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Guys should keep their cock natural like God made them

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Started by Crazycracker420 at 13,Sep,21 04:41  other posts of Crazycracker420
I personally think guys should not shave their dick. I think it takes away from masculinity when dudes shave. Shaving is gor vaginas so feminine dudes I get it with y'all I guess. And guys with red or blonde pubes straight up should NOT even trim their distinguishing beautiful pubes. Guys like me with same old black pubes are boring. So gingers and blondes if you go cutting them hairs personal message me get my address and ship them mfs to me In ziplock bag. Just say no to shaving our cocks

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By spermkiss at 13,Sep,21 15:42 other posts of spermkiss 
To you and all of the others who are opposed to pubic region grooming I have three questions:

Do you have the hair on your scalp cut and styled or do you just let it grow wild?

Do you shave your face or if you wear a beard and/or mustache do you keep it trimmed and shaped?

Assuming you answered yes to haircuts and yes to shaving or beard trimming, why should grooming stop at the neck?

By dgraff at 13,Sep,21 13:40 other posts of dgraff 
Now what woman or guy wants to go down on a hairy cock getting hair in there mouth and when you’re fucking the hair getting all sweaty and matted together nope 👎 it’s much more hygienic shaved or at least trimmed
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