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Do straight guys get less comments?

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Started by #419426 at 18,Sep,13 03:01
I've been a member of this site off and on for 4 years but I have noticed that I don't get a ton of comments or views. I get a lot I'm not complaining, I'm just curious, do the gay dudes on this site get more views etc. here? I've noticed a lot the newer guys get more comments a lot faster. I dunno, just curious. Is it a weird question? Do dudes back off more when your profile says straight on it?

I love comments and views and stuff by the way. Compliments never offend me no matter who they're from

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By olderbro at 21,Jan,18 23:42 other posts of olderbro 
I've seen some str8 guys complain or say in their profile not gay. I comment on what i like gay/bi for sure but str8 i might hesitate or not bother.. that said I have also seen younger gay/bi guys complaining about older guys commenting.. some people even delete comments lol

Why post anonymously if you want/like comments?? hehe

By leopoldij at 21,Jan,18 23:11 other posts of leopoldij 

By JustWill at 30,Dec,16 22:34 other posts of JustWill 
I believe that the guys who GIVE the most comments GET the most comments in return. It's not a gay/straight thing. The gay and bi members of the site are more comfortable commenting on a guy's dick pics. The straight guys are less so. Because of this, they sit back and hope that folks will just say nice things about their junk--even though they are not returning the favor. You have to GIVE to GET.

By #513052 at 30,Dec,16 21:04
If it weren't for gay and bi guy comments, I would get none at all

By Dong69 at 10,Oct,16 13:43 other posts of Dong69 
I will comment on all the women, because women or so damn fucking sexy to look at , and they smell sexy!!!!!

But if a guy comments on my pic , I'll talk back with him, in a chat , and kindly tell him I am straight, but I'll Aldo tell them they can look at me all they like. It's a free world !!!
By #517356 at 28,Dec,16 17:14
I agree , I will comment on the womens photos too as thats my persuasion. If guys comment on mine then I see that as a compliment ( If a woman does it I'm surprised ) . As long as the guys understand that I am straight I have no issues at all

By #363802 at 28,Dec,16 14:13
I do sometimes,if I see a BIG dick I like, but the profile says that they're straight, I sometimes don't comment. Sometimes the cock is soooo BIG and THICK and HOTT that I'll comment anyway,even though they're straight!

By cupar at 11,Oct,16 13:04 other posts of cupar 
It seems he is now in off mode

By liketoedge at 10,Oct,16 17:50 other posts of liketoedge 
I get comments from gay and straight guys. I like chatting about things we don't share in real life. It's cool when guys like to ask and answer questions about things that are kept ****

By #502711 at 10,Oct,16 09:11
I get lots of gay guys comment on my page. I'm straight but I don't mind the attention. I don't really know If I get more comments than any gay guy here.

By ForgottenNFallen at 17,Jan,16 02:29 other posts of ForgottenNFallen 
This made me wonder a well haha.. .I don't get many comments on my pictures as well.. .I do get a random guy like every so often. girls though
By spermkiss at 17,Jan,16 16:19 other posts of spermkiss 
I can see why. The cartoon and superhero photos are mildly amusing, but the photos of your cock are dreadful. 'Sorry to be so harsh, but there it is. It's not as though you have a bad looking dick, so you do have potential, but learn to take better photos. See my more lengthy answer below. And the most important part is "...if a picture does not turn out well, DON'T POST IT!!"
By #485312 at 18,Jan,16 12:08
yes the reviewing panel can kick your pics out of category in a flash but they don't seem to care about the quality, lm sure if they deleted pics of extremely poor quality the users would make more of an effort to post better shots in future, lve been on sites that don't allow close up cock shots and most the males don't post anything, shows most cant be bothered to be more artistic *lix*

By spermkiss at 20,Sep,13 21:26 other posts of spermkiss 
I don't think so. If you look, most members here are listed as straight. Whether or not they really are is another matter, for two reasons. Some, of course, do not want to self-identify as bisexual or gay. Also, I think straight is the default setting on the profile and unless a member changes it, that's how he is listed.

OK, on to your question. The way to get a lot of comments is to have good stuff (face [if you choose to show it],physique, dick, balls, ass and asshole) and to take good photos of it.

You certainly excel in the first category. A nice hairless physique, a good looking cock and a lovely asshole.

But your photos leave a lot to be desired. Mostly they are fuzzy with very poor picture quality. Were they taken with a cellular telephone? The quality of the photos most of these take is generally somewhere between mediocre and dreadful. Get a real camera. This need not be expensive. I have an inexpensive shirt pocket size digital camera that take spectacular photos.

Then consider things like lighting and composition. A good picture is exciting and tells a story or somehow draws the viewer in.

And if a picture does not turn out well, DON'T POST IT!! I cannot stress this too strongly. A good artist never shows his mistakes.

I've gone thru your portfolio and posted a few comments on some of your better pictures. I hope this makes you feel better and I hope my remarks are useful. Regards.

By #285354 at 20,Sep,13 00:20
I don't think that you are alone. I've found that many of the members on this site are too focused on themselves to give a compliment to someone else. They are here for the primary reason of SHOWING their dicks. Looking at others is only for comparative purposes, in hopes that they are "better than average".

By stl06 at 19,Sep,13 18:42 other posts of stl06 
I agree with most of what everyone is saying. Plus a cock is a cock and there are plenty of them on the site. So seeing another cock may not strike someone as anything new. But I am a straight guy and that doesnt seem to stop any gay or bi guys from contacting me. My only advice for more comments and views is try something new or different in pics to give people a reason to comment. But I love the comments and views too but some people just dont comment much so dont let it bother you any.

By #136427 at 19,Sep,13 16:21
I dont get many comments either, but I comment alot. Seems like magic to get someone to comment back...

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