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Interested in trying cock, where do I start?

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Started by #377783 at 16,Oct,13 02:28
So I'm a straight 28 year old who has recently become more and more interested in trying out dick. I've only been with women but started to become interested in cock in the past few years. Started with trans porn but recently started getting into gay porn as well. Sucking dick looks like it is a lot of fun, not sure if I'd be into anything else but never say never.

So where do I start? How do I go about meeting someone? Ideally I'd like to meet someone around my age either experienced or not, doesn't really matter.

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By knewbi at 29,Sep,21 20:30 other posts of knewbi 
You know, I was the same and just thought about it but didn't act. I finally did and now wish that I had many years earlier. I think of all of those sweet cocks that I missed out on...

By Twobullzz at 28,Sep,21 05:19 other posts of Twobullzz 
I would be intressed on trying it

By #436014 at 17,Oct,13 18:57
if you're in a large city you shouldnt have any trouble finding cock, craigslist should work but make sure to advertise as well as you'd like to be advertised for

i havent had much cock success on craigslist lately in large part because of my semi-rural location and problems with hosting. if you can host then your chances of getting cock go up for sure

By Generalcock at 17,Oct,13 03:47 other posts of Generalcock 
I was the same way it wasn't until I started checking out cocks that I realized more and more that I'm gay and it wasn't just the cocks it was the community too. My tip would be to start off by getting used to putting things like your fingers in your anus then when you feel comfortable with that it might be easier and you may want to start with a three some that way you have guy and girl. also if having trouble with the idea of swallowing try cuming into a water bottle with a small amount of water left and down it like a shot hope this helps and have fun

By foreskinlover52 at 16,Oct,13 11:13 other posts of foreskinlover52 
It is hard to meet someone, I know..But I would imagine to start with is to get on your knees in front of his cock or get on all fours with him behind you Seriously it is difficult meeting for the first time..Remember to swallow and make him want to meet again Hope you have better luck than I have had..

By #301114 at 16,Oct,13 02:52
Ahh, the age old question. I'm in the same boat my friend. I would love to give it a go, but I'm not gay and so don't frequent "gay" establishments. so where does one start? I think the only solution is for there to be a community (a forum) of like minded guys like ourselves and we could all network and possibly meet one another. I know personally this would take a huge load of steam off my chest as you would know going in both parties are on the same page. Meeting someone randomly in public seems like throwing the dice

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