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First time with a girl

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Started by bil47 at 01,Feb,23 14:56  other posts of bil47
Guys - How old were you the first time you got sexual with a girl? What happened? Need not be "all the way". For me it was on an overnight school trip at age 16, when I made out with a girl for the first time and dry-humped her. Wish we had gone further, but I was shy around girls.

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By Wrath at 28,Feb,24 01:34 other posts of Wrath 
17, it was...something haha

By nekekal at 20,Feb,24 19:35 other posts of nekekal 
I was a slow learner. Girls avoided the chubby nerd like the plague. But eventually, I was 19, first year in collage, she turned out to be 17 and was fucking half of the male population.

She was at at party across the parking lot from the apartment that I was sharing with 3 other guys. One of the other guys went over and picked her up and brought he back to fuck, but then he could not do it. He had a regular girlfriend that he wasn't fucking either. But the girl from the party really wanted some cock so I ask her if she wanted to fuck and she said yes.

We went into my bedroom, got naked, and she got on top of me and slid dowh my hard aching cock. It was terrific. For me. She was pretty small, had to lube up my cock, and I came almost immediately.

I tried to make her my girlfriend and fucked her every chance that I could but she eventually moved on. Searching for an easier to fuck cock I think.

By Zainn122 at 10,Feb,24 16:06 other posts of Zainn122 
I was 13, she was 14 but we didn’t really have sex so I’m still a virgin till this day, however I did lick her out and she did suck me off. We stopping hooking up once I denied being with her as she was really obese and eating her out wasn’t as fun after doing it a few times,

she didn’t really shave so she had a full 70’s blonde bush down there all the time and would leave a musty smell on my face which at the time would make me cum within 2mins which is why I couldn’t never get to the sex action as I would always end up cumming after having my face down there

Luckily she found my tiny penis cute and loved how big my cumshots were but unfortunately she told her friends and her friends laugh at the fact I had my face between her crotch as they knew her hairy situation and found it funny when she claimed to like my micropenis and how she made me cum in 3mins.

I mean she wasn’t so popular so guess she thought it would be a great way to brag of hooking up with me but I had to stop seeing her as she would also hook up with other guys behind my back which I found out from one of her male friends

By willylee at 04,Feb,23 13:24 other posts of willylee 
I was 13 and she was 17

By #671336 at 03,Feb,23 11:54

By Cummingforyou at 03,Feb,23 10:14 other posts of Cummingforyou 
My first was at my old summer camp where I met a cheerleader and got flirty with other. We went down to the waterfront area where we got really more into heavy stuff when put her hands in my pants and started to fondle my rock hard penis . I then returned the favor and put my in hand in her wet pussy and fingering her deep. Had to try keep her as quiet as possible as we were close the the director’ s . Home . She then gave me a mind blowing BJ and I started licking her clit . We then got naked and I got on top of her when she guided my cock into her pussy and I starting to fuck her hard . I held back from cumming as had no condom but she said I could cum in her so after a few more thrusts explode in her . It went back to my room and had a few more sessions and dated for a few months

By #682523 at 02,Feb,23 16:19
I was quite shy growing up and tended to settle for kisses, hugs and petting. I fantasized about it in different configurations and with different people My first sex is also my first blowjob. Blowjob was great but full contact was average. I didn't have a good feel for the equipment yet and it's a miracle I didn't impregnate anyone. In addition, there has been a problem with thickness for narrow, tight, untrained pussies. In any case, I was over 17 when I had my first sexual intercourse

By #662360 at 02,Feb,23 08:38
I’d reached 17 coming up to 18, sex mad but still a virgin. Next to our all boys school was the all-girls school.
My walk home from school took me through a public park. One summer afternoon I was walking home when I realised a girl from the girls’ school was behind me gradually catching up with me. I slowed down to let her pass me. She came alongside me.

She was my age, average pretty, respectable looking with dark curly hair down to her shoulders and she had a good figure and legs. She was in a white school uniform blouse, a short skirt pulled up high, and black nylons. She looked at me and said simply:

“Do you want a hand job?”

I think I just grunted something like “Yeah!”.

In the park was a block of public toilets and our walk carried us toward them. She led me into the women’s part and into a cubicle.

The moment the cubicle door was shut behind us she undid and dropped her skirt. She was in sheer black tights with white knickers underneath. She stood there holding her blouse up. I’d never touched a girl’s legs so while she was still in her tights I had a good feel of her thighs and bottom. Then I pulled her tights and knickers down and got my first sight of a girl’s cunt for real. I had a good long feel of her cunt and bottom and I got my hand right under her.

Then it was my turn.

“Go on, get your cock out!” She asked. She was excited.

A moment later I had my trousers and briefs down round my thighs and I lifted my shirt out of the way. Showing my naked cock to a girl I was having what felt like the biggest, stiffest erection I’d ever had. Then her hand was all over my cock, my balls and my bum.

“How do I do it for you?” She asked. “I’ve never done it for a boy before.”

She was just as keen to “score” as I was andI was her first for real. I spread my legs and told her to wrap her thumb and fingers gently round my penis and start stroking rhythmically up and down full length sliding over my cock head. I’d been wanked by lots of boys before but the sight of that girl’s hand round my cock stroking me off for her first time is forever engraved in my memory.

It took her just a few moments to get the action just right. It was the most exquisite hand job I’d ever had. As my cum rose I told her to slow down and just stroke over my cock head and the ridge where my head meets my shaft. I gripped her bottom really hard and pulled her against me as I shot a big load of cum against the cubicle wall. She squealed with excitement as I came.

“Was I good?” She asked “Did I do it right?”

I was standing there still dripping semen from my still half erect cock. I was blown away and told her she was fantastic. I think we were both a bit shocked though excited at what we’d done. I felt a mile high at having been wanked by a girl. Next day i saw her through the wire fence between our schools and though we looked briefly at each other we kept our secret to ourselves.

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