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multi-dimensional beings/entities?

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Started by #677384 at 25,Mar,23 23:09
I pose a query: Do you think it's possible other entities exist in the 3 dimensions (4 including time) that we occupy? Can they move between space and time? Furthermore, why the f**k do I think about this stuff?

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By Zainn122 at 09,Feb,24 11:17 other posts of Zainn122 
You think about this stuff the same way you probably think about porn, since you are on this Site ya curious and so am I. From my experience I believe aliens are real but they choose not to communicate with us or can’t communicate due to being light yrs away

I took DMT a few times and on one occasion I turned into a green-yellow alien with tiny palms but huge long scaly fingers, that went from being little green baby aliens hand to huge yellow alien hands in a blink of a eye…started to feel like “this is how I used to be” meaning my brain believed I used to be a alien but then due to evolution I became human, it was a weird feeling.

Not gonna lie. Dmt was so crazy, I saw quantum physics and what not and later my eyesight became better for a good 3months after smoking it. I wish I tried looking at my wiener just to see if it looked different too 😂LOL but I was too shocked to even care about sex or to even look at my penis

But Islam also talks about how god has created dimensions we humans will never hear about as its non of our business. They only mention one entity which is a jinn.. they basically made of energy and have the ability to take on human forms, so some of them are shapeshifters. And in my family some people are supposedly “possessed” such as my cousin, but I don’t believe that as I think he’s just simply mentally ill.. like me

Anyways a lot of cultures talk about aliens and all sorts of entities so most likely there’s something definitely out there as we humans can’t simply be the only ones

By Jimjim at 26,Mar,23 18:35 other posts of Jimjim 
Yes they exist
By #677384 at 26,Mar,23 22:43
uhhh ohhh Jimmy...that's what I was afraid of bro. I can't see them or feel their presence. Do we need to be concerned with their intentions? As humans, we have a tendency to kill anything that is unusual or beyond our typical reality. Can you see them? Perhaps it is time to humble us and cool our egotistical apex/alpha type mantra. I feel that if they wanted us extinct, they could have easily done that a long time ago. I laugh at those with such a high opinion of themselves who are so arrogant and narrow minded to think we are the only intelligent beings in the infinite universe.
By Jimjim at 27,Mar,23 21:04 other posts of Jimjim 
I have seen them while on psilocybin mushrooms.
By tecsan at 29,Mar,23 08:28 other posts of tecsan 
Now that you mention it jim, think I have seen a few too.

By #659494 at 28,Mar,23 16:19
I believe they do yes, good and bad ones too! Many bad ones have tried to attack me in my dreams. Some try to fuck me in my dreams. They're out there and beyond the dimensions we know of.
By #677384 at 28,Mar,23 18:53
Thank you for your response my dear. I may have opened a big can of worms here huh? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could call on ivan when we are both dreaming so could defend you when they attack you babe. My brother had something evil in him years ago, and it is my belief he was possessed by a very bad entity. It put our family through hell for a year or so. That was 25 yrs ago, and he is fine but not the same happy kid I raised. I think prayer helps enormously if one believes, so I will pray for you to rest well tonight honey.

By leopoldij at 30,Mar,23 00:06 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't believe, because I don't believe, period. Either something is or isn't. For example, the sun is very far away. If Someone says "I believe that the sun is far away" he's not stating a true fact correctly. There's nothing to believe here
By #677384 at 30,Mar,23 19:51
You don't have to believe anything leo...I find it very difficult to believe a damn thing lately.
By leopoldij at 30,Mar,23 21:46 other posts of leopoldij 
True, mate.

By leopoldij at 29,Mar,23 23:16 other posts of leopoldij 
I think you don't understand what you're talking about. You touch things you've no clue about. Neither do I. So nothing exists. It's like asking "do you think that there are colours other than those we can see?" Well, the question is meaningless, so the answer is no. Just like the answer to anything that makes no sense is no. Just relax and you'll forget all that. They're just creations of your mind.
By #677384 at 29,Mar,23 23:42
Hmmm, thank you for your reply leo. You are exactly right...these are thing I don't understand bro. Do I want to? Probably not. Will I stop asking questions and enjoying the input and thoughts of others like you Leo? Probably not. I don't try to make sense of things like this, I just find it fascinating to ponder and question everything I hear or see or read. I fear if I just relax and become ignorant, then I also become useless and no longer a sentient being. It is when we lose our awareness and curiosity of all the things around us that accelerate our extinction as a species.
By leopoldij at 30,Mar,23 00:03 other posts of leopoldij 
But I think that the stuff you're talking about are creations of the mind. A hyperactive mind begets monsters. As soon as you turn your attention elsewhere, monsters vanish. My feeling is you need some real distraction, something you can see, touch and smell. A pussy, for example.
By #677384 at 30,Mar,23 02:13
Once again, I agree with your sentiment brotha...I thank you for your honesty, and am grateful for your advice. It has been awhile lol. I still desire a sexy woman, but I am not exactly proud of my slutty past. I won't mention how many girls. It may very well be in my mind, and sex is just a distraction without love for me now. I am much more interested in her mind and love than just a walking pussy that thinks my dick is an amusement ride.

By tecsan at 29,Mar,23 08:25 other posts of tecsan 
You have a warped mind like me.
By #677384 at 29,Mar,23 21:22
Your mind is not warped brotha...just open and curious tec.

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