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Oil and porn

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Started by #409443 at 29,Apr,14 03:51
Doe's anybody like to watch porn while totally covered in some kind of oil?

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New Comment

By XJacker at 27,Aug,23 21:39 other posts of XJacker 
Not totally covered but with my stiff cock and my hand well oiled.

By 4438cr at 27,Aug,23 05:26 other posts of 4438cr 
Baby oil all over!!

By leopoldij at 26,Aug,23 21:31 other posts of leopoldij 
Motor oil

By gordon at 24,Aug,23 23:29 other posts of gordon 
Ich mag es mir beim Masturbieren pinkeln Frauen anzusehen. Ich mцchte die Pipi gerne auf meiner Haut spьren. Das turnt mich total an und ich genieЯe meine Masturbation.

By andrew999999999 at 12,Jun,20 14:53 other posts of andrew999999999 
I've oiled my body and cock for photos.

By #522791 at 04,Jun,20 20:50
I do...I like using coconut oil, essential oils mixed with olive oil is real nice...good lube to go along with all that and we're good to go
By #485312 at 10,Jun,20 10:03
yes, the coconut oil is awesome, great because its totally edible and pretty nice tasting .. cant go wrong with it for all occasions *lix*

By knewbi at 01,Jun,20 15:21 other posts of knewbi 
Oh yes!! An oiled up body looks so sexy... Male or female both look great and it tells you something about the person. They are into more than the plain old vanilla sex...

By phart at 01,Jun,20 01:24 other posts of phart 
Some how I just can't visualize SAE 30 and my dick being together?

By #616943 at 01,Jun,20 01:15
I like my genitals covered in oil, yes.

By Wipperman at 30,Apr,14 09:30 other posts of Wipperman 
I love masturbating with olive oil on my cock watching porn , it's really smooth slippery and good for your cock !

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