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Regrets over possible missed opportunities.

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Started by #709175 at 29,Jan,24 07:33
As I get older my focus sharpens, life experiences define reality, you realise that reality, and the things that could have been are no longer figments of the imagination. They do really become missed opportunities. And I admit there have been a few and none more than this one. This is the one that does have the most implications, having years to think it through. I'm a young 20 year old with some life experiences, I'm fit and healthy and also I am well endowed, (so I'd been told). I've been hired as a farm hand and assistant to the farmers wife, she has been left to run this small yet productive sheep property while the husband is away on his very long extended voyages captaining oil tankers around the world. Anyway, to the point, I am living in the same house as his wife, I have my own room, but shared all other amenities, namely the bathroom. She is a very petite attractive woman in her late forties, even as young as I was at the time I was able to discern that this was a milf if ever there was one. Anyway, I had been there awhile and we got to know each other and got on well, we shared an evening meal each night, I would help with the dishes and make sure there was plenty of firewood for the stove. I would say my goodnights, take a shower and go to my room. This was the norm. One night that changed, She asked would I like to have a bath, there is plenty of hot water, so why not... This is all so innocent, and being so young and still learning about the ways of the world, oh so innocent am I. Laying back enjoying the soak, in she comes, a pile of towels in her arm, dressed in her light weight pyjamas, nothing provocative, just dressed lightly. I've brought you a fresh towel, thank you. She lingers, she is looking at me, is there anything you need, no thank you, are you sure...would you like your back washed. no I'm right thank you, oh okay, you sure now, no thanks. With that she left and so forever was that missed opportunity. I'm older now, I know what she had on her mind and it would have been fantastic, that was a mother I would have loved to fuck, and fuck, and fuck.Fuck.

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