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first sex experience

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Started by Fitturkish at 07,Feb,24 17:04  other posts of Fitturkish
Tell your first sex experience how old were u? What did u do?
With who?

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New Comment

By wirda at 21,Apr,24 13:51 other posts of wirda 
With blowjob I was 10 years with bunch of 15 years old

With sex, I was 13 years old and I was contemplating who to have sex with out of the 2 guys I was seeing

It didn’t feel fair so I end up having sex with both of them

By nekekal at 20,Apr,24 20:24 other posts of nekekal 
I don't know what counts. My first sexual encounter was with myself. I played with my penis for as long as I can remember.

I also shared a bedroom with my older brother and we played with each other almost every night. He had a tiny penis, I had a big one. His hands fit my penis and I could jack him off.

I was involved in some circle jerks while in high school. Just our own cocks. No touching others.

After high school I made a trip to San Francisco to see a friend and we masturbated each other to orgasm. That probably counts. I was 17.

By 18, I found a woman to fuck. After that there were a number of sexual encounters. Both genders.

By ThickBigDick at 19,Apr,24 11:46 other posts of ThickBigDick 
Had my first jerk off buddy at 12 friend was age 17 Want to hear the whole story? Skype name Soi 007 just TALK or CAM

By spunkluvr at 18,Apr,24 14:03 other posts of spunkluvr 
Wanking when I was six. Sucked off a much older neighbour at eleven.

By Maxwell_93 at 25,Feb,24 02:39 other posts of Maxwell_93 
When I was of age, with a little older goth girl who knew what she was doing. I think she wanted it more than me, cause she proposed it and took charge in an instant

By gayguy at 25,Feb,24 01:48 other posts of gayguy 
I had sex with a girl when I was 10years old I didn't get into men until my 30's, no longer interested in women, give me men all day

By thicknsmooth at 22,Feb,24 04:50 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Well my first time experience with another boy was the summer I was 8 years old. I was obsessed with my own dick and balls and was very curious of the other boys. I got my first chance with another boy the same age we sucked each other’s dicks and explored our bodies. I fell in love with the taste of another dick and never stopped from that day on.

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