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Started by Moench at 28,Jul,16 21:53  other posts of Moench
where all members gone? now have just not more 22600 !!! one day this nice webpage will be gone. ADMIN please dont

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By #485312 at 30,Jul,16 06:31
gives a better idea of the real amount of people here, and half of those are probably still dormant accounts that will never be used again...good way to free up the system, it wont hurt the site in any way, its just ridding it of dead wood pardon the pun lol, *lix*

By admin at 28,Jul,16 22:40 other posts of admin 
What do I have to do with this? People leave, I only dumped accounts that were abandoned for more than a year. There is no reason to keep them, really. It's unlikely they will ever respond to people trying to contact them.

I stated on many occasions that 95% of accounts are deleted by members themselves or abandoned after just several first days.

People register accounts, upload couple of photos and wait that some miracle happens, not doing anything. Most of them get no attention, get disappointed and leave. There is no much I can do about this, really. I can't hire girls to pretend they like them, it's not possible when the site is basically free. And I'm not that good in programming to create an artificial intelligence to chat with them like real girls.

Or in some cases they get attention they wanted, but it's not what they expected they get scared or repulsed and leave. I have even less idea what is possible to do about this.

If you ask why membership dropping it's simple - the site was on good positions in google then in 2013 they changed algorithms and many sites lost their positions and this site among those, regrettably. It was 300 new members daily, now only 50. 6 times less. But do you see 6 times less uploaded photos or 6 times less people to chat with? No. It only dropped like 30%, may be 40. Most of those 300 daily members were not making any difference. They did not chat, they did not upload anything, they did not write comments.

I do not know what to change so that people who really interested come to the site and stay. I'm not even sure such people exist. May be it's all what is there. Or may be the rest prefer other, bigger sites.

I'll keep this site until it pays for the server, indeed. Or until some shit happens like if server burns up. And from what I know from past, it's quite possible that you leave long before this happens.
By #516824 at 29,Jul,16 02:12
Actually, thank you, Admin.

I suspected as much when I had to re-register after being absent for more than a year.
You've nothing to do with this. I let my membership expire.


I'm a freelance illustrator of a topic that you've seen quite justly to be unfit for a site like this.
My work is the opposite of "Make Love..." because that's what's selling right now.

Right now, observances of the centennial of a certain period of trouble have been underway for two years, and this September marks the centennial of the start of the career of a young man who became a living legend in his bright red flying machines.
The centennial of the end of his career is late April 2018. I've been receiving requests for commissions of works about him back in 2004, before your troubles with Google began and I think before I even knew this site existed.

So I may be absent once again for another prolonged period of time.
Perhaps more than two years.
If time permits, I'll try to keep this account open, but my clients and students come first.

I'm certain you have your share of commitments outside of this site to look after yourself.
As Warren Zevon said, "I'll rest/**** when I'm..."

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