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Can gay porn turn a straight man bi or gay?

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Started by bil47 at 26,Dec,22 00:15  other posts of bil47
Or does it just release the inhibitions of men who hadn't been honest with themselves about gay-sex attraction?

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By nakedjim at 26,Dec,22 21:33 other posts of nakedjim 
I agree there is some gay desire in MOST of us. I didn't find an interest in m/m until in my late 20's seeing video of two guys & a girl sharing everything including cocks. While masturbating in a video booth a hand reached through the hole in the wall. I knew the hole was there but figured the place was a seedy mess & it had a hole in the wall. After the shock of this guys hand touching me he ask that I put my cock through the wall. I know what he wanted & gave in to his request. A few days later, a cock came through the hole & after stroking that wonderful hardness I got down & tasted my first cum. Soon I was sharing booths & then I found the back room of gay adult theaters. Through out this new part of my sex life & was fucking my wife and a girlfriend. For me, sex is sex, not love.

By spermkiss at 26,Dec,22 17:24 other posts of spermkiss 
The truth is that there are some men who are so absolutely heterosexual that they could never ever have sex with another man under any circumstances. But not vey many. And there are some men who are so absolutely homosexual that they could never ever have sex with a woman under any circumstances. Again not very many. So the vast majority of men fall somewhere in the middle between gay and straight.

So when an ostensibly straight man views gay porn (by the way, much of which is produced using actors who are ostensibly straight) it helps him to realize that men CAN have sex with each other and have a good time doing it. And in many cases he is viewing straight men doing it and having a good time. So he says to himself "Hey, I could do this too."

To answer your question, it helps to release inhibitions but it doesn't alter a man's orientation.

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