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Nude Driving!

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Started by BALLZDIXNCLITZ at 09,Feb,12 18:47  other posts of BALLZDIXNCLITZ
I love driving totally nude! Who else? My favorite is masturbating while on the highway. The thrill of the idea someone might see is awesome! Even better, pull through a drive-through window and smile at the person at the window while nude! I have even received free meals a time or two. It's better if you have a higher vehicle like a full size SUV or pick-up, as the person actually has to look to see well. Low vehicles mean they have to look, but higher ones means they have to want to see! Who shares "Road Sex"?

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By #586554 at 25,Apr,19 00:38
I love to drive in the nude and even slow down so other truck drivers can see me. I have drove thousands of miles that way and love every mile of it, day, night, open road, and in towns in heavy traffic, Love it.
By Roadforest at 26,Jan,24 15:27 other posts of Roadforest 
Ilove to do that, and have not tryed fore many years

By smokieb69 at 14,Dec,23 10:38 other posts of smokieb69 
i love it - but harder to do it these days with all the cameras around

By Lvphose at 14,Dec,23 03:15 other posts of Lvphose 
Not nude but wearing pantyhose

By uncutjoy at 23,Dec,22 11:53 other posts of uncutjoy 

By #577250 at 03,May,19 21:43
Have driven with my shorts down at ankles a few times but not naked
By jimbo111949 at 22,Dec,22 02:18 other posts of jimbo111949 
Done that myself.

By Steve777 at 07,Jun,22 04:24 other posts of Steve777 
No,, but I got picked up by a naked guy once.
He was brave enough to pull up beside me and ask me to get in.
We parked and then I got naked too,,, great fun.

By #667453 at 05,Jun,22 18:50
I've not done it in years

By #586129 at 24,Apr,19 12:37
I love driving in my truck totally nude. I have a/c seats so the sensation of cool air blowing on my ass and balls keeps me in a constant state of arousal. I keep a pair of shorts at the ready "just in case" ...
By #585568 at 21,May,19 00:22
Nice one,it's good to hear from a fellow trucker.I love driving naked particularly during summer because people think your shirtless not in the buff.

I'm making the assumption you are from the US.Don't know why though. I don't drive the largest trucks,what we call an artic (short for articulated lorry) but in the US/Canada etc would be called a semi.

I drive a 26 tonner which is the largest below an artic/semi with the cab almost at the same level which means when I'm laying across the seats on a tacho break wanking off enthusiastically many an artic driver has caught a good eyefull.

I prefer driving naked or naked from the waist down in my car.Have the half leather Recaro seats with the cloth panels and leaher side cushions.

I can remember at 3 am on the M74 at 135 mph when my gf at the time decided it'd be a clever idea to give me a blow job,great idea - awful timing

By #583549 at 19,May,19 16:05
I just completed a 102 mile round trip driving nude to and from a flea market today.

By Apantyhoselovr at 07,May,19 17:57 other posts of Apantyhoselovr 
i do in pantyhose

By #586736 at 01,May,19 21:52
I love driving nude I do it going to work and when I get off I drive downtown at 5:00 pm through a university. Some of the college students see me, some give me the thumbs up

By tixHH at 27,Apr,19 10:48 other posts of tixHH 
hard and driving

By Shaved at 27,Apr,19 02:22 other posts of Shaved 
I luv driving naked and mastubating it's such a thrill!! Would be exciting to drive naked with someone else or pull up next to someone naked too!!

By #513813 at 27,Apr,19 02:06
I have done it but not recently.

By #567127 at 26,Apr,19 12:24
I had the urge to drive naked many times. I haven't done it completely naked yet, but I started with my penis and balls out, and a couple of times I drove without pants. It is a strangely free feeling.

I was riding my bicycle naked many times. It was only in the forest, but once I left my clothes in a stump and drove on and on. I wanted to know how it is to be naked and have no clothes by me. I kept going for maybe two hours. Of course I met other people on bicycles. But nobody said anything. When I come back to the stump, my clothes were gone. Maybe it wasn't that stump, but I was without clothes and I did not find it.

I had to wait till the night, and then I returned home. I told I was swimming and someone robbed me. And of course I drove a bicycle bare, mum!

By #545468 at 26,Apr,19 03:27
Driving nude is awesome. I love driving either with my clothes locked in the trunk or better yet left at home. I have driven seven hours nude and I am planning on driving cross country nude. If I could only figure out how to gas up while staying nude ...

Often my husband and I will travel nude together and find out new places to suck each other off or to fuck. We love the roadside picnic or rest stops.

By #583412 at 25,Apr,19 04:11
Yep, im in. Good reason to have ya legs spread further apart so ya balls dont stick. Always get a smile when people notice. Sniff ya thumb as you give them the thumbs up.

By qhaos at 20,Apr,19 15:26 other posts of qhaos 

Not naked but alwais out!

By #583549 at 20,Apr,19 12:04
I like to drive nude on the country back roads on a hot summer day or night with the windows down!The air blowing in feels fantastic!

By shackles at 11,Apr,19 03:57 other posts of shackles 
Typically I don't do it nude. However I do occasionally enjoy pulling out my cock and stroking a bit while driving.
By #585953 at 20,Apr,19 06:27

By #121361 at 17,Apr,19 05:25
[deleted image]

By #582137 at 10,Apr,19 14:55
I love driving naked and showing off for truckers. I have even had a trucker flag me down for sex. One game I play is to start from home naked and see how far I can get before I need to put shorts on. Door to door naked trips are the best.

[deleted image]

By wycowboy at 10,Apr,19 13:03 other posts of wycowboy 
I drive nude on occasion. Usually on the highway between towns, which is a lot of highway time in Wyoming. Sometimes in town. The orgasms are great.

By #122507 at 09,Apr,19 22:10
Naked driving
[deleted image]
By #583549 at 10,Apr,19 01:09
I have driven nude this past weekend! About 120 miles total in 2 days!

By #583549 at 05,Apr,19 21:37
I enjoy driving nude to and from my nudist resort!

By #59855 at 10,Feb,12 17:35
From Matt's Wife: Yes this is sick and ****

By spermkiss at 10,Feb,12 17:24 other posts of spermkiss 
It's even more fun in a convertible with the top down.

By #131063 at 09,Feb,12 22:05

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