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Does cock size matters?

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Started by #44271 at 30,Dec,09 10:53
Most of males always worry about their dick size. A big cock is good for fuck is the concept or big cocks can only satisfy woman. I do not think so, but naturally some woman do think that way. Women who thinks clitoris is only the point of their satisfaction is also wrong, though clitoris is a very sensitive like men glance and to be handled very tenderly or let it get simulations by natural acts. Men or women can enjoy sex by caressing, touching erotic parts [differ for individuals] and getting emotionally involved in to the act.

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By Alwaysnude at 20,Feb,24 12:10 other posts of Alwaysnude 
Size me up
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

I been told many timesI am tiny itty bitty penis

By CAT at 17,Feb,24 14:41 other posts of CAT 
Size is for shoes. It’s not how big he is but what he does with what God gave him.

By wirda at 16,Feb,24 13:38 other posts of wirda 
Must be at least 6 inches for me

By Wrath at 10,Feb,24 13:47 other posts of Wrath 
To me, yes. I like the feeling of a big dick. 8 inches is absolutely perfect

By nekekal at 10,Feb,24 04:36 other posts of nekekal 
Size has some importance. A womans vagina is not very long. 4 to 6 is average. An 8 inch cock is a couple of inches too long. The cunt ends in the cervix. Most women do not enjoy having their cervix pushed into their stomach. A cunt will stretch if really aroused and if gently pushed but I have an 8 inch cock and only ever fucked one woman that could take and enjoy the full cock into her balls deep. But that is important to me. I love long strokes. To women, they have sensitive nerve endings in only the first few inches of their cunt. They really like the first insertion as their cunt is spread open. As the cock is pushed in they really cannot feel anything until you hit their cervix.

Girth, width, circumference matter. They really like a fat cock spreading their cunt open and maybe hitting their G spot. But the spot is only about a finger length in. Three inches at the outside. A fat 3 inch cock would do the job.

If a guy has a skinny three inch cock he better have serious tongue skills.

By #709175 at 29,Jan,24 05:27
In relation to cock size and womens preference to size there really is a correlation between that and how the individual woman arrives at climax. and speaking from experience if you read my other comments, If she reaches climax deep in the vagina it will be from a fairly sizeable cock reaching her G spot and this will be in the missionary position where he can attain maximum penetration. You'll note whilst in this position she makes no attempt to play with her clitoris, nor can she anyway. However, if it is a clitoris stimulated climax then all other positions allow her to masturbate her own clitoris whilst being penetrated by any size cock. This being the case then for her the adage "size doesn't matter" can apply.

By slipper at 23,Oct,11 23:10 other posts of slipper 
YES!!! I like to see VERY small, uncut softies!

By #96500 at 27,Aug,10 13:01
My whole life, since puberty, I have doubt about my penis size and it always made me enormously insecure. It feels as if I'm not normal like other guys. All my wank-friends had bigger ones leaving me behind with my dinky toy. Until I visited this great SYD site. There are smaller ones than I have. The large boys are amazing to spot them, wondering me though how they got or created those giant boners. They make me feel sickly jealous. I know the size not really matters for women. But we guys, when we want to show off and like to wank with each other size does matter, in the gay scene in special...

My average dick... what do you think about it?

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By #13898 at 28,Aug,10 21:49
You'll be pleased to hear that's nothing like small. Interestingly, it gets thick where it counts. Just shove it in.

By #6568 at 27,Aug,10 12:48
There's a lot of rubbish on this site lately, but this thread/topic has been a good read......

By #31349 at 27,Aug,10 01:31
my wife and i talked about our 'previous' partners a few years after we married. it was on a vacation to jamaica to a resort that had a nude beach and we visited it a few times. we saw a couple with great bodies. the guy had what looked like an extra arm hanging from his crotch. i'm serious, it was 8-9 inches totally soft. anyways, that sparked the discussion and we shared openly about previous partners. well, it turns out that my wife dated quite a range of sizes and shapes. as some of mentioned, she really enjoyed thickness more than length. however, she also said that her biggest lover was almost 10 inches long when hard and was also quite thick. she said it took a while to get used to it but eventually was able to take all of him in her pussy. she said it was incredible and that she would get into a mode of almost constant orgasms as he pumped in and out of her. sounded like quite an experienced guy who was also blessed with a monster cock.
By #6568 at 27,Aug,10 12:47

so, how did you take this news?......has this revelation affected your sex life with your wife? Did it make you feel inadequate or did it give you extra resolve to be her best lover? Why did she not stay with monstercockman? Did her story play any part in your using the handle 'notrealbig'?

.....Just genuinely interested.....

By #13898 at 26,Aug,10 22:27
Girl friend of mine likes it a good size but has sent blokes away who are too big "Because it hurts"
She's also dumped blokes who are too small.
Another insists that bigger is better but she's not mentioned too big so either she hasn't seen enough of a representative sample or she can handle anything that comes along.
Both prefer fat cocks over long ones and both prefer cut. Sad news I know for cavaliers but increasing rumour on the girl circuit suggests that the risk of sexually transmitted infection is less with cut cocks even though this may not be borne out by clinical research.
For uncuts to continue to enjoy equality of opportunity, they'll need a promotional campaign to emphasise that there's no risk. But that will arouse doubt among those girls who never knew there was a risk or rumour of a risk. Tough luck uncuts, more pussy for the rest of us.

By #46787 at 26,Aug,10 21:32
A big cock isn't essential, but I think it isn't irrelevant either. Most of the ladies won't miss a lack of large tool, but if they could have this additional without any onus, why not have it?

Things like love and overall performance come first, but a big (not exaggerated big) dick is always a nice extra. It's at least aesthetically pleasant.

So, OK, it doesn't really matter for women, but men have to get in the count too. And, as you can see, it matters for many. It's not only the wrong thought "big equals more pleasure for her." I simply enjoy have a slightly big penis, and I feel excited to know it's above the average. No need to have a practical reason, I just feel it that way. =P

Let's say a big penis is like a luxury item: Can live perfectly without it, but if you can "afford" one, great!

By soulpioneer at 26,Aug,10 20:06 other posts of soulpioneer 
I agree with sugarcock, as the emotional, touching, sensual sharing (energy) aspect of intimacy is a vital part of it all. We may have our 'preference' of a certain size and kind of cock, and thats natural, as to our liking. So, it does matter on some levels, but doesnt on others. On my partner I prefer a near to just a little above average cock, like my own. For straight couples 'preferences' may vary for stimulation purposes.
For men, what your born with is what you got, one can only 'enlarge' it to a certain extent anyways, make DO with what ya got

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