is pretty strong.
My parents are in their mid 70's and my Dad is a smoker so I have concerns about them but I know they know HOW to have good habits because they've had the (dis)pleasure of listening to me tell them about how important it is to wash their hands properly and not rub their eyes with their fingertips (my Dad had that filthy habit).
All in all I'm in good shape and well prepared to hunker down for over a month but as you mentioned 2nice, no sex except jerking off while Judy tells me a long story and I take care of things myself. Of course, like many of us, I'm spending a LOT more time looking at screens.

By #614264 at 31,Mar,20 18:21
Being alone inside for so long lead me to try this site and I decided to give it a try.
By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 07:56 other posts of kebmo 
Well, how is it? I hope you're enjoying looking and showing off your nice cock.

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