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Prostate orgasms

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Started by BigDaddy132 at 09,May,23 02:33  other posts of BigDaddy132
How long does it take you to cum from prostate stimulation? I have cum using a rubber cock,a vibrator but tried it with my finger and no luck.

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New Comment

By quint at 27,Aug,23 11:50 other posts of quint 
..I love making a guy cum just by fucking him.. I want to feel that!

By cd_jordan at 20,Aug,23 22:23 other posts of cd_jordan 
Never managed with my own fingers, but with a tool once I find the spot it's almost instantly

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:19 other posts of hugehole 
Best orgasm ever

By BigDaddy132 at 17,May,23 01:49 other posts of BigDaddy132 
I would love to see how long it take with someone fucking me but no way to do it without getting divorced
By wycowboy at 17,May,23 14:58 other posts of wycowboy 
Same here

By Hrnyboy90 at 15,May,23 19:48 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Usually around 10 to 15 min if I'm doing it myself sometimes closer to 5 to 10 if someone is fucking me

By SluttySarah069 at 14,May,23 17:03 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Being fucked has always worked for me.

By LGA6969 at 14,May,23 12:49 other posts of LGA6969 
It takes practice it may not happen the first time you try
Be relaxed and lube up your finger
Insert your index finger and insert probing your prostate once found finger it massaging motion. Keep doing it and you will start feeling and you will start leaking a lot of precum . Prostate orgasm are the best .

By neednopants at 10,May,23 05:45 other posts of neednopants 
Finger(s) do it the best, a small vib or a vib egg is good for it too. But in my case it took some training to get a prostate orgasm. Still there is no guarantee that it really works. I need to be deeply relaxed and I have to stimulate the anus and the complete area carefully to make it happen. My GF tried it from time to time, she is very talented, but it did not work.

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