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Listening bed squeaking kink

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Started by #631030 at 07,Jun,21 14:01
When I'm hearing my neighbour's bed squeaking rhythmically while they having sex it turns me extremely on, and when the noise is getting faster and louder I can't keep myself and cum huge loads! Also when I having sex I make sure my bed is heard as much as I can.. Anyone can relate to this and share some good stories?

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By #699058 at 04,Aug,23 21:53
We were on our honeymoon in 1960s and stopped at a motel in West Vancouver BC, Canada. It was a slightly grotty place but we had done a hard day’s driving and just wanted a room. No frills. But the bed squeaked when we made love, so what!?!? When We checked out in the morning, the clerk winked at me and said “Everything OK?” So my wife replied “The bed squeaked”.
Response : “Oh Gee, I hope it wasn’t a mouse!” It became part of our family folklore!

By XJacker at 03,Mar,23 16:43 other posts of XJacker 
I had an experience like that.

I was on holiday with my wife and my 18 year old son. My wife and I were together in bed one night in our holiday chalet. Through the thin wall I heard my son’s bed going rhythmically bump, bump, bump … I knew instantly that he was wanking.

Suddenly the bumping got frantic: bumpbumpbumpbump … then through the wall I heard him grunt out a girl’s name, followed by silence. The girl was in his class at school. I’d seen her. She was a real sex bomb.

The thought of my son laid back naked with his legs wide tugging his stiff young cock arching over his belly, and knowing the leggy, big boobed, micro skirted girl he was fantasising about shagging as he masturbated got my own cock rock hard stiff. I was desperate to jerk a load off myself.

Then in the dark my wife snuggled up against me. Like me she was nude. Her breasts squeezed against my bare arm and her naked thigh brushed against mine. I felt her hand slide over my thigh, ruffle my pubic hair, and gently stroke my balls and penis.

“He was wanking wasn’t he?” She whispered. “Did you see him on that beach? In those trunks it was like he wasn’t wearing anything.”

That day we’d been on the beach. My son had been in his tiny speedo style swim trunks showing off his bulge to any nearby girls. The thin taut cloth showed the outline of his seemingly permanently erect cock shaft and head in perfect detail. His cock was now bigger than mine. My wife had been showing off her figure in a curve clinging swimsuit and I’d noticed how my son couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

“Has he got you excited too?” she continued, then “Shall we make some noise too?”

Moments later we were wrapped round each other. I finger fucked her till she was hot and on the brink of orgasm the way I usually do before sex. Then I lay back and she got on top of me. Her vagina slid down over my cock then she rode my rod to her orgasm before I thrust up into her from beneath till I filled her with cum. Both my wife and I are quite noisy during sex. I grunt, she squeals and both of us talk dirty to each other. Hearing us through the thin wall our son would have known exactly what was going on. Finally we rolled apart.

As we lay there, through the thin wall in the dark we heard that bump, bump, bump … sound again. I said to my wife:

“He’s giving it to that girl for all he’s worth tonight!”

The bumping went frantic again bumpbumpbumpbump… I heard him make that “Nnnnngggghhhh!” noise guys always make when they wank to a cum. Then through the wall I heard him grunt out my wife’s name. In his wanking fantasy he’d been shagging his mother!

Naturally my wife and I never let on that we knew what he’d been up to.

By Hrnyboy90 at 01,Mar,23 12:25 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
My first girlfriends mom's bedroom was directly above hers. Her mom got a new boyfriend and I could often hear them when they had sex. The bed would squeak and sometimes hit the wall. Could also hear her mom moaning while it was going on. It use to turn me on a lot I would often masterbate while listening. One time I was even having sex with my girl while her mom was fucking at the same time. I came inside my girlfriend while listening to her mom it was hot

By knewbi at 18,Oct,21 17:26 other posts of knewbi 
Wife and I were swingers for many years. While we have slowed it down we still have friends we play with on occasion. There are times when a friend of mine will ask to fuck my wife and many times it is in our bed. I sit and watch TV or whatever while listening to the bed squeak, the head board bang the wall and her moaning... What a turn on that is...

By #652988 at 16,Oct,21 20:18
It makes me horny

By Gntlmn at 16,Jun,21 04:07 other posts of Gntlmn 
I remember fucking my deep-pussy gf in an apartment with hollow walls -on the other side was her quadriplegic younger br∆ther. We just had a mattress on the floor, but her ecstatic moaning was constant.
--------------------------------------- added after 46 hours

He'd broken his neck diving off a riverbank into too-shallow water. Only 18 years old. I'm sure he could hear the liquid hissing and squishing of our genitals, and the snorting and farting noises between her big titties and my pecs. We fucked really loudly all night long.
--------------------------------------- added after 205 hours

She was a "vaginal cummer" who viewed cunnilingus as a perversion. My cock was the perfect size for giving her multiple orgasms, and I had a meditation technique that let me hump for over an hour without shooting off. I felt sorry for her crippled br∆ther on the other side of the thin hollow wall, but sympathy and the might of God couldn't restrain us from fucking our eyes out!
--------------------------------------- added after 2920 hours

My gf and I were only 24, so we "obeyed our hormones". We strode to the breakfast table with the blessing of sexual fulfillment glowing from our faces. Her br∆ther looked like he didn't sleep a wink...sad circles under his eyes. She walked with me to my car(I was headed to Boston for my final semester of school. We held a long french kiss, as she slipped her head down behind my belt buckle and fondled my cock and balls. As I got into the car with a ferocious zipper seam tent-top, the little br∆ther was watching from their apartment window.
--------------------------------------- added after 2920 hours

hand, not head
--------------------------------------- added after 14954 hours

Of course, when the semester ended, I hurried back to that Fairfax VA apartment. We held a long French kiss in the parking lot, as she, again, slipped her hand down behind my belt buckle to caress my ferocious hard-on -her little crippled br∆ther watching from their window.
--------------------------------------- added after 15878 hours

Their building was quite tall, but it was easy to see him in his wheelchair, watching watching us walk to the main entrance. I was thankful there wasn't much foot traffic...my short pants really showed off my ski-slope buns, plus a very obvious tent-pole bulge zipper seam. We shared the elevator with an old hunchback man pushing a walker. That didn't stop our continuing French kiss -our tongues were like a courtship dance of snake's, and my pecs
--------------------------------------- added after 15878 hours

flexed and rolled against her titties(my T-shirt was tight-fitting) and she again slipped her hand behind my belt buckle to fondle my cock to a whole new level of hardness. By the time we reached our floor, the old man was shaking like he had parkinson's disease...the yearnings he must've felt in the presence of our sexual energy field!
--------------------------------------- added after 15901 hours

--------------------------------------- added after 15902 hours

--------------------------------------- added after 18712 hours

Following my GF's swaying buns(truly a tractor-beam for my soul...the night lay before us like a necklace strung with twinkling stars)off the elevator, i spun around just before the doors closed>
--------------------------------------- added after 18713 hours

< and looking the old hunchbacked, trembling man in the eye, with a grin & flexing roll of my pec's, said "Have a nice evening"✨

By #64328 at 15,Jun,21 19:20
Hearing or seeing others have sex or masturbating when they are unaware that they are being heard or scene is definitely a turn on.

By DJS at 15,Jun,21 12:37 other posts of DJS 
30yrs ago whilst on holiday me & the ex gf & and a mate & his mrs,were next door in the hotel rooms,anyway one night after a night out,there headboard started banging on the wall,went on 3mins tops,so I thought fk it,started fingering the gf,with my right hand whilst with my left hand banging the headboard against the same wall,this went on for about 30mins before I then started to fk her,which went on for about 1hour,the following morning at breakfast my mate mrs said,they couldn't sleep with the noise coming from our room,I said it was only a quicky,I looked at my mates face it was a picture to be hold.

By leopoldij at 13,Jun,21 19:15 other posts of leopoldij 
I used to rent an apartment as a student with 3 housemates, 3 girls, 2 guys. Set sone point, a couple moved next door and their bedroom was next to mine. They used to duck almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I was getting horny each and every time, and I was masturbating. Then I started getting riskier and used to enjoy myself, I guess I was being loud too. One of my female roommates complained one morning that the next door couple was being too loud. She asked me if the noise bothered me at all. I lied. I don't hear any noise, I said. And then why are you jerking off when they fuck, she asked? I got caught by surprise and felt shame. I ran into my room and never opened my door, and masturbated very quietly. One day, when the couple was really loud, it was the middle of the night, she knocked at my door and said she couldn't sleep. Oh, sorry I said. She asked, point blank, wanna fuck? Before I knew it, she pulled my bed sheets and I was exposed with hard dick. The rest was very pleasant. We fucked like crazies and made sure to make lots of noise. This was repeated many times throughout the year. One of the best years of my life.

By phart at 13,Jun,21 19:02 other posts of phart 
To be honest,when i am tired,and not sleeping at home,sex is not the first thing on my mind when I lay down to sleep.
While camping a few years ago,I had the missfortune of having to listen to a teen age couple banging in the toy hauler in the next campsite. Campers are not well insolated,so 20 feet apart,3 am,not much other sound, ug. all I can say is,Lucky bastard she was enjoying herself,But I didn't get to sleep for the noise!!

By phart at 13,Jun,21 19:00 other posts of phart 
I spent the night at a place a couple days ago.All I heard was doors slamming and squeaking door hinges.
No I didn't offer the manager any oil,but I should have. Next time I go there,I will take ear plugs.

By #623341 at 13,Jun,21 18:14
Stopped in a hotel in Holland couple next door were fucking It turned my wife on so much she climbed on my cock and fucked her herself crazy
While fucking her she admitted this had been her fantasy to listen to people fucking

By phart at 07,Jun,21 19:09 other posts of phart 
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Squirt this around all the joints in the bed frame, should help with the noise.

This should help squelch the moaning and squealing.
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Be sure to remove after mating.
By #644094 at 10,Jun,21 00:49
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By #637729 at 07,Jun,21 16:49
Can't relate so much anymore now that I live in a house, but when I was younger and living in an apartment, I had a couple next to me who fucked loud. Their bedroom was literally on the other side of the wall from my bed... the guy was a grunter, moaner, and pretty dominant. I could tell all of this by listening to him... I'd instantly start jerking off and cum very quickly. I had a fantasy that he was bisexual and would come take care of me, treat me like the bitch he had next door!
By #631030 at 07,Jun,21 21:29
Super hot man!

By #642199 at 07,Jun,21 17:19
My Fiancйe has gotten some complaints from his leasing office that his neighbors have complained that I'm quite vocal… 😆
By #584899 at 07,Jun,21 21:23
That’s fucking awesome!!

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