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Watching a woman pee

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Started by #12853 at 04,Nov,09 22:46
To this day I still get incredibly turned on by watching a woman piss. Does anyone else (male or female) really like this? Most of my girlfriends liked to pee in front of me. Ladies, do how do you feel about a guy watching you?

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By probowler298 at 16,Aug,23 22:31 other posts of probowler298 
Watching a woman pee means you get to see her cunt. Any normal guy wants to see that.

By #662360 at 16,Aug,23 20:26
I’ve watched a woman pee. I was working near London, England and I went with my boss at work Susannah (name changed) in her company BMW to one of our company’s sites on the south coast.

Susannah was a pretty married woman in her forties with dark hair and a good figure.

After our meeting we set off in Susannah’s BMW back toward our London office. This took us through a wooded area of south England known as The Weald. Unexpectedly Susannah turned off the main road and headed down a wooded lane, then pulled off the road in the middle of the woods and stopped the car.

“I’m bursting for a pee” she said. “I’ll go into the woods and do one.”

I said I’d stay in the car but she asked me to come with her and keep watch in case anyone else came by. Within yards along a narrow path we were in thick woods and Susannah saw a secluded spot in some bushes where she could pee. Like a decent guy I stayed back on the path. Then like any guy would I couldn’t resist creeping close and peeping, but making sure I kept hidden. I could clearly see her through the bushes.

As I watched, Susannah lifted her skirt above her waist. I could see her dark panties through her thin tan tights. She slipped her tights down her thighs letting me see her panties. They were black and quite small. Then she slipped her panties down stretched round her spread thighs.

She paused for a moment letting me see her quite large and thick cunt bush of almost black bush of pubic hair before she pulled her tights and panties right down round her ankles. Then she squatted down, leaning back against a tree and spread her legs wide.

I was watching her almost full front on from only a few feet away. I watched as she did a pee letting her piss splash onto the ground. When she’d finished she wiped her damp pussy and cunt bush dry with a tissue from her handbag and tossed the pee-soaked tissue aside into the bushes.

She pulled her panties and tights up, stood and tidied herself up. I retreated back to the path and stood with my back to her.

“That’s better,” Susannah said. “Nobody came by did they?””

I forget what I replied but I made sure whatever I said and the look on my face gave nothing away. We walked back through the woods to her car and headed back to the office.

After what I’d seen my cock wouldn’t stay down. She must have noticed the bulging ridge of my erection under my thin business suit trousers.

To this day I’ve wondered if Susannah was deliberately showing me her cunt knowing that like any guy I couldn’t resist peeping. I like to think she was.

By davieboy69 at 09,Jul,21 11:50 other posts of davieboy69 
I love this so much I setup a group to showcase all the peeing pics on this site. Link is here:

or find pissing pussies in the groups

By #613564 at 06,Jul,21 05:20
Most are reluctant to do it, at first, but when they watch you pee, sometimes they like to.
Sometimes, a little drunk, and peeing for distance! some can shoot quite a distance, arching their back!
It's a lot easier, when they accidentally wet their pants, because you are stuck in traffic, or something. cleaning up can be a lot more fun that you imagine!

By #641943 at 05,Jul,21 00:45
Yes. I love to watch my man take a piss, and want to introduce piss play in our sexlife. He is not that interested though.. Also I secretly wants to drink piss from a pussy.

By knewbi at 18,Jun,21 21:44 other posts of knewbi 
Best if that pee is being done on me!!!

By #644451 at 15,Jun,21 08:15
I am crazy about it. Love to drink it as she rides my face

By bella! at 02,Nov,17 18:19 other posts of bella! 
For all you members that enjoy a good pee, this video should meet or exceed your needs PLUS there's a twist, an ending that I never saw coming!

[deleted image]
By HotFuckerBoy at 02,Nov,17 22:04 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Yup, that's an all time great one. Be sure the volume is up
By bella! at 03,Nov,17 00:09 other posts of bella! 
You hadn't seen it before this post? I'm glad that by posting this link, I could bring a smile to your face!

By 2nice at 05,Nov,17 21:29 other posts of 2nice 
By bella! at 06,Nov,17 17:55 other posts of bella! 
It's a good one, isn't it? I'm not keen on "pissing" anything, pictures or videos. This one had so many views, I thought, what the heck!

By #522126 at 02,Nov,17 17:59
My Wife will drinks pints of water and when the time is right we get in the shower together,I kneel down in front of her while she parts her legs and pussy lips,she then sprays her golden pee in my mouth and over my face and body,lovely!!

By #543881 at 01,Nov,17 11:17
I love watching women pissing outside and on my cock

By #543844 at 31,Oct,17 22:17
The first time was with my ex wife She was in the tub spread her pussy open and I said WOW when I say it come out

By #516354 at 29,Oct,17 09:45
My ex wife(also my Mistress)would make me strip and lay down in the bath,then pee all over my face.If she was in one of her 'evil' moods she would order me to open my mouth and drink her pee also.

By #489480 at 26,Dec,16 22:06
Watching a woman pee is super hot. The absolute best is watching 2 women pee on each other, really turns me on.

By #363802 at 25,Dec,16 22:30
I LOVE watching a woman pee!! I would LOVE to find a woman that would let me lick her clean!

By #334136 at 17,Jan,13 06:31
By #68656 at 08,Feb,13 11:00
Here is the literal translation from the Japanese, looks like his account must have been washed away in the flood of the pee pee. Let us trust Mt. Fujiama was not washed away in that flood.
"I take a lot of pictures of mistress pee. I like to pee she is photographed. Since I have a lot of pictures pee, pee show to the people of the female fans."
By #121361 at 14,May,15 18:21
THX John

By #38540 at 26,Nov,09 12:12
luv peeing in public
By #10886 at 28,Nov,09 18:34
Please post some pic of that! I love to see a lady pee!
By #121361 at 14,May,15 18:13
Now you can see my Lady !

By #401572 at 14,May,15 18:04
When I was with my ex girlfriend. She liked it when I played with her when she was peeing.

By leopoldij at 14,May,15 12:26 other posts of leopoldij 
The fact that there is a peeing category in most porn sites means that it's a desired thing to watch. But do women like seeing a man pee?

By #428059 at 11,Nov,13 10:47
I love it when my wife's on top while in a69 and she gets so amped up she starts to piss. It embarrasses her but fucking turns me on

By #437064 at 10,Nov,13 14:37
If my girlfriend pissed with the door open, I tell her to bloody close it
By #23212 at 11,Nov,13 08:08
If my lady friend closed the door when she went to pee, I'd wonder what was wrong.

By #171060 at 17,Jan,13 16:50
i saw one girl pee infront of car, and turn me a lot

By pornlover59 at 13,Jan,13 19:58 other posts of pornlover59 
yes yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!

By #220845 at 13,Jan,13 00:12
I've always liked watching girls pee

By BostonSwallower at 12,Jan,13 14:10 other posts of BostonSwallower 
absolutely... very hot to see a girl peeing!

By mywusch at 12,Jan,13 12:25 other posts of mywusch 
love to see a woman pee directly in front of my mouth and love to lick her

By #7435 at 30,Jul,11 10:29
It's really a turn on for me too!!

By #177288 at 30,Jul,11 08:48
I love to see my wife piss, it is very sexy, the sound shhhh get my hard

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