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By Mynakedcock at 09,Apr,24 06:42
I too am always nude at home, I also like walking nude in the New Forest and going to the beach and being nude even if the beach is not a nudist beach.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Feb,24 17:15
I am of an age when as a teen age and younger the only way to see porn was in magazines, unlike now when you can see porn as soon as you can operate a computer, so I was about 11 when I came across one of my Dads mags Hustler I think.

By Mynakedcock at 26,Nov,23 15:00
Haven’t worn underwear for years.

By Mynakedcock at 09,Nov,23 16:46
I used to go skinny dipping in a river close to a camp site the family used to visit, I would often get caught by passing boats.

By Mynakedcock at 08,Nov,23 09:16

I love wearing a cock ring this is one of my favourites.

By Mynakedcock at 29,Oct,23 08:22
If I could I certainly would.

By Mynakedcock at 13,Oct,23 10:13
Got caught yesterday by delivery girl, I live on ground floor and you have to pass my window to get to front door.
I was laying stark bollock naked on my bed having a good wank rubbing my hard cock when the delivery girl came past my window.
She let out a cough which alerted me she was there and I looked up and see her standing outside my open window watching me, she see that I saw her and she said she had a parcel for me that needed signing for.
I got up and went to the door to receive it staying naked and still with a hard on.

By Mynakedcock at 21,Aug,23 07:38
On a railway station platform. A train went through the station too.

By Mynakedcock at 14,Aug,23 23:11
I have slept naked since I was about six years old, it started when I see my Dad slept naked my Mum didn’t like it so if my mum put pjs on me I would just take them off again when she left the room. I have always loved sleeping nude and being nude in general.

By Mynakedcock at 13,Aug,23 14:19
14 with a cousin who was 15.

By Mynakedcock at 13,Aug,23 14:17
Not bothered at all about being examined naked by medical staff. Have got an erection several times sometimes purposely.

By Mynakedcock at 13,Aug,23 14:11
Yes I go to nude beaches and let everyone see me naked usually with a hard on. I also go to the New Forest and get naked.

By Mynakedcock at 13,Aug,23 14:07
Yes got lots on my phone and strangers have seen some of them while scrolling through pics in public.

By Mynakedcock at 20,Jun,23 10:02

By Mynakedcock at 25,May,23 07:47
A gal at school as a dare from her friends.

By Mynakedcock at 19,Mar,23 19:27
Yes, my garden is overlooked by the 1st floor windows next door but I don’t have a problem with that and am always naked when in the garden in the summer either doing the gardening or just sunning myself.
I will also rub one out too I know I’ve been seen lots of times by the the family next door but they haven’t said anything so they must be ok about it .

By Mynakedcock at 16,Mar,23 19:46
I’ve been caught so many times by my mum, sister, aunts and cousins it’s unbelievable, but as a teenager I wanked so much and didn’t care about being caught it’s not really a surprise.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 20:47
I have always been naked as much as possible so have been seen by lots of non family naked.
But I do remember one time when I was seen naked by lots of people, it was at the beach (not a nudist beach) when I was 12 years old.
We the family were on holiday and took a trip to the local beach for the day we arrived at the beach and laid out our towels and proceeded to change into our swim wear, I got undressed and then looked for my swimming trunks but could not find them. It transpired that they had been left at the campsite,
So I was sitting there on my towel naked and as it was a hot day I had only worn a pair of jogging bottoms and no pants so could not wear them instead of trunks.
So I just stayed naked all day laying on 5he towel and going into the sea for a swim.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 20:32
I am always naked at home indoors and in the garden, if someone sees me too bad.
As for underwear don’t wear any at all.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 19:50
The schools I went to were coeducational so the boys had to wear trunks and the girls swimsuits, but this didn’t hide the size of my cock and as I got older if I had a hard on which I often did as did all the other boys, some of which tried to hide it but not me and a few of the other boys we let it be seen.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 19:42
I haven’t worn underwear for about ten years, and don’t regret one moment of it.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 19:40
First time I see someone naked except for family I was probably about 5 years old when I went to the swimming pool.
The changing rooms were communal so we all had to change in front of each other and shower too.
I remember going in to changing rooms with my dad and there were a few others in there of differing ages, including one girl probably about 8 years old in there with her dad he was totally naked as well as a few of the other guys, she still had her knickers on but then took them off too and was then fully naked.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 19:00

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 18:51

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 18:35
My first visit to a sauna was when I was 25ish I had wondered what it would be like to have a sauna for a long time, I had heard of a place nearby that had a sauna so one weekend I set off and found it.
I went in and paid my entry fee and proceeded into the changing rooms and undressed and showered, then tried wrapping the towel I had been given around my waist but it was a bit small so I didn’t bother with it and continued out to the saunas with my cock totally exposed.
I had thought it was a male only establishment hence going through to the saunas naked but when I got there I found it was a unisex sauna and there was a group of people milling around of both sexes and all wearing trunks of bikinis.
At first I didn’t know what to do but nobody started complaining about me being naked so I continued with my first sauna.
I entered one of the saunas and sat on the bench already in there were two couples both probably in their 30s both guys wearing tight speedo trunks and the gals in bikinis they were all very fit looking.
They said hi to me and I said hi back and we chatted a bit but I couldn’t stop looking at them and their great figures both guys and girls, and started to get a hard on, I’m not normally bothered about being seen with an erection but thought I better say sorry and try and cover it up with my hands which I did, don’t worry they said so I removed my hands and continued chatting with them.
After a while I needed a break from the heat so left the sauna for while and cooled down and had a drink of water before re entering the sauna, there there was different people in there now a couple of guys, we greeted each other and I sat down on the bench again.
We too chatted and they complimented me on my courage to be naked there, I explained what had happened and told them that I’m not bothered about being seen naked. One of the guys said he too wanted to be naked but didn’t have the nerve to take his trunks off, so he pulled his cock out the side of his trunks exposing a very impressive sized piece of meat, he must have liked it as he soon got a hard on which was massive it looked like it would split anyone he fucked in half.
I then got a hard on again myself seeing his ginormous cock and couldn’t help myself and started to rub it but stopped as I didn’t want to cum right then.
The other guy said in conversation that he liked giving and receiving massages, I said I too liked that and asked him if he would like one now yes he replied very much.
I said to him to lay down on the bench then and I would give him a quick massage, he lay down on his belly on the upper bench and I knelt beside him on the lower bench and started to massage his back and shoulders and also his buttocks.
Then after a few minutes I moved on to his legs rubbing right into his inner thighs and all the way up to his groin I carried this on for a few more minutes then asked him to turn over and lay on his back, then continued with the front of his legs again going right in to his groin.
He was certainly enjoying my hands on him as he now too had a hard on which I slid my hands over a couple of times during the massage at which he didn’t object to so each time I came to the top of his legs I would then include his hard cock.
I finished giving him a massage and he asked if I would like him to give me one in return, yes I said very much.
So I lay myself down on the top bench and he starts to massage the backs of my legs and my buttocks on some strokes of my buttocks he rubs against my bum hole which feels really nice and also right in to my groin and the bottom of my balls which turns me on no end and I give out a moan of delight.
He gives my back a quick massage too also continuing to rub my buttocks and bum hole, then asks me to turn over which I do with a rampant hard on he then continues to give me my massage not being at all shy about rubbing my cock and balls which I love, I feel myself about to cum so I stop him as I don’t want to cum in the sauna which he does.
I decide I’ve had enough of the heat now so I collect my towel and bid my farewells and leave for the changing rooms forgetting that I have a raging hard on which does not go unnoticed when I walk out of the sauna by the people outside chatting.
I arrive back at the changing rooms and inside them are the guys I first met with their gals who are now both naked too about to get in the shower I obviously don’t need to undress so enter the showers with them, it is not a very big shower area only just big enough for the three of us, we let the water run over us and chat about our experience in the sauna including the massage and both the guys get a hard on hearing about it and me too telling it.
I am so turned on now I just want to have a wank so I start to rub one out but one of the guys tells me to stop and removes my hand from my cock and replaces it with his own and masturbates me for me, I don’t object and let him do it and enjoy it immensely and very shortly shoot my load .
We then finish showering and dress and go our own ways.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 16:31
I have slept naked since I was about six years old my mum didn’t think it was right for a boy that age to sleep naked but if she made me put pjs on I would just take them off when she left the room.
I would even sleep naked at sleepovers and school trips.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 16:26
When I visit a gym or swimming pool I will always get undressed before I do anything else, so I am naked whilst looking for a free locker or to retrieve my clothes after a workout or swim.
If no one else is in the changing rooms I will hang around naked until someone does come in and by then I will probably have a hard on for them to see.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 16:01
The first person I see masturbate was my neighbour when I was about 8 years old.
I was in our garden chatting to Sue from next door who was also 8 and I could see in their conservatory sitting on a chair was her Dad, he was totally naked and had a really hard erection on and he was stroking it up and down.
I said to Sue what I could see and she told me he was always doing it. I could see he knew I saw him as he was looking directly at me and see I was looking at him, but he just carried on until he suddenly stood up and shot his load over the floor.

By Mynakedcock at 23,Feb,23 22:49
I don’t see any issue with it, my single father friend takes his 9 year old daughter to pool and into men’s changing rooms with him, yes she sees lots of naked men but what’s the problem with that she’s going to see guys naked as she grows up isn’t she.

By Mynakedcock at 23,Feb,23 21:25
A few years ago I went for a swim at my local pool after which I went to the showers and toilet area, the changing cubicles and lockers were unisex but the showers and toilets were separate sex. I got my shower gel and proceeded to go to the showers.
To get to the toilets you had to pass the showers which were a square area with showers on three sides of the square, I went into them and in the showers was a couple of boys about 12 years old and also a couple of girls about the same age who were just inside of the showers.
I needed to have a pee and the urinals were just past the showers in full view of the girls, well I figured if the girls are in the men’s shower/toilet area if they see my cock to bad, so I go to the first urinal and I pull my trunks down and have a pee not trying to hide my cock from them at all, I finish peeing then go into the showers and take my trunks off.
I thought the girls would probably leave then but they didn’t they stayed and watched me shower, I rinsed off and then rubbed gel over my entire body then lathered up all over taking extra time with my cock which was already quite hard getting it fully hard all the time being watched by the girls and the boys.
I could see the boys getting little hard ones through their trunks and the girls were both giggling at seeing my hard cock.
I couldn’t help myself and decided to have a full jerk off session and rubbed myself off until I shot my load in full view of the four onlookers.

By Mynakedcock at 23,Feb,23 20:36
When I was about 14 we moved to new town I went to shops and while there I needed to go for a pee, so found the public toilets and went to the trough where there was one other guy already there.
I got my dick out and had a pee then realised the other guy was still at the trough, I look round and see he is standing there rubbing his hard cock right there without a care who sees him, even when another guy comes in he continues to rub himself.
I finished having my pee and shook my dick as usual but this time I shook it a bit more and started to get a hard on.
The other guy who had come in was standing right next to me and was wearing jogging trousers and no pants and he had pulled them down over his cock and bum to have a piss, he had a very large cock he was holding it in his hand and it still flopped out of it. He finished peeing and shook his cock too and then instead of pulling his joggers back up he to then started to rub his cock and got a hard on.
My cock was now very hard and I rubbed one out too with them, I soon cum shooting my load into the trough after which I done my trousers up and left but was not the only time I wanted in there.

By Mynakedcock at 23,Jan,23 00:26
I always slept naked at sleep overs, I didn’t even bother taking pj’s with me.

By Mynakedcock at 23,Jan,23 00:13
Yes I often let her see me wanking, and see her pussy lots and very nice it is too.

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 23:51
My local swimming pool had an open plan shower room with shower heads spaced out along the walls, I would always shower in them naked and would often get a hard on especially if there was lots of girls at the pool.
The showers were situated immediately as you walking in from the pool so the first thing you see when entering changing rooms is whoever was showering, on more than one occasion I would be in the showers and girls would suddenly appear at the entrance to them, I was often seen in the shower totally naked by girls from my school and sometimes with a ragging hard on.

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 23:28
When my gran stayed with us when we were younger I had to share my bed with my girl sibling one time when I was 12 and she was 10 we were in bed together I slept naked and she had a nightshirt on. She was laying on her side with her back to me and her nightshirt had ridden up and her bare bum was pressing against my cock, she moved about a lot while she tried to get to sleep and her bum rubbing on my cock got it erect and it poked i between hey legs and against her pussy, and I’m sure it poked inside her a little bit I didn’t try pushing it in any further but she moved around so much I did shoot my load at her pussy lips.

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 22:20
Once I was in a store to buy some new jeans, went into changing room which just had a curtain for privacy to try them on I closed the curtain mostly all the way but not quite closed. I took the trousers I was wearing off and was not wearing any underwear as usual so was naked from waste down and took hold of my cock and knocked one out in the changing room with the chance that I would be seen by a passer by.

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 22:02
I think I was 8 when one day passing my dads bedroom I see him laying on his bed naked and rubbing his cock, I didn’t know what he was doing then so I asked my sister who was 13 she told me he was having a wank and that he does it a lot, and told me what happens after a while of rubbing himself.
I wondered then what it felt like so I took my pants off and sat on the sofa and started rubbing my own cock it was soft then but did get hard after a while like my dads was and I carried on rubbing. After about five minutes I felt a very nice feeling come over me especially in my cock and balls and then I had this great throbbing in my cock as I orgasmed, I didn’t shoot any spunk that time but still had the best experience of my life at that time and with my sister watching me.

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 21:47
I go nude in the New Forest when ever I can, I like walking nude and I often get caught by other walkers, I just carry on walking as though nothing was amiss sometimes they will strike up a conversation with me I will always have a chat if they do, and if the chat is sexual I will rub one out at the same time.

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 20:37
My first gay experience was when I was 14 I was on a camping holiday by a river, I used to go to a quite area of the river in a nearby field and sun bathe naked and skinny dip. One time when I got out of the river there was a guy there who I hadn’t noticed, I didn’t know how long he had been there but I could see that he had a hard on through his tight shorts and I was a bit nervous as to what was happening but also curious.
He complimented me on having a nice cock and asked if I would let him feel it only some girls had touched my cock before which I really liked so I said ok, he reached down and gently rubbed around my balls and still soft cock and it felt great and I soon had a hard on too.
He told me I could feel his cock too if I wanted to so I did through his shorts it felt so hard and twitched a bit when I touched the head of his cock, he stopped rubbing my dick and pulled his shorts down releasing his cock and I could now see just how big it was and it was massive feel it now he said and I did and he felt mine again and soon I had a bit of pre cum at the end of my cock, he spotted this and bent down and licked it off which made me moan a bit, did you like that he asked and I said yes. Then he took his clothes off so he too was naked at that time a boat passed by with a family on board which made the guy quickly hide behind a bush but I didn’t hear it coming so was totally exposed to the family who could all see my hard cock the girls who were probably about 13 started laughing at the sight as they passed by.
When the boat had passed the guy approached me again and rubbed my cock again and I his then he asked if I would like a treat, ok I answered and he then knelt down in front of me and put my dick in his mouth and started to rub and suck on it, I had never had a bj before and I was in heaven he sucked and slid my cock in and out of his mouth and fondled my balls, it was not long before I felt myself cuming I told him that and he sucked even harder until I shot my load in his mouth, he swallowed it all and liked my cock clean.
He then sat down on the grass and asked me to rub his cock again I knelt down and obliged him I took hold of it wrapping my fingers round his shaft and wanked him off until he too squirted his load which landed on his chest and belly I was curious about what it tasted like so I bent over and licked the end of his cock lapping up a bit of spunk from his cock and I thought it tasted very nice.
He got up then and dressed and walked off I never see him again but will always remember the experience.

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 19:54
Lots of people have seen me masturbate, I often show on video chat sites and when out walking I usually have a wank and have been caught several times sometimes the person or people who catch me masturbating stop and watch me.

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 18:51
She didn’t say she did but I’m sure she knew what I was doing.

By Mynakedcock at 20,Jan,23 11:57
The first time I let a cock up my arse was last summer, I was in the New Forest sunbathing naked in an area where gays cruise. Another guy came along and started chatting to me, we chatted a bit then he asked if he could join me I said he could so he undressed and sat down beside me.
We continued chatting and I could see his cock was growing hard. I wasn’t actually there for sex but seeing his cock grow started turning me on and my cock got hard too, he commented that he liked the look of my cock and took hold of it and started stroking it saying it felt good too, I expressed my approval of his cock as well and returned the favour of rubbing his cock which was a very nice size not too big so I leant over and took it in my mouth and sucked on it for a while licking around its head.
He asked me if I liked cock up my arse I told him I had never had it, I was feeling so sexed up now so when he asked if I would to be arse fucked I said yes. What I hadn’t realised was that we had a couple of guys watching us now but didn’t care he got a condom and put it on and I got on all fours with my bum sticking up in the air, he got behind me and put the end of his cock at my arse hole and gently started to push it in, it didn’t want to go in at first but then it did and he started sliding in a bit at a time until he was ball deep up my bum and it felt great, he then started fucking my arse sliding in and out of me while I stroked on my cock, then I felt his cock start to throb and knew he was cumin.
He took his cock out of my bum and I sat back down and then see that we had six onlookers watching us all with their cocks out wanking themselves off.

By Mynakedcock at 20,Jan,23 01:33
I love going to the New Forest and walking naked and having a wank. I like finding a semi hidden place and stand there totally naked rubbing my cock, I have been caught a few times by people who have walked quietly and come across me by surprise, but have always found this the biggest thrill of wanking outdoors and always had the best cums when I’ve been caught.

By Mynakedcock at 20,Jan,23 00:28
One year when I was in my teens I was on a big family camping holiday with my parents, sister uncle and aunt and my two cousins, and all us kids slept in one tent boys and girls together. It was a hot summer so I slept naked and with my sleeping bag unzipped, I was feeling very horny as I had got a glimpse of my cousins pussy when her nightdress lifted when she was getting into her sleeping bag, and my cock grew very hard so I started rubbing it thinking as it was dark no one would notice I wanked off enjoying slowly rubbing my cock and the thought of being caught made the enjoyment even better I eventually cum shooting my load over my chest and belly.

By Mynakedcock at 19,Jan,23 23:57
The first person to see me masturbating was my 10 year old neighbour , I was 14 and in the garden. It was a hot day so I lay sunbathing naked on the lawn thinking I was alone I started rubbing my cock and was soon very hard, I was rubbing away then I heard some giggling coming from next door and looked round to see Sally looking over the fence watching me have a wank. My first reaction was to stop and cover up, but I didn’t I instead carried on rubbing my very hard cock until I shot my load with her watching.