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Turning totally gay 03,Jun,21 09:33


By gayguy at 27,Feb,22 12:38
Suck cocks first then eat fruit with their cum

By gayguy at 21,Feb,22 02:32
Cut, 7" for sucking, will accept uncut if clean

By gayguy at 06,Feb,22 11:53

By gayguy at 31,Jan,22 09:25

By gayguy at 17,Jan,22 03:05
Go for it, you won't be sorry & you'll want more

By gayguy at 29,Dec,21 17:09
Go for it, best thing I ever did

By gayguy at 17,Oct,21 06:06
A 10 inch thick cock

By gayguy at 17,Oct,21 06:05
Suck it & sit on it

By gayguy at 06,Oct,21 08:27
If you are sucking cock you take all it gives

By gayguy at 28,Sep,21 23:57
All the time

By gayguy at 17,Sep,21 03:59
Absolutely, drain it as well

By gayguy at 27,Jul,21 06:32
I love having my cock sucked, but I do like cock in my mouth as well

By gayguy at 06,Jul,21 04:32
Suck it all down, then suck harder to make sure I got all of it

By gayguy at 29,Mar,21 11:35
Accept it and have more

By gayguy at 01,Mar,21 18:01
Yes please

By gayguy at 01,Mar,21 17:59
I used to suck and lick her first mmmmmmm

By gayguy at 21,Jan,21 05:59
Yes please

By gayguy at 02,Dec,19 23:47
Hi all,
I'm from Hervey Bay in Queensland, AUS
Like to meet other gay guys in the area, I have a hard six inch cut cock & a bottom