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Started by routemaster at 30,Sep,22 06:24  other posts of routemaster
Has anybody else been having a small problem posting comments on pics? This started yesterday and has happened again this morning. Somebody left a compliment on one of mine so I sent my thanks and a message came up saying "you cannot do this". I waited a minute or two, then clicked on SEND again and this time it was accepted and went through. Then, just now, I sent a compliment to a guy with a beautiful dick and I got another message, this time saying "please don't do this". I waited again but this time on clicking SEND a second time, it still wasn't accepted so I deleted it, then typed my compliments in again and clicked SEND and this time it was accepted OK. Weird or what?

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By DJS at 30,Sep,22 12:09 other posts of DJS 
Maybe its making sure your not spamming mate,I get are you spamming sometimes see the compliment can be similar to a previous one,or the analytics dont like you
By phart at 30,Sep,22 14:16 other posts of phart 
Yea I have noticed when I try to post a web link or something it will chime in about "are you spamming?", No I aint but there is nothing to clic on to say no,it just assumes you are spamming and leaves you empty.
By DJS at 01,Oct,22 10:00 other posts of DJS 
I just add another word that appropriate if possible or a mojo

By #677376 at 01,Oct,22 06:03
Yes! Same thing has been happening to me but my messages have been labeled as spam so they get rejected!

By #677376 at 01,Oct,22 06:01
Interesting comments! Thank you. I used to be able to send private messages to members but not it notes in red that my comment won’t send because it’s spam. Very weird!

By Pistonbroke at 30,Sep,22 14:34 other posts of Pistonbroke 
Haven’t had that problem, but posting a link will get your comment booted.

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