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A Question for those of you who are Gay/Lesbion?

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Started by #9834 at 26,Jan,10 06:59
I know somewhere this may have come up in the forum in one way or another. 1) at what age did you know you were gay/lesbion? 2) when was your first experience at what age? 3) have you told your family, friends or have you kept it quiet? 4) if you have told them what was their reaction?

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By spunkluvr at 21,Apr,24 14:28 other posts of spunkluvr 
I was dreaming of other cocks when I started wanking at six. First experience was sucking off an older neighbour, in his thirties, when I was eleven.

Everyone who knows me, knows I'm gay.

By SexyboytoyzMtl at 18,Oct,23 16:19 other posts of SexyboytoyzMtl 
12yo after been **** soo many time between 5to12yo

By #39913 at 27,Feb,10 12:50
1. At what age did I begin to feel an attraction to other men? 10 or 11. When did I actually identify as gay? 26.
2. 29 years old.
3. "I'm not just out of the closet, I'm in the living room with my feet up on the coffee table."
4. It was hard for my parents to deal with at first, but after a couple of years they worked it out. Now, my husband is very much a part of the family.

By spermkiss at 27,Feb,10 07:29 other posts of spermkiss 
I always knew I was different and I began to self identify as gay about 16 or 17. I did some childhood playing around at age 6 or younger but didn't have any real experience until I was 22. All my family and friends know I'm gay. Reaction was shock and denial at first but eventual acceptance.

By pifad at 25,Feb,10 19:16 other posts of pifad 
I knew I was gay when I was 5.
My first experience was when I was 15.
I am only out to close friends and family members and they are very acceptable.

By gradurgaur at 26,Jan,10 13:21 other posts of gradurgaur 
1.I was about 15 when I khow I was gay.
2.19 Was my First Experience with A guy. I have not...told my family or friends.

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