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you're so HOT, it would have to be both

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[deleted image]

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oh yeah i collected 10 loads for this vid and drank them loads from a shot glass.

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when i was in the army a guy invited me over to watch movies. we ended up watching porn. after a while, he stated i could pull it out and masturbate if i wanted. I was so hard i did. he pulled his out and we masturbated together. then he asked if he could do it for me, i said yes. then i said i wanna do yours, and he said yes. next he asked if he could suck my hard throbbing cock, and i said yes. after a bit, i started sucking his. his cock was smaller, but his precum tasted so good, i wanted more. so i continued to suck his hard throbbing cock until he exploded spunk all in the back of my throat and what he left on my tongue. i had to gargle to get his down in my mouth. i swirled it all around going mmmmmmmmmmm and wow his was some of the best tasting too! tasted so damn good i shot my load in his mouth; which he was not expecting it made him choke on my thick multiple loads. that was a great 1st time evening!

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i love cum so much i drink my own and others every chance i get mmmmmmmmmmm definitely have a cum fetish

3 loads from guys at work and my own...

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dont go ya'll are too HOT !!!

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I luv swallowing cum !!! I got 3 dudes from work, that I totally trust, to cum in a medicine bottle for me in the head. I then took it and put it in my lunch cooler. Later that night when I was soooooo fucking horny, I shot some loads in my mouth and then tipped that bottle full of their cum on my tongue. Then I swirled all of our cum around in my mouth with my tongue savoring the taste and texture before I swallowed our loads. See my video of me doing this here:

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jerkn my cock with the front door open for passerbys to do a double-take if they see me. i know my neighbor is watching

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jerkn my cock with the front door open for passerbys to do a double-take if they see me. i know my neighbor is watching

[deleted image]

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Would luv too

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Would luv too like to swallow my own

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It absolutely turns me on to drink my own cum. I would luv to be a cum dump for a group of men, if anybody is interested pm me. I am bisexual, by the way

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[deleted image]

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And sometimes I just cum in my hand

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Sometimes I cum in a cup

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Sometimes I cum in my mouth

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Oh yes, I have masterbated, gave and received blow jobs, and had bisexual sex encounters outdoors mmmmmmmmm just turns me on that someone could be watching !!!

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Nothing to it bro...[deleted image]

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I think it hot !!! Makes me so horny to post !!! [deleted image]

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look at me body language