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By kupreanoff at 21,Nov,21 23:11
exactly , well said

By kupreanoff at 14,Nov,21 23:45
how's this one

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By kupreanoff at 30,Oct,21 15:58
4 inches of hard shaved cock I would love to share

By kupreanoff at 24,Oct,21 20:20
Not a strapon but I do enjoy her fucking me with a dildo

By kupreanoff at 24,Oct,21 20:04
shaved for sure . both male and female . always been a bit turned off by really thick dark pubic hair

By kupreanoff at 23,Oct,21 19:30
61 year old cock

By kupreanoff at 03,Oct,21 01:40
fuck these asshats , you nailed it Anderson .

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I loved eating my wife's pussy after I loaded her up . I think it turned her on too . So messy , so fun

By kupreanoff at 16,Sep,21 22:19
Yeah I was doing some remodel work on a boat one time and some of the plumbing that needed replaced ran along the back of a hanging locker in the master state room that was used by the owners wife . He had a bunk in the wheel house . So while removing things from the locker I found 3 dildo's one that was unbelievably huge . We had a good laugh .

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By kupreanoff at 06,Aug,21 05:29
smaller to mid sized . shaved with a tight ball sack and uncut is a plus . like my own

By kupreanoff at 06,Aug,21 05:14
love when my wife uses one on me

By kupreanoff at 06,Aug,21 05:06
hell yes

By kupreanoff at 06,Aug,21 04:43
and there you have them

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I like it

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about like this

By kupreanoff at 01,Aug,21 19:36
61 year old limp dick for ya

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I have remote property in bush Alaska and nudity is always allowed but alas this year has been cold and wet so not as much naked time

By kupreanoff at 08,Jun,21 06:45
and I'm a carpenter and love getting my hands on some hardwood

By kupreanoff at 30,May,21 18:32
even then it's less than 5 inches

By kupreanoff at 30,May,21 18:23
Wow , this guy is writing about a wonderful sexual experience and he gets this response . You all need to shut the duck up Hahahahahaha . your kill'n me

By kupreanoff at 29,May,21 20:29
It's an old one but "My Fair Penis"

By kupreanoff at 29,May,21 20:24
I would say on the small side for sure

By kupreanoff at 29,May,21 19:59
I love eating a hairless pussy but grinding my hairless cock into a hairy pussy feels amazing . Oh the many shades of sex

By kupreanoff at 17,May,21 05:57
How many American gun shows have you purchased a firearm at sir ? Also we don't have gun registration . You must however pass a background check even at gun shows . There is no loophole . Firearm sales between private citizens is allowed however knowingly selling to a felon is against laws already on the books so one is prone to get information on buyers to protect yourself from legal issues . FBI statistics show extremely low numbers of firearms being purchased by felons . Most are stolen or are straw purchases . Also already against the law . If prosecuted properly a felon buying a firearm could spend the rest of his life in prison but that's not what gun control is about .

By kupreanoff at 24,Apr,21 21:44
a man eating that pussy after he loads it with cum gets me rally turned on

By kupreanoff at 11,Apr,21 18:58
I would love to be able to . tried all the time when I was young and flexible but I was just a bit too short . didn't stop me from unloading in my own mouth though . I often have dreams of being able to suck my own dick. love those dreams

By kupreanoff at 27,Mar,21 18:25
I attribute it to my chat partner having an earth shattering orgasm and needing to clean up then loosing interest in the chat . simply a means to an end . no big deal . this is a sex site . we aren't dating each other or in some kind of relationship . thicken your skin people we're grownups right ?

By kupreanoff at 27,Mar,21 18:02
my first sports exam was full on naked turn your head and cough while I feel your balls . I was 11 and he also wanted me to pull my foreskin back . told me it would be easier if it was hard . I was 11 and he was a doctor . 1971 was a different time . who knew doctors were creepy . not me . all part of the exam son

By kupreanoff at 20,Mar,21 19:18
it's only deviant if you post them someplace that it's uninvited . Here it's the norm . have fun

By kupreanoff at 08,Mar,21 00:23
how bout this side

By kupreanoff at 08,Mar,21 00:15
how about some small tight hairless balls

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By kupreanoff at 08,Mar,21 00:03
I'll jack you off for her

By kupreanoff at 08,Mar,21 00:02
One of the most erotic things I ever witnessed was a lady friend of mine masturbating for me . good friends and both of us married but very attracted to each other not just physically but in a much deeper way . True friends . I of course returned the favor . It was so hot

By kupreanoff at 07,Mar,21 23:53
that would be a 1 however as I get older I'm looking at door #2

By kupreanoff at 07,Mar,21 23:51
why do some guys shave their faces ? personal grooming preferences . we're all individuals .

By kupreanoff at 07,Mar,21 00:23
love to catch you in the act

By kupreanoff at 27,Feb,21 21:02
Amazing isn't it . The only President in recent history that was in it for the love of country and these asshats can't get over his "Mean tweets" . Our present Commander in uh uhm , you know , the thing , scares the hell out of me because we really don't know who's at the helm

By kupreanoff at 07,Feb,21 21:50
yep , and that's tough when your young

By kupreanoff at 07,Feb,21 21:47
sorry , I'm a little over 4 inches when hard but what the heck is an inch

By kupreanoff at 02,Jan,21 05:56
pretty dang small