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Started by #188764 at 30,Jan,12 11:05
A couple other guys have posts like this, but since none are on the first page I'll dive in with my own.

I consider myself a good judge of cock-appeal (check out my "favorites" album), so post one or more of yours here, and I'll give you my honest opinion of your cock and the photo quality.

Edit: Pissed about the typo in the subject line ("of" should be "on"); can't correct it.

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New Comment

By #527431 at 31,Dec,17 16:14
Always amazes me how many men need to see his ratings.

By #518391 at 31,Dec,17 15:46
Here's mine...
[deleted image]

By hypoboy at 31,Dec,17 13:21 other posts of hypoboy 
i wish for some honest rating of my hard dick

By DarkMax at 16,Dec,17 17:12 other posts of DarkMax 
Comment mine please!

By Vita at 23,May,16 19:09 other posts of Vita 

By orchid88 at 20,May,17 14:13 other posts of orchid88 
Von mir volle Punktzahl!!
By Vita at 16,Dec,17 06:21 other posts of Vita 

Danke mein Liebes !

By #541969 at 02,Oct,17 08:07
URL=//][/URL] In my truck

By #541969 at 02,Oct,17 08:05
URL=//][/URL] Here you go All Me

By #369710 at 01,Oct,17 11:20
[deleted image] what do you guys think of my new pic?

By qhaos at 16,Mar,17 08:27 other posts of qhaos 
If you want, write something about this
By 3fdfd at 17,Mar,17 14:37 other posts of 3fdfd 
Nice looking larger uncut cock

By #525094 at 28,Mar,17 08:36
Mmm nice cock it looks like ur in ur car. My favorite place to jerkoff and exspose my self

By #541100 at 01,Oct,17 07:56
That's a mouthful

By #541100 at 01,Oct,17 07:55

By #531932 at 22,May,17 21:35

By hotlicker69 at 21,May,17 19:49 other posts of hotlicker69 

By mess at 21,May,17 11:02 other posts of mess 

By #535336 at 21,May,17 10:41

By #408194 at 29,Mar,17 03:14
What do you think ?


By #519823 at 28,Mar,17 09:11
[deleted image]
Let me know what you think

By #500604 at 20,Mar,17 16:14
Found another one [deleted image]

By #500604 at 20,Mar,17 16:13
And another one [deleted image]

By #500604 at 20,Mar,17 16:11
One more [deleted image]

By #500604 at 20,Mar,17 16:10
Hello,here is mine [deleted image]

By #531019 at 20,Mar,17 11:05
One of my better views ...

[deleted image]

By #529331 at 17,Mar,17 15:27
[deleted image] here's mine.

By #525579 at 02,Mar,17 10:56
Here's my hard on.
By 3fdfd at 17,Mar,17 14:38 other posts of 3fdfd 
I like your uncut cock

By kriss2223 at 16,Mar,17 01:39 other posts of kriss2223 
By 3fdfd at 17,Mar,17 14:38 other posts of 3fdfd 
hangs nice ... big balls too !

By #516029 at 16,Mar,17 12:33
Have look at my genitals and tell me.
By 3fdfd at 17,Mar,17 14:36 other posts of 3fdfd 
Rather large - you are looking good.

By leopoldij at 16,Mar,17 05:32 other posts of leopoldij 
What do you think of my small cock?

By #509938 at 16,Dec,16 19:12
Here's a pic without comments! [deleted image]

By #517092 at 29,Jul,16 09:16
check my bbc and rate it pls.

By #511944 at 23,May,16 20:10
What u reckon on my penis?
By bella! at 23,May,16 20:18 other posts of bella! 
Looks like you might have to wait for a response. This thread is 4 years old, the member hasn't commented in the forum for 1 year as well as the member hasn't been on for 3 days. You might want to consider contacting him via private message!

By #476384 at 14,Jun,15 15:29
Say about mine

By Ritschke at 14,Jun,15 00:33 other posts of Ritschke 
Ok, i'm curious, what you think


Oh, i just saw, you dont do this anymore - shame

By moore at 06,Jun,15 05:37 other posts of moore 
How about me?

By #491232 at 05,Jun,15 13:30
[deleted image] what about mine?

By #476384 at 24,May,15 15:29
What you think of mine

By #443583 at 28,Mar,15 06:39
Hey Balt, there's a bunch of new dicks here that need to be commented of.
By #188764 at 24,May,15 11:45
I got tired of doing this. Sorry!

By Vita at 24,May,15 03:47 other posts of Vita 


... is okay ?!

By Fritz at 28,Mar,15 10:58 other posts of Fritz 
Would you please comment mine

By #275407 at 26,Mar,15 07:48

By #455296 at 17,Mar,15 16:38
How about mine /yehyosc5gl2upic.html
By #188764 at 17,Mar,15 23:11
Cock: The head is a little short, but has a nice prominent ridge. Shaft has interesting vein structure. Not a firm erection. Grade: A-

Composition: Good lighting. Reasonably good focus. Not the best angle of view. Grade: A-

By #479091 at 11,Mar,15 14:14
[deleted image]
By #188764 at 11,Mar,15 15:43
Cock: Attractive shaft, very erect. Head looks nicely formed and proportional, with a good ridge. Grade: A+

Composition: Lighting is very good. Focus is weak. Not the best angle of view. Grade: B+

By #454242 at 11,Mar,15 12:05
[deleted image]
By #188764 at 11,Mar,15 13:31
Cock: Very strong-looking shaft, with interesting vein structure. Excellent head, proportional to the shaft, and an attractive ridge. Strong erection, but I prefer hands-off shots. Grade: A

Composition. Good lighting and angle of view. Focus is very soft. Grade: A-

By #482767 at 11,Mar,15 01:41
What do u think /ussjgllgyrbppic.html
By #188764 at 11,Mar,15 02:08
Cock: Powerful and beautiful shaft, though it could be more erect. The head is a bit small in proportion to the shaft. Grade: A-

Composition: Lighting is good. Focus is a bit soft. Good angle of view. Grade: A
By #482767 at 11,Mar,15 10:32
Wow thanks but I have to ask why do u critize the size of my cockhead? I mean to me its proportion to my cock but its that an issue to u?
By #188764 at 11,Mar,15 13:27
It would be proportional if the shaft weren't so thick. (Kind of a "good news; bad news" thing.) Just my opinion.

By firefox553 at 09,Mar,15 20:44 other posts of firefox553 
By #188764 at 10,Mar,15 14:32
Cock: Attractive and robust shaft. Nicely erect, but would be better pointing up a bit more, and no-hands. Excellent head - proportional and beautifully formed. Bonus for close-trimmed hair. Grade: A

Composition: Excellent angle of view, but busy background. Lighting and focus are ok, but not great. Grade: A-

By smiley at 09,Mar,15 11:20 other posts of smiley 
What do you think of this one x
By #188764 at 10,Mar,15 14:29
Cock: Sturdy shaft, nicely erect. Head is nicely proportioned, but partially hidden under foreskin (I like to see the ridge). Grade: A-

Composition: Focus is too soft. Cropped a little too much. (This is might be the first time I've made that comment!) Background and skewed angle are distracting. Grade: B

By #485613 at 07,Mar,15 13:39
Would love to hear your view (please be nice!)
By #188764 at 07,Mar,15 23:41
Submit a picture. Thanks!
By #485613 at 09,Mar,15 10:46
Sorry Balt, hopefully this works:

[deleted image]
By #188764 at 10,Mar,15 14:23
Cock: Strong and attractive shaft. Head is proportional, but the ridge could be a bit more prominent. Grade: A

Composition: Weak focus. Good lighting. Excellent angle of view and cropping. Distracting background. Grade: A-

By #142641 at 08,Mar,15 18:37
[deleted image]
By #188764 at 10,Mar,15 14:14
Cock: Impressively long, but not erect. Significant curve is distracting. Grade: B

Composition: Lighting is good, but the focus is too soft. Good angle of view, but could be cropped a bit at the top and bottom. Grade: A

By LapLog8 at 09,Mar,15 10:21 other posts of LapLog8 
[deleted image]
By #188764 at 10,Mar,15 14:11
Already commented on your pic. Sorry.

By anonymus at 09,Mar,15 00:48 other posts of anonymus 
Thanks for the review! How about this?

By LapLog8 at 08,Mar,15 10:35 other posts of LapLog8 
Another. [deleted image]
By #188764 at 08,Mar,15 12:52
Cock: Powerful shaft, with interesting vein structure, but it's not fully erect. The head is just a bit small in proportion to the shaft. Grade: B+

Composition: Focus is good. Lighting is excellent. Very good cropping, angle of view, and background. Grade: A+

By firefox553 at 08,Mar,15 00:09 other posts of firefox553 
By #188764 at 08,Mar,15 12:48
Cock: Good firm erection. Very attractive head. A bit of distractingly-dark coloration on the shaft. Bonus for shaved hair. Grade: A

Composition: Lighting is ok, but the focus is way too soft. Good cropping; ok angle of view. Grade: B+

By LapLog8 at 08,Mar,15 10:33 other posts of LapLog8 
What do ya think? [deleted image]

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