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Started by #200236 at 20,Dec,11 12:36
Hey guys with all of us having cocks between our legs I know I can't resist fondling and stroking my cock every morning I wake up. Was wondering about the percentage of morning strokers vs non stroking. How does stroking vs those who have will power that don't.

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New Comment

By Moench at 16,Nov,23 19:36 other posts of Moench 
Almost every morning before I start my work,like starting the engine

By Mrjoshua at 16,Nov,23 07:13 other posts of Mrjoshua 
I usualy jerk off at night when go to bed

By wycowboy at 16,Nov,23 01:00 other posts of wycowboy 
I don't wank much in the am. I have all day to do it so.......

By XJacker at 15,Nov,23 23:42 other posts of XJacker 
I prefer to masturbate in bed at night. At night there’s no pressure to get up and I’m not thinking so much about my day. Also there’s time to treat myself to second, sometimes even third, wank.

By beauregard19 at 19,Nov,22 03:25 other posts of beauregard19 
Every morning! Often set the alarm clock for an hour before I need to so at least I don't waste the day!

By #683053 at 18,Nov,22 00:32
I have to admit, I've been a few minutes late for work before because I needed to rub one out.

By lawrenceo at 14,Nov,22 14:52 other posts of lawrenceo 
I don't think about the time of day; I like to have a feel whenever I get the urge.

By yellowman at 06,Nov,22 16:27 other posts of yellowman 
When I wake my cock is hard, I stroke it. If I have the time I stoke it for quite a while. Later throughout the day I will also stroke it. I am a masturbator....

By nekekal at 06,Nov,22 00:17 other posts of nekekal 
I fondle it in the morning, evening, and anytime I can in between. In the morning my wife is asleep or pretending to be. same at night. If she acknowledges that I have a hard on, she might have to help.

By XJacker at 27,Oct,22 19:28 other posts of XJacker 
I always enjoy feeling my cock and balls. I often wake with a nice hard morning stiffie. I don’t usually stroke it off because I usually wake next to my wife. We usually have a nice morning romp in bed but save sex for the evenings.

By spermkiss at 23,Dec,11 17:23 other posts of spermkiss 
Perhaps you've heard that old joke question "Do you ever find it hard getting up in the morning?" or heard the term "morning wood".

It's not at all unusual for a man to wake up with an erection and if that leads to stroking off, that's a great way to start the day. And this is a healthy thing to do as it keeps the system "up and running" and the "juices flowing".

By qhaos at 20,Dec,11 14:09 other posts of qhaos 
stroker here! but mine is not a really handjob, simply i like to feel my morning wood with my hands until a drop of precum comes out of my dickhead! is a fucking good sensation!

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