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Male pubes..?

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Started by #221907 at 04,Sep,12 02:10
So, when it comes to a man's pubic hair, you have a choice between shaving, trimming or letting it grow freely. I have always subscribed to the more maintained, cleaner looking options but recently I read an article about men not only trimming their pubes but now trimming them in designs much like many women do (triangle, landing strip, etc.). Are there any men and or \women who prefer such a look on a man and if so, what are the best ways for a man to do such manscaping?

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New Comment

By Dougal at 18,Nov,23 07:49 other posts of Dougal 

I'm thinking of letting them grow again

By Antonek at 11,Nov,23 03:06 other posts of Antonek 

Being kind of a minimalist, I like my body hair closely cropped but not totally smooth. I feel more well groomed and clean, which is appealing to me. I had a friend with naturally hairless balls and a gal who didn’t like hairs in her mouth. No brainer for me. I like trimmed but it’s just a personal preference.

By SluttySarah069 at 31,Oct,23 17:37 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I like to keep mine trimmed and tidy - don't like the very hairy look.
By #662360 at 31,Oct,23 18:20
I like to let my wife trim my pubes so they are the way she likes, though sometimes I just let my cock fur grow wild.

By kupreanoff at 31,Oct,23 17:15 other posts of kupreanoff 
shaved hairless always

By Foreskinlover at 31,Oct,23 02:11 other posts of Foreskinlover 
I wax every few months. Oral and rimming (on me) is much better and she will suck my harmless balls with vigour

By casado at 17,Aug,23 14:16 other posts of casado 

--------------------------------------- added after 16 seconds

eu raspo tudo.

By girllyboi at 16,Aug,23 15:52 other posts of girllyboi 
im shaved bald for so many years love it

By PITBULL at 15,Aug,23 11:45 other posts of PITBULL 
I like a man with pubes, so I can lick it and sniff on it too

By #699038 at 15,Aug,23 04:59
Im just waiting for mine to grow bit more then i will do some sort of pater of some sort just for change from being smooth

By #662360 at 14,Aug,23 18:56
I like to keep my penis shaft smooth and hairless with cream for masturbating. I let my wife trim my pubes round my balls to how she likes it.

By #291618 at 08,Oct,12 20:17
I keep em trimmed and shave the balls hair

By andrew999999999 at 04,Oct,12 15:37 other posts of andrew999999999 
I like to be smooth down there.
Photo of a pocket rocket from andrew999999999

By spermkiss at 04,Sep,12 19:19 other posts of spermkiss 
Shaved totally hairless from the neck down is best. Also good are a more or less natural shape to the pubic patch, but with the edges tidied up and shaved smooth. The pubic patch could be trimmed short or natural length. Landing strips and pleasure trails along with cutesie shapes look gauche.

By #220845 at 04,Sep,12 16:54
I start out trimming the length then I try shaping it sometimes a landing strip but usually a very pronounced V but I always end up shaving smooth. I shave my tool and sack, my tummy and chest buns and my crack

By #143894 at 04,Sep,12 16:41
I shave my whole pubic area and balls

By JeffinKS at 04,Sep,12 12:14 other posts of JeffinKS 
I keep the pubes trimmed and I shave my balls.

By binbags at 04,Sep,12 11:32 other posts of binbags 
I like to trim my bush every so often. One time I gave myself a landing strip but it just looked weird

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