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By Antonek at 30,Mar,24 21:16
You know you are my favorite on the site, hands down! (my pants)🤣🤣🤣 Thank you for your comments for sure. The world is a better place because of people like you.🥰

By Antonek at 28,Mar,24 14:32

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By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 22:04
I agree with what you say about a recognizable subject, either male or female. It’s exciting to see them in a new or unique pose. Lots of different things help set the mood of the pic and I also like the variety. Great comment!👍

By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 21:56
Clarity definitely helps. If you can’t be there, at least you want a nice clear view! Great comment!

By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 21:54
I agree. Sometimes a pic will be super hot maybe because it’s different, maybe the pose or the lighting, or maybe just perfect to my eye. I love you comment.👍

By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 21:51
I totally agree with you. Clear images with different angles. I get bored with the same photo and pose repeated over and over again. As for pussies, I really don’t care for them spread open. I like their natural presentation is much more appealing to me. Great comment!👍

By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 21:45
That most certainly helps!😁

By Antonek at 25,Mar,24 09:44
I totally agree with your comment! It drives me nuts when a messy room or other distractions take away from what otherwise would be a beautiful photo! Great comment!👍

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By Antonek at 12,Mar,24 00:53
I hear you bud, so true!!!😁

By Antonek at 12,Mar,24 00:50
Wow! What a great story! 😊

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:59

I just had to join you fellas! I’m in good company with you guys, thanks for posting!😘

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:55
Damn, what a great cock!

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:53
I agree.

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:52
Ooh, sorry dude.

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:51
Well, if given the choice, your mouth would be a great option!😘

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:49
Great clean cock and balls! Love your style!👍

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:48
Wow, what a thick shaft!👍

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:47
Nice pic dude!👍

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:46
Great pic dude! Big muff too!👍

By Antonek at 10,Mar,24 19:44
Such a good looking and straight up cock! 👍

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By Antonek at 07,Mar,24 22:46
We must share the same affliction! I’d take a handjob from you any day!😘

By Antonek at 07,Mar,24 22:44
You’re right about that, none of which is bad!

By Antonek at 04,Mar,24 00:30

This seems to fit your request.😁

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By Antonek at 18,Feb,24 19:12
Wow, it barely fits in the frame! Nice!

By Antonek at 18,Feb,24 19:11
Straight up rigid dude, nice pic!

By Antonek at 17,Feb,24 02:51
Great pics dude!

By Antonek at 17,Feb,24 02:34
Thanks for your comment. I love hearing what does it for everyone!

By Antonek at 17,Feb,24 02:32
I appreciate your taste, well stated!

By Antonek at 17,Feb,24 02:31
Awwww!😊🥰 You’re too kind!

By Antonek at 16,Feb,24 16:24
I love your very practical response!

By Antonek at 16,Feb,24 16:23
I love a gal who knows exactly what she wants!😘

By Antonek at 16,Feb,24 16:21
That is a perfect response!😁

By Antonek at 16,Feb,24 00:42
Awesome pic! I wish I had a reference photo like that!

By Antonek at 16,Feb,24 00:41
You could use your cock as a sundial! Nice!

By Antonek at 16,Feb,24 00:38
Straight up dude! Right on!

By Antonek at 13,Feb,24 23:40
Wow, great pic! Great big head too!

By Antonek at 13,Feb,24 21:07
Wow, that’s way up there and true north! Nice!

By Antonek at 13,Feb,24 15:58
Wow, great pic! Definitely straight up!

By Antonek at 13,Feb,24 15:57
Your cock is so fat, I’m surprised it can get that straight up!

By Antonek at 13,Feb,24 15:56
Great pic dude!