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Started by #57759 at 04,Nov,12 15:55

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By #57759 at 24,Nov,12 17:16
it is so sad that no women will post on this qauestion
By bella! at 26,Nov,12 19:46 other posts of bella! 
Your subject title nor the content of your thread is a question, you have made a statement. Just curious why there would need to be a thread dedicated solely to "FULL BREAST FRONTAL", you are aware that there is an entire section dedicated to just "tits"?

By CAT at 21,Apr,22 12:45 other posts of CAT 
Just to make you happy:
By jimbo111949 at 22,Dec,22 22:09 other posts of jimbo111949 
You are one hot sexy lady. Love those tits.

By cumn4u at 09,Oct,21 02:30 other posts of cumn4u 
sorry, here is half with a little no big more ...

By #164428 at 27,Nov,12 09:04
[deleted image]

Well, this is certainly FULL breast frontal!
By CreativeOne at 28,Nov,12 03:01 other posts of CreativeOne 
Lookin' Good

By Ray10754 at 26,Nov,12 20:26 other posts of Ray10754 
Aside from the few woman that I have had the privalage of chatting with through the fourms and pvt messages, I truly dont think there are all that many real woman here,from what I can see most of the female profiles are men posing as woman, and I dont think they will be stepping forward anytime soon to post the photos your looking for. Thats not saying there isnt any other woman here!! As the other members state, you might try being a little more specific as to what your looking for while useing a little feness when asking!

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