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Do you like sucking straight guy's cocks?

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Started by thebeewolf at 18,Apr,21 15:28  other posts of thebeewolf
I'm a straight guy (never attracted to men, always to women)...BUT... I do like having gay/bi guys suck my cock. Why? First of all, the guys who suck me LOVE to do it. It's like I'm doing them a favor just by unzipping for them. Also, god damn are they good at it. Nine out of ten guys are great at sucking cock and can make you cum with no hands in five minutes. (I like it to last longer, but they could.) Nine out of ten women are not great at it. I guess they know that they can just give up and spread their legs for me.

Are you a bi/gay guy who likes sucking straight men's dicks? If so, thanks for your service! And if you're in my area...msg me!

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By #677376 at 29,Dec,22 05:50
So jealous! I’m straight but love gay porn and wish I could experience sucking a young (legal age) cock and have a dude suck me dry. Also fantasize about being but fucked while standing and having the dude jerking me off while fucking me.

By tb1 at 20,Jun,21 12:35 other posts of tb1 
why wouldn't I like sucking their cocks?

By #644451 at 15,Jun,21 07:14
I'm bi guy and I love sucking a nice hard cock while females watch and possibly join. Let me make you cum. Sitting hard now

By 78chevy at 09,May,21 17:23 other posts of 78chevy 
Even tho i go for both girls and guys i love sucking dicks at times for me being DL bi curious guy

By #570308 at 18,Apr,21 15:58
Well, I'm a bi guy. I love to suck cock. Period. I do prefer gay couples, just safer. But, actually, I don't much care what your gender preference. However, sucking a guy's cock with no reciprocation is kind of a turn off. I can jerk off myself anytime.
By thebeewolf at 01,May,21 21:56 other posts of thebeewolf 
Makes super good sense to me. Yet there are guys out there who actually prefer a no-recip situation.
By #570308 at 01,May,21 22:40
I totally agree, and have met quite a few. I've just jerked off and was actually ok with it. But, it's far more fun with reciprocation. I don't judge, just an opinion...

By gaining at 19,Apr,21 20:13 other posts of gaining 
In many cultures only the guy sucking the cock is considered gay and straight men let us suck them without getting hung up over it.
By thebeewolf at 01,May,21 21:57 other posts of thebeewolf 
Where are these wonderful places? Maybe I'll move to one

By #535695 at 19,Apr,21 21:00
I love sucking cock without recip. I enjoy being a cum dump to please other men.
By thebeewolf at 01,May,21 21:55 other posts of thebeewolf 
Fuck yeah!

By babycok at 20,Apr,21 10:17 other posts of babycok 
I much prefer to suck a straight guy's cock so long as he's bigger than me. I want to worship his superior masculinity and I love to wear woman's clothing as I suck him to try and fool his penis into thinking I'm a female.
By thebeewolf at 01,May,21 21:53 other posts of thebeewolf 
That is hot AF.

By pifad at 20,Apr,21 04:57 other posts of pifad 
I’m gay. I love sucking cock.all cock!

By SluttySarah069 at 19,Apr,21 13:15 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I love sucking any cock.
By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 21:46 other posts of knewbi 
Sweetheart, I would just love swapping blow jobs with you...

By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 21:45 other posts of knewbi 
personally I don't care if the guy at the other end of that stiff cock is gay, bi or straight. Sucking cock is what I love doing and if a guy pulls it out and offers I am on my knees in am instant.

By bil47 at 19,Apr,21 12:51 other posts of bil47 
I'm Bi, and have sucked perhaps 50 cocks over the years. Much as I love having a cock in my mouth, I also like some sort of reciprocation... even if it's just my partner doing "Dom" role-play. I also like rolling around naked on a bed and making out, which straight guys don't do.

By #516354 at 19,Apr,21 06:51
My ex wife/Mistress and I got into bdsm and joined a bdsm site where you could chat and cam.She used to invite a Master or Mistress to our house every so often so we could learn more about bdsm.The first Master who came showed Her some bondage techniques and I ended up tied face down to a table.I had to watch whislt they had sex and when they had finished clean both of them up.It was the first time I had tasted another guys cock and cum.Afterwards they spit roasted me swapping every so often.The Master eventually came in my mouth.

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