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The first time

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Started by bil47 at 25,Oct,22 11:57  other posts of bil47
Men: How old were you the first time someone felt your erect penis. Was it a boy, girl, man, or woman?

Women: Same question, but as to the first time someone put his/her hand on your pussy.

I was 13, "fooling around" with three boys around the same age.

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By gayguy at 14,Nov,22 04:33 other posts of gayguy 
I was about 10 for both girl & boy

By #589016 at 13,Nov,22 23:52
I was 12 when my 15 yr old cousin put his hand in my pants holdinv my little dick rtight makinv me hard

By Jagtstein at 13,Nov,22 15:06 other posts of Jagtstein 
I started masturbating on our attic under the guidance of older playmates, I was about 9 years old at the time. I can still remember that the sliding of the foreskin on the glans tickled me almost unbearably, so that you could hardly touch the glans, but at the same time it was a very nice feeling. This is normal because the glans is still very sensitive with such a young masturbator. Over time and after a lot of masturbation, the sensitivity decreases. I was able to pull my foreskin back when I was 1-2 years old. It wasn't glued to the glans
That's why I played with my penis from a very early age (4 years). I just had to make sure that I close the foreskin again after masturbation. Because otherwise I got a Spanish collar, which means the skin behind the foreskin swells up. My foreskin still fits snugly to the glans after so much masturbation. A few years ago I determined the frequency of masturbation with a strobe light.
You only need to change the frequency during masturbation until the hand you are masturbating on appears to be standing still. This is then the masturbation frequency. At that time I measured 12 Hz. This method is normally used to determine the speed of shafts.
A ****meter is unsuitable for this measurement, as only an up and down movement takes place. I am now 76 years old. So far I have never had any pollution because I started masturbating before sperm production at the age of 9 and have not missed a day since. At the beginning of 1974, at the age of 29, I started masturbating. At the age of 9, I had an inflammation of the penis, which means that there was pain between the shaft of the penis and the movable skin. Fortunately, this inflammation subsided within 3 days, so that I was able to masturbate once again this week. The cause of this inflammation was that in week 47-52 in 1973 I had overdone my masturbation a bit week 47/20 times, week 48/18 times, week 49/21 times, week 50/17 times, week 51/ 15 times, KW 52 /30 times, and KW 1/ 17 times. By the way, I found out when evaluating the data that after 1974 I never again reached the same frequency of masturbation as before and I therefore suspect that the inflammation of the penis has made it a little less sensitive. If you masturbate 27,532 times with an average masturbation frequency of about 12 Hz and an average masturbation duration of 2 minutes, you have opened and closed the foreskin about 3,964,6080 times. I think the Glans reacts to that too. Oddly enough, there are no signs of wear left on my penis. Except that the penis twisted to the right, accommodating the left hand masturbating.

By lovetolickyou at 09,Nov,22 16:51 other posts of lovetolickyou 
One time when I was very young and had recently discovered jerking off, I found myself in a situation unexpectedly. I was part of a group of school friends playing a game of "kick-the-can" and ended up hiding along with the younger sister of a girl I had a big crush on. The younger sister, who was really pretty, had a crush on me but I'd never reacted to it because of her age. We ended up hiding in a barn and she initiated kissing me and slid her hand into my pants. I was thrilled, but really afraid because I knew that I could get in a lot of trouble being with someone so much younger. She was insistent though, and pulled out my cock - the first person to touch it besides myself, and stroked me till I couldn't help cumming. She licked my cum off her hand and told me she wanted to do this again whenever I wanted to. She kissed me and told me next time she wanted me to touch her and lick it for her. I was thrilled but really afraid of how much trouble I could get into playing with a much younger girl. As much as I wanted to do it, I avoided her and probably missed my first chance to see and touch a girl's pussy.
By wycowboy at 10,Nov,22 15:58 other posts of wycowboy 
My little sister had a friend who was crushing on me when I was about 18, she was 15. She was always grabbing me cock and loved it when it would get hard. She knew I wanted her but I refused since I could get into some trouble even though the age of consent in Colorado is, or was, 14 at the time. Finally I said fuck and we had a lot of fun one night with my sister watching and fingering herself.

By #628350 at 09,Nov,22 14:50
Fooling around with some older boys, I guess I was aboutnine years old, I don't remember if I got an erection but they did. I don't ever remeber them cumming so I guess we were all too young, but I sure remember enjoying it. Whe I was about six a slightly older girl showed us her pussy and amazed us by sliding a hair grip into it. I was hooked I've been into pussies ever since. Dicks as well of course.

By #665411 at 05,Nov,22 22:23
7ish we’d get little boy boners. I was always the instigator. We touch each others boy dicks, touch dick to dick, butt to butt. Put them in each others mouth. All we knew was it was naughty and felt good. Had not clue it was “sexual” or “gay”

By german_guy at 28,Oct,22 19:28 other posts of german_guy 
Friend and me were around 12 years and we had a lot of fun together, trying a lot of different things do remember those times a lot
By bil47 at 31,Oct,22 16:46 other posts of bil47 
Me too! Discovering sex with other boys was a highlight of my youth.
By german_guy at 05,Nov,22 19:20 other posts of german_guy 
yes sure was for me too....

By #662360 at 05,Nov,22 22:16
True for so many of us. We weren’t gay, just boys suddenly aware of our sexuality. We wanted girls but girls were hard to get, and there were lots of sex mad boys around us eager to get what they could out of their own and other boys’of

By nekekal at 05,Nov,22 19:14 other posts of nekekal 
I was 8 or 9. But it was my brother. He was 3 years older and we shared a room. Bunk beds. We knew what each other was doing and we helped each other. He liked to play with my penis because it was much bigger. His was tiny. Even for my smaller hands.

I didn't feel another person penis or they felt mine until I was 18. I went to a party in San Francisco that degenerated into a group jerk. Everyone on everyone.

The first woman and first cock sucking by a guy was a year later.

By #644828 at 01,Nov,22 06:25
I was around 6 years old. I had a friend that lived across from me and we would play all of the time. One day she wanted to play doctor. She pulled my shorts down and fondled my cock and I got hard. She let me play with her hairless pussy. Soon after that, we would regularly play doctor and undress for each other to look and touch. One time she even sucked and licked my cock.
By bil47 at 02,Nov,22 13:31 other posts of bil47 
Wow! An early start! I was around that age when several older neighborhood boys held me down and pulled down my pants and underwear. I don't remember getting an erection.

By Dave4851 at 28,Oct,22 16:12 other posts of Dave4851 
We were both around 10. I was one horny boy, always the instigator. Played games where the loser had to get naked, I lost on purpose, had a boner, and my friend naturally grabbed it. Many fun naked times followed.
By bil47 at 29,Oct,22 12:09 other posts of bil47 
I lost on purpose too. I was always the first to be naked when we played strip poker.
By cut5x5 at 31,Oct,22 19:19 other posts of cut5x5 
I always lost at strip poker on purpose too. It was fun to show mu hard little penis first. The other guy couldn’t wait to lose after that. Always led to comparing and jerking off. We were about 13.

By Bonedawgie at 31,Oct,22 18:15 other posts of Bonedawgie 
My cousin year older that me at 14. was in the woods skinny dipping in a creek

By #275407 at 26,Oct,22 08:19
Can't remember
By PITBULL at 28,Oct,22 16:23 other posts of PITBULL 
Cody8789 if you don't remember is because you were an orgy with all men
By #275407 at 28,Oct,22 23:29
Freddy, I did a lot of drinking when I was young and don't remember a lot of stuff I've done. Sometimes I get flashbacks I was dating cat
By PITBULL at 28,Oct,22 23:33 other posts of PITBULL 
She wants your ass and cock
By #275407 at 29,Oct,22 01:03

By generousfellow at 28,Oct,22 21:07 other posts of generousfellow 
I was fifteen the first time a girl put her hand in my pants. I was 26 the first time a man held my cock.

By #662360 at 26,Oct,22 07:35
I was about 14. I was sitting in a darkened lecture theatre in my all boys school. Hidden by the bench seat in front the boy sitting next to me put his hand on my thigh. I’d heard about boys doing things with each other and I wanted it. I spread my legs to show I was interested. He unzipped my trousers and got my cock out. By then I was rock hard erect and he jerked me off.
First time with a girl was also at my school. Aged about 16 was walking home from school across a park when a girl from the girls school next to my school caught up with me and asked me if I wanted a hand job. She stroked my hard cock off in the parks public toilet and let me feel her cunt at the same time.

By Hornycock77 at 26,Oct,22 07:14 other posts of Hornycock77 
I was 9 and staying at my neighbors for the day and he was 16. We started talking about girls and wanted to see my dick which was rock hard. He pulled down my shorts and underwear and fondled and stroked my throbbing cock. Needless to say I spent a lot of time over there.

By Cummingforyou at 26,Oct,22 04:47 other posts of Cummingforyou 
I had many encounters but my first time anyone touched my penis was by a complete stranger in a park . I was 13 and completely inexperienced and a late starter. I had bunked of school and picking chestnuts of the ground in the park unaware a guy in his early 20s was stalking me .

He got into a conversation and asked me if I wanted sex . Had no idea what to do so just said yes and went with the flow . We went into an enclosed area when he gradually pulled my pants and underwear down and I felt him poking my ass with what was his penis before pushing it in and out .while doing this he reached around and took hold of my cock which was as hard as rock. I had sensations I never felt before before he grunted . Had no idea what was going on but felt a wet substance leaking out of my ass

Met him a few weeks later when we went to another location when he put his hand down my pants grabbing my penis again when he pulled out his huge dick and started to wank when he shot This white liquid all over my stiff member. I had asked what was that and he said he would show me . Grabbed my stiff penis which was highly aroused and vigorously pulled the the skin back and forth when I got the urge to pee . Before I knew I started shooting this white stuff with incredible pleasure causing my knees to go week and giving me my first wet orgasm. Always enjoyed someone touching my penis male or female . Got sucked many time

By What-once-was at 26,Oct,22 01:37 other posts of What-once-was 
I was around 10 or 11, two friends and I (of the same age) started jerking off together either on sleepovers or when we went out walking in the local woods. Started off just jerking together, then jerking each other (one of them jerked me to my first wet orgasm ), we'd seen porn online (early 2000s) so we knew about anal was and did that a few times, two of us did oral a few times as well

By Hrnyboy90 at 25,Oct,22 21:07 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
My first time being aroused and exposed to someone was with my best friend from school. I was 14 at the time. He was spending the night at my house and we were up late and found porn on TV. One thing led to another and we ended up daring each other to get naked. I was already having bi curious thoughts by then, I'm not sure if he was.. but getting naked with him had my penis like a rock. I was expecting him to laugh but he was rather intrigued. We ended up jerking each other off and became closer buddies after that

By wycowboy at 25,Oct,22 15:46 other posts of wycowboy 
I was about 12 fooling around at my cousins house. We were all nude inside, Jeff and I had rock hard erections. I'm cut, he isn't but I had the bigger cock. His little brother Wade was about 8 and also erect. All of a sudden, while we were jacking out cocks Jeff reached over and gave mine a few tugs, I returned the favor. That was the start of a long summer of sexual fun and experimenting. The only bi experiences I have ever had.
By #677376 at 25,Oct,22 16:48
That’s cool! So jealous.

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