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Turning totally gay 03,Jun,21 09:33


By gayguy at 01,Apr,24 12:30
Lucky bugger

By gayguy at 23,Mar,24 01:57
Would have to be a group of men

By gayguy at 25,Feb,24 01:48
I had sex with a girl when I was 10years old I didn't get into men until my 30's, no longer interested in women, give me men all day

By gayguy at 20,Feb,24 23:12
I've had one asian cock, small-hairy & I loved it

By gayguy at 15,Feb,24 23:55
Yes, regularly, there about 5 of us, started when we were 14

By gayguy at 09,Jan,24 01:41

By gayguy at 07,Dec,23 04:13
The next one inside me

By gayguy at 30,Oct,23 11:12
Not enough

By gayguy at 18,Oct,23 01:55
I'd love to suck my own cock I've tried but not flexible & too big stomach

By gayguy at 04,Oct,23 07:54
I mop it up with my fingers & lick/swallow it

By gayguy at 14,Aug,23 04:13
I purchased a cheap phone for sex contacts & to take/store cock pictures

By gayguy at 09,Jul,23 12:52
Missionary with him on top

By gayguy at 26,Jun,23 18:41
I love to swallow & love to be swallowed

By gayguy at 22,Jun,23 03:42
Swallow, why waste it

By gayguy at 16,Jun,23 21:35
Used to jerk off with mates when I was around 12-13, it was fun Later in life I had a friend give me a blowjob , I was very hesitant at first but I really enjoyed it Next time he suggested I blow him, well I have never looked back My only regret is I hadn't started earlier

By gayguy at 12,Jun,23 22:34
Lots of dry orgasm since about 10 year old with friends Blew my first load at about 12 year old

By gayguy at 12,Jun,23 22:31
Bit tentative at first but got into it swallowed my first load & haven't looked back since

By gayguy at 09,Jun,23 02:25
I'll take a blowjob from whoever gives it

By gayguy at 07,Jun,23 08:37
I was about 8 but only did it once I was 32 next time & haven't looked back since, all I want now

By gayguy at 30,May,23 12:02
The first time a guy sucked my cock then the first time I sucked his cock 40 years ago Absolutely loved it & have never looked back

By gayguy at 19,May,23 03:42
No Every cock I see is bigger than mine

By gayguy at 20,Mar,23 11:48
Hervey Bay

By gayguy at 09,Feb,23 11:51
Suck it until it was dry
Then I,d sit on it

By gayguy at 09,Jan,23 22:16
My dream to have a smooth twink to fuck me whenever he wants

By gayguy at 29,Dec,22 14:45
I would suck you & let you fuck me

By gayguy at 29,Dec,22 02:21
Me on my back and my legs on a man's shoulders

By gayguy at 25,Dec,22 06:22
Had dry orgasms about 10-11 years old First cum was about 12

By gayguy at 27,Nov,22 03:10
NO I have sex with men NOT women or a representation of a woman

By gayguy at 23,Nov,22 17:44
Shave! Can't beat being smooth

By gayguy at 14,Nov,22 04:33
I was about 10 for both girl & boy

By gayguy at 28,Sep,22 10:53

By gayguy at 19,Sep,22 22:41
Every day Sometimes 2 or 3 times Wish I had someone to play and masturbatory together

By gayguy at 18,Aug,22 15:20
I live nude at my home, wish I didn't have to get dressed when I leave home

By gayguy at 16,Aug,22 03:40
Pussy - 12
Dick - 32, never going back to pussy

By gayguy at 13,Aug,22 14:46
Mine is cut & I prefer cut

By gayguy at 25,Jul,22 09:13
In 69 sucking and being sucked while another fucks me from behind

By gayguy at 01,Jul,22 01:32
Was at gay sauna, thick cock pushed his way in, hurt a bit, then used lubed & I loved it Can't get enough now

By gayguy at 27,Feb,22 12:38
Suck cocks first then eat fruit with their cum

By gayguy at 21,Feb,22 02:32
Cut, 7" for sucking, will accept uncut if clean

By gayguy at 06,Feb,22 11:53

By gayguy at 31,Jan,22 09:25

By gayguy at 17,Jan,22 03:05
Go for it, you won't be sorry & you'll want more

By gayguy at 29,Dec,21 17:09
Go for it, best thing I ever did

By gayguy at 17,Oct,21 06:06
A 10 inch thick cock

By gayguy at 17,Oct,21 06:05
Suck it & sit on it

By gayguy at 06,Oct,21 08:27
If you are sucking cock you take all it gives

By gayguy at 28,Sep,21 23:57
All the time

By gayguy at 17,Sep,21 03:59
Absolutely, drain it as well

By gayguy at 27,Jul,21 06:32
I love having my cock sucked, but I do like cock in my mouth as well

By gayguy at 06,Jul,21 04:32
Suck it all down, then suck harder to make sure I got all of it