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Penis smell

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Started by #33577 at 10,Jan,10 08:33
Hi, im getting horny if i smell the odeur of my penis...

Do you guys (or girls who can smell the aroma of the penis of your boyfriend) have that too?

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New Comment

By Zainn122 at 07,Mar,24 09:16 other posts of Zainn122 
Even doe I wipe it after peeing, my dick will always have pee on my nuts cuz of my 2 leaky peeholes…, plus I get horny very often so dick is leaking precum in my underwear through out the day. As a Muslim I have to wash daily and regularly down there but I’m too lazy so I just wipe it, but I do wash my butt with a wet paper towel so atleast that’s clean

Luckily people go crazy over my smelly cock, guess it works for their advantage as I don’t produce much body odour enough to shower daily but guys don’t complain as they compliment the smell

Aslong as there’s not dick cheese, also don’t mind a unwashed cock as atleast they don’t smell as bad as a unwashed vaginas.. it’s funny as smelly cocks don’t bother me but smelly bodys do

By #436014 at 13,Dec,15 04:14
love that smell, pretty much everything about the cock is hot

By cumjohn at 11,Dec,15 18:04 other posts of cumjohn 
Cocks are at its best if they are not completly clean. I love scent of piss and cock cheese in cocks.

By #435701 at 11,Dec,15 17:57
Do any of you shower?

By #176420 at 23,Jul,11 12:36
Yep been told mine smells good as well,especially after working all day..
By #457775 at 10,Dec,15 19:16
OMG I'd love to smell you after a working day

By #3997 at 10,Jan,10 18:46
My wife says my dick has good aroma, and she loves the smell of it, sometimes when i reach down and play with my cock i will smell my hand cause it does have a good aroma!!
By #68653 at 12,Feb,11 13:44
I'm sure your cock has a good aroma and I wish I only could smell it
By #3997 at 22,Feb,11 15:45
I wish that you could, everyone always tells me that
By #68653 at 27,Feb,11 15:48
the smell and the taste of your cock must be fantastic
By #3997 at 20,Mar,11 21:16
Everyone does love it thats what they tell me, sometimes I say I will shower before coming over after work, but some tell me not too cause they wanna enjoy my aroma
By #457775 at 10,Dec,15 19:15
I'd love to enjoy your body aroma as well as your cock aroma

By iluvcox at 02,Dec,12 11:36 other posts of iluvcox 
The smell of Dick breath in the room gets me horny
By #457775 at 10,Dec,15 19:12
Me too

By #255813 at 03,Dec,12 06:11
I never liked the odour of the soap mixing with smegma when i was young. I was very embarressed but always loved the mild clean smell when I would play with my young friends cut cocks. Never had 1 cut dick with a bad/strong smell..

By #220845 at 04,Aug,12 00:52
Scent is hot from a clean penis

By #6437 at 12,Feb,11 12:42
MMMMMMMMMMm YES! I love the smell of dick and balls. I love to smell my uncut cock when its dirty

By #101402 at 20,Sep,10 16:56
i absolutely love the smell of a nice sweaty nutsac (not too sweaty) combined with the smell of my uncut cock (which i keep clean) it drives me nuts 60% of my day , its the sole reason i masturbate 2/3 times daily regardless of whether or not im having sex. i just cant get enough of it, i drive my b/f nuts b/c im always wanting to bury my face in his crotch, and hes not really that sexual. totally ok .. got my own nice smelly nutsac i can play with whenever i want hehe

By #3997 at 07,Aug,10 13:35
I love the natural smell of that musky scent from pubes and combo of body scent, I often scratch my balls or playing with my cock and will smell my hand, how many people can honestly say that they don't??
By #33577 at 06,Sep,10 18:17
i certainly smell my hand when i'm masturbating
By #3997 at 10,Sep,10 03:05
at least i am not alone
By #69677 at 11,Sep,10 23:36
I do it everything day - especially enjoy the pre-cum smell and after cumming. I love it
By #3997 at 20,Sep,10 14:32

By #59855 at 19,Jul,10 17:40
From Matt's Wife: I love the smell of Matt's cock. Especially just after he has fucked me.
By #3997 at 07,Aug,10 13:34
Then its even better huh , glad you enjoy I bet your pussy smells amazing on my cock too, that would be hott
By #3997 at 07,Aug,10 15:33
I would also sucks matt's cock after its been deep in your pussy too!!!!
By #59855 at 10,Sep,10 17:07
From Matt's Wife: Thank you Supa, I would love that!
By #3997 at 20,Sep,10 14:31
We could have lots of fun

By pifad at 19,Jul,10 19:46 other posts of pifad 
I love the smell of cock and balls

By #88663 at 19,Jul,10 15:58
Love the musky scent of cock and balls!

By iduda2003 at 24,Apr,10 03:17 other posts of iduda2003 
nothing better than the smell of of a sweet penis..except maybe the taste!

By #68382 at 19,Apr,10 15:35
Clean smells good----and a man's scent is still there.The smell of pheremones,and the faint scent is VERY MUCH a turn-on !The scent of a man's cum is full of pheremones also,I think that is the way it should be.
By spermkiss at 24,Apr,10 01:30 other posts of spermkiss 
Right on! You go girl.

By #9105 at 22,Apr,10 05:57
that good ol man musk turns me on real fast
By spermkiss at 24,Apr,10 01:30 other posts of spermkiss 
I wholeheartedly agree. While a man who's really ripe and rank is a turn off, it's also better if he's not just-out-of-the-shower clean. A mild musky aroma is a major turn on. As Susan said above the pheremones can really get the old sex juices flowing.

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