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Best sexual encounter you ever had?

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Started by #301038 at 26,Jan,14 09:49
What made it the best?

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By cumcouplessa at 21,Nov,23 03:07 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. For me, it was our 'second' 3 some. (First was a disaster). This time the guy was experienced, and went out of his way to include me in everything he did. I have never been as turned on or as hard as I was that night. Literally opened up a whole new chapter in our lives? He left at around midnight and wifey and I made love till the sun came up. Don't think we ever fucked so much in one night 🙈.
By Small4inch at 04,Dec,23 14:32 other posts of Small4inch 
What happened the first time?

By wirda at 03,Dec,23 16:26 other posts of wirda 
For my 40th birthday I decided that I wanted to have sex with 5 guys at once (one of my fantasies)

So I invited the guys that I asked into a hotel and we had fun the whole night

No holes were left unused

My hubby still doesn’t know till this day 🙈

By nekekal at 03,Dec,23 05:36 other posts of nekekal 
The best sexual encounter was the first guy who sucked my cock. I was young and horny. I was in the process of spending too much time chasing cunt to fuck instead of studying in college and met this older guy who invited me to see something in his condo. After a bit he just told me that he wanted to suck my cock. No strings attached.

He started with a massage. I was naked laying on a bed. He did an excellent sensual massage. My cock was so hard that it hurt. He gently sucked my cock, massaged my balls and caressed the shaff. I cannot describe how good it felt.

As this was my first blowjob, I didn't know about warning him when I was going to cum. So, he sucked and I enjoyed it and then I came in his mouth. He just kept sucking. I have never had my cock sucked better. It was awesome.

By Lvphose at 30,Nov,23 05:25 other posts of Lvphose 
Wow many but here is a piece of one of my favorites!

By Horny247 at 29,Nov,23 21:53 other posts of Horny247 
As painful as it is to admit it, because she could be just as kinky as me, majority of the time with my baby momma were amazing.

Top encounter though has still not been beaten since it happened almost 20 years ago!! My first full on time fucking another guy

By Wvnudist at 24,Nov,23 17:10 other posts of Wvnudist 
Best time was first time having sex with another man I realized that cock rules

By oraljoeforyou at 21,Nov,23 22:02 other posts of oraljoeforyou 
I have been very lucky to have had 10 m m f threesomes! With 4 couples and then 6 with a friend of mine that I used to get with and swap blow jobs!My brother and his hot wife 2 times!

By Momo69 at 21,Nov,23 16:20 other posts of Momo69 
I invited 2 guys to come to my place

I told them that I will be blindfolded and my door is left unlocked and just to enter. Once you enter you’ll see me and put your cock inside my mouth

So I hear them dropping their pants off and proceeded to put their dick inside my mouth. I sucked crazily because I loved it 🥰

By wycowboy at 21,Nov,23 15:15 other posts of wycowboy 
Mine was the first chance my GF, now my wife, and I had to fuck after I returned home from boot camp. I hadn't had an orgasm, except for one wet dream, in over 3 months. Nor had I had one in the 3 days until we got our chance. Her parents had gone somewhere for a couple of days and her older sister went with them. My GF and I planned for me to spend the night at her house. We started in with some foreplay and quickly moved on to fucking. I came pretty quickly but just kept on pumping until I came a second time about 15 minutes later. We made love 6 times that night. My best time ever and also my personal best.

By #662360 at 18,Nov,23 16:47
My best ever sexual encounter was with my wife the day we married. We suddenly realised we were free to do anything we wanted with each other in the privacy of our own place without fear of being caught or criticised by parents or others. We had the best nude romp we’d ever had, I had what felt like the biggest, stiffest and most long lasting erection of my life and we had the sweetest ever fuck.

By cumaddik at 01,Feb,14 19:21 other posts of cumaddik 
With a complete stranger, on a business trip, met him in front of our hotel after dinner, he asked me to come to his room, and within 5 minutes, he was already shotting a first load in me.
We spent a whole night having hot sex, i sucked him off 3 times, swallowed his loads every times, he fucked me bareback 3 times, and pump him cum balls deep in my ass.
He made me cum off everytime he fucked me, he sucked me off once, and jerked me off once!
We were both exhausted but very happy!!!!
I kissed him good bye in the morning, and i left.
Only once i got to my room...i realized that we never told our name to each other.
So great memorys!!!!!
I still jerk off thinking about that night!!!!

By #201583 at 28,Jan,14 22:14
I'm not trying to be a smart ass. But, I statistically started my descent towards the finished line. I had some great sex but I'm still young enough to hope that the best is yet to come.

By #289712 at 28,Jan,14 18:55
It wss actually with a hooker about 12-13 years ago. She wasn't exactly the type I would pursue, far from it. But we had the most amazing sex. It just worked. Crazy night. Good times

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