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By onthelose at 08,Jun,22 18:56
I agree why all the labels? It’s just sex in all it permutations.

By onthelose at 20,May,22 21:31
I would guess ,based on my conversations with many men ,that most mature married men are not getting sex at home. I haven’t for about 20 years.

By onthelose at 20,May,22 21:26
I have only been kissed by a man once. At first ,I thought , wait a minute .I don’t like this but after a few minutes I started to like it. Only that one time but I think I would welcome a man kissing now.

By onthelose at 20,May,22 21:23
The earth has been warming for millennia. If not we would still have a 2 mile thick sheet of ice over the North American continent. If you want to do your part to stop the advance of global warming . Start by moving out of your home turn off the electric grow a garden walk everywhere you go. Get rid of all the things in your life that are petroleum based. PLASTICS MEDICINE FERTILISER Just to name a few. You first and then ,maybe, I will think you are serious!!!!

By onthelose at 20,May,22 21:14

By onthelose at 22,Apr,22 16:03
I really enjoy having my prostrate massaged by a cock in my ass. Too bad it's not that easy to find someone for this kind of experience. Mostly because I don't like every guy I meet. I see how women must feel!!

By onthelose at 30,Dec,21 05:13
No, but I would love to find someone to shave and be shaved by.

By onthelose at 30,Dec,21 05:06
Only because there is someone there to make sure he knows what day it is.

By onthelose at 30,Dec,21 05:03
Why does everything have to fit into some category. Can't we just enjoy what we like without someone looking down their nose at us because we like something different??

By onthelose at 30,Dec,21 05:00
I like the smooth look. Nothing attractive about an unruly bush. Besides I think it makes me look bigger and I need all the help I can get.

By onthelose at 30,Dec,21 04:58
I prefer g strings. They make me feel so sexy.

By onthelose at 21,Dec,21 22:48
As anyone with two brain cells should know the earth has been warming up for centuries. Otherwise, the Ice cap would still cover a significant part of the world. My answer to those Zealots is you first!!!! When you start doing the things you want us to, I will consider changing how I live. Sadly, there are a lot of empty heads out there who will believe this clap trap. If you study global warming and get money to do so you will want that to continue just like those people who have been trying to cure cancer for fifty years. To many people making too much money to ever find the cure.

By onthelose at 21,Dec,21 22:38
I like sucking cocks but it's gotten a lot harder since they closed the bathhouse and all the glory holes at adult bookstores. At least at those places chances are good that you can suck cocks without pissing of the homophobes out there. Although it's not that easy to find a dick to suck at some those places. Isn't that what we all go there for???

By onthelose at 22,Oct,21 04:23
I dream that I will meet a willing sex partner who wants sex as much as I do and is willing to act on that desire. So far it remains a fantasy.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,21 04:43
Im with you all there.

By onthelose at 06,Jul,21 19:32
Finally someone brave enough to tell the truth about porn. Of course that doesn't keep me from watching porn. Reality TV is also the same staged BS.

By onthelose at 06,Jul,21 19:22
Swallow anything else is degrading but whatever makes your boat float. If you base your desires on what they do in a porn video ? You do realize that's all made up stuff don't you. The sex is real but that's about it.

By onthelose at 06,Jul,21 19:18
If the stores that sell underwear are any indication of what is popular. Those briefs that look like knee length shorts are everywhere. Cant really understand the reason for them unless some men are conflicted and choose them as a compromise. I personally like thongs or g strings.

By onthelose at 10,Jun,21 21:40
I am sure there are such clubs already but they are so exclusive that you will never hear about them.

By onthelose at 10,Jun,21 21:34
When all the climate change believers start doing their part to reduce emission's I will do my part. Do you drive, do you use electricity, do you shop at any stores[trucks deliver the stuff on the shelves] do you eat food you don't raise yourself[ farmers use gas powered machines to grow the food you take for granted. Do you fly anywhere. These are just some of the things you want us to give up. I say you first ,then maybe we will all follow!!!

By onthelose at 09,Jun,21 03:24
Thanks for all your comments. I take 1/2 half a pill,viagra, when I take it. I would like to take cialis sounds more like what I want. Viagra doesnt make any harder then I regularly get. It just makes it easier to stay hard once I get hard.

By onthelose at 17,May,21 21:02
I cant imagine why showing a tiny slit is so intimating. Nothing to see really. To many women are up tight about sex. Its a wonder there are any people on this planet when so many women in general are against sex. Yes,Yes I know you are a woman magnet and have to drive them all off , but most of us aren't!!!!!

By onthelose at 17,May,21 20:48
went there registered login , filled out profile but that's all??? I would be interested if it were for real.

By onthelose at 01,Apr,21 04:06
I am glad I am in my 70’s,. I can’t see how you younger people are going to pay back 30 trillion dollars, the national debt. Sure as hell not with the Monopoly money they are handing out now!! China won’t have to fight us, they will just take over after this country defaults on its loans. Of course the politicians don’t give a hoot, because Nancy, Chuck and the rest of them won’t be around when the end comes. Margaret Thatcher was right eventually you run out of other people’s money!!

By onthelose at 01,Apr,21 03:53
We are out here, but you wouldn’t know that looking at the pics, on this sight and others. More of us then them!

By onthelose at 01,Oct,20 22:54
I bought a pocket pussy. I am not that big but it was pretty tight. It took some practice to keep from Cumming in a few minutes and as for keep going after I cum. Man I just about lose my mind I am so sensitive. Well I was but not quite as bad now that I have gotten some practice. Don't get to use it as much as I would like, no private moments now that we are both retired. By the way anyone have or get to use one of those real dolls? Was it any good?

By onthelose at 01,Oct,20 22:53
I bought a pocket pussy. I am not that big but it was pretty tight. It took some practice to keep from Cumming in a few minutes and as for keep going after I cum. Man I just about lose my mind I am so sensitive. Well I was but not quite as bad now that I have gotten some practice. Don't get to use it as much as I would like, no private moments now that we are both retired.

By onthelose at 29,Sep,20 21:39
Some men want you to suck them for hours. I think the perfect length of time is around 20 minutes any longer and I get bored unless he returns the favor. I once got a BJ from a man who continued after I came. My cock was really sensitive but I let him go on. It was great. I couldn't cum again, just not used to that. He didn't want me to suck him. He just loved sucking cock.

By onthelose at 29,Sep,20 21:28
I paid for sex on many occasions. I worked at a retail store on a street where prostitution was prevalent. Most were a way for me to get off. Some were women who wouldn't give me the time of day if I weren't paying them. I even got laid at the mustang ranch in Nevada. A 5 on the 10 scale. Only reason it was a 5 was she was a real 11 . I could have had a better time jacking off. I eventually met a women who really enjoyed what she was doing. We fucked many many times and I enjoyed it a lot. I tried to make sure she came as much as I did. She was kind of an unsavory woman and after some time she didn't show up anymore and I was told she was in jail , not for prostitution. Nothing since then and that's been 20 years ago. I would pay again but NO woman is worth what some escorts want and there is always a good chance its a police woman trying to trap you.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 22:04
I wear one from time to time but find that the ones I have spread my ass cheeks to much, which is uncomfortable. I modified them so all is well. I am going to buy one a little smaller, so I can wear it all day. Wouldn't it be nice if it was a real cock once in a while?

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 22:00
YEEOW freshly waxed. I just cant imagine what that's like????

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 21:53
Well ,, what did they think would happen , when they don't respect your privacy.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 21:30

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 21:30
I have been thinking of earing some yoga pants. That is if I can find some to fit me.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 21:22
I often think of missed opportunities in my life. Were they what I thought they were looking back or is it just my imagination at work. Once I was at a friends house playing pool. His sister was visiting and we were smoking pot. Some how the subject of sex comes up and she says, at least I think she says, you can have me if you want. I was high as a kite and to this day don't know if what I heard was really what was said. Even if it was what I thought would I fuck his sister in his house if I could? how would he react? As it is he didn't act like he heard what she said , if that's what she said?

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 21:08
Glory holes used to be prevalent here but for some reason they have all been covered over. I don't know what or who we were hurting. I always think about the scene in porkys movie where the religious leaders , who oppose sex, are watching porn. These are the people responsible for stopping something I see as harmless. It could be a group of influential women also, who realize they are losing their grip on the available sex and that's where their power lies.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 20:47
I used to drive long distances pretty regularly for a company and always had my hand on my cock. It was awhile ago and butt plugs weren't really available then or I would have been using one . It just made me want some company. I did cover up if I thought I would get caught because I had the company s name on the vehicle.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 20:27
I have a good friend who I regularly go on trips with. We are both married. He gets more sex then he wants but always talks about wanting sex with other women. I of course agree but it never seems to materialize. His wife told me he has a 9 inch cock and ever since I have wanted to at least suck his cock. The last time we went to Cali. I decided that I would try to talk about sex with other men and see what his reaction would be. We did talk about sex with men but when I pressed him about it said he didn't like the idea. END of story! I have yet to find someone else to go to Cali. with who would be more into sex with other men. I think it would be a lot of fun.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 20:03
All that you say is 100% true. I thought that I was the only one going through this. I don't know why some say you must be gay if you enjoy sex with someone other then men. If you aren't interested then , fine go on with your life and don't think you have the right to tell the rest of us, you have to think and act like I do!!! I have a couple of friends who say they turn down sex with their wives. That never turns out well.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 04:21
That’s a common complaint. Nobody seems to live where I do. I get lots of offers but none close.

By onthelose at 11,Aug,20 04:17
I couldn’t get any g strings on line because I don’t want her to know and the stores here don’t sell any . So I was watching my wife sew something and thought to myself I can do that! I bought some cloth and elastic and made about ten pair for around ten dollars. They fit great and make me feel really sexy. I am looking for some shear material and some lace to make some really sexy g strings. Making your own underwear makes me appreciate how much work it is to make something as simple as a thong. I even made some with the Superman lo go.

By onthelose at 23,Jun,20 20:44
Well according to my friend who has been to a nudist colony many times . Its not a sex colony its a nudist colony. Nudity and sex are not synonymous.

By onthelose at 22,Jun,20 22:42
Yes they said the same about cigarettes . But by all means go ahead,

By onthelose at 22,Jun,20 22:36
Why is it that a few prudes get to decide for that rest of us what is safe or anything else for that matter. I think I as an adult should be allowed to do what I want as long as I am not hurting anyone... Well nowadays there isn’t anything that you can say or do that doesn’t negatively affect the snow flakes. I’m thinking of the catholic priests that basically said sex is bad while having sex with young men . I never wanted to be an alter boy but I guess I should have.

By onthelose at 22,Jun,20 22:14
Well I probably wouldn’t do the things you did in your dream. I would make sure that there wasn’t anything about sex I didn’t tell my younger self. I would also tell him to have sex with the boys I knew then if it was possible. When I was 11 or 12 I didn’t know much about sex and nothing about blow jobs or m to m sex. I often wonder what my male neighbor boys cocks looked like or tasted like or felt like in my mouth or my ass. It didn’t even cross my mind to do those things!!!!

By onthelose at 16,Apr,20 03:18
We are here you just don't see them unless you look at peoples blog. There does seem to be that the big dicks get more coverage. Even if most are not real.

By onthelose at 16,Apr,20 03:06
I used to go to a bath house when it was still open. I saw a guy I worked with there . We both said hi and went on our way. Never heard a thing from him later. I don't suppose he ever said anything to anyone.

By onthelose at 22,Mar,20 11:02
I had a PSA check recently and was relieved to hear I was in good shape, after years of avoiding the test for fear of having cancer.

By onthelose at 21,Mar,20 13:35
30,000 people died last year from the common flu. Don't remember them closing down the country because of it. Some thing else is going on. LIX says its sinister, wouldn't dought it for an minute.

By onthelose at 21,Mar,20 13:27
I use the self check out. I am a little shy about perusing the women's panty section.