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Anyone tried BDSM?

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Started by #531570 at 01,Aug,17 07:38
I want to get tied up, spanked, light whipped and fucked so bad

Anyone ?

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By Lilboi at 25,Jun,22 21:35 other posts of Lilboi 
Leash and collar around my neck tight panties and handcuffed to the bed a guy bit my cock and rubbed his cock on my feet as his wife ca

By #667453 at 29,May,22 19:46
I love my upper back being bitten 🦷

By up-for-it at 05,Feb,21 16:59 other posts of up-for-it 
I had the chance to tie and whip a man.

It was very pleasant as i knew he enjoyed it too ! Never had that feeling again as a couple of other guys wanted it but stopped me soon as they couldn't take it and i felt i was just starting.

You really have to find the wright partner for BDSM, if you do, it's great for both ! Or more than two !

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:43 other posts of Welshbloke 
when single I explored this,, met a couple in a pub where the husband was sub and wife was Dom. She wanted her husband to submit to a bloke,, he didnt want to. We started off in the pub her feeding him viagra and then he came home with me. The plan was for me to restrain the husband and bring him off- for him it was the ultimate in submission as another guy shouldnt make him cum. I had to take pics for his wife. It was great fun to be honest. Would love to do something like that again.

By #631202 at 08,Dec,20 21:07
love bondage and discipline..love it when my wife spanks me

By bil47 at 08,Dec,20 19:48 other posts of bil47 
When I was 13, a slightly older boy in my neighborhood introduced me to gay-sex bdsm. Getting naked and tied up, and then getting my hard cock fondled, was fantastic. Did some over-the-knee spanking too. He was definitely the "dom" and me the "sub".

By Lvphose at 05,Dec,20 03:55 other posts of Lvphose 
An ex GF & I would trade off being done or submissive!

By admin at 01,Aug,17 12:03 other posts of admin 
There is a whole list of members who are into that:


By #551147 at 24,Oct,20 21:48
Nice idea, too bad most of these motherfuckers are illiterate.
By bella! at 24,Oct,20 22:35 other posts of bella! 
Illiterate, what bearing does that have on BDSM?

By #622721 at 24,Oct,20 21:00
Yes I tried BDSM and I can say now I like it so much that I am addicted to about every form of bdsm but in particular to the most extreme ways of torture bdsm. It started when I was 16 years old I bought sex magazines in a sexshop. Looking older it was no problem to buy there. One day I bought a bdsm related magazine because the pictures in it fascinated me. Most of the pictures where from submissive woman but at the contact ads there where also small pics from men with bondaged cocks, piercings and so on.
They where mostly seeking for femdom with whipping, caning, cbt and so on. This fascinated me that much that I began to bind my cock and balls and beat myself with the thinnest part of a bamboo fishing rod. The pain and the sight of my purple hard bruised cock as also the mean fishing rod marks on my breast, belly and legs made me so horny that I had an spontaneous orgasm without even touching my cock. From that day on I was and 40 years later still am absolutely hooked on for the most extreme brutal painfull bdsm. Nowadays Unfortunately again I have to torture myself to satisfy my ever need for extreme painfull but also by far the best orgasms. Very hard Whipping, caning, which leads to bleeding whipmarks and severe bruises all over my body and cock and balls. Pushing many needles, meatskewers and hooks as also hammering nails through my nipples, balls, shaft and glans. Then hanging heavy weights on that skewerings to inflict the for me so necessary more pain. Press burning cigarets on my nipples, balls, shaft and glans. Just keep on torturing myself sometimes for hours and then Yes! That most extreme painfull delicious handsfree orgasm!!! Pulsing and cumming for more than two minutes.

By #121361 at 02,Aug,17 06:22
[deleted image]

By #516354 at 01,Aug,17 23:59
Yes have tried B.D.S.M,my ex wife was also my Mistress.We used to enjoy going on another site and cam where she would spank me,tie me up,do cbt on me and humiliate me in front of other people.A couple of her favourite ways to humiliate me was to make me wear her panties,which at first I did find humiliating but since she left I have found I love wearing them.Her other was to make crude remarks about the size of my cock compared to the people watching us.

By #531570 at 01,Aug,17 12:33
Well, admin, I was more or less hoping to make a thread where people that share that type of fetish to post and have fun.
By admin at 01,Aug,17 14:08 other posts of admin 
Statistically only 1 out of 10 members participate more or less actively in forum. It's OK if you want a discussion, indeed, but if you are looking for people who are into that as the title of your post implies, you will have more luck contacting them directly yourself. I was just trying to help.

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