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oral mystery

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Started by #77008 at 21,Jun,10 15:59
Whenever im getting head it feels good, but i've never came from oral. Is that normal?

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By #435701 at 16,Aug,16 18:01
65...never been able to cum thru oral. I think it's me, as I have had quite a few women that were really good at it...Never had a man give me oral. Maybe that's it!

By #301038 at 16,Mar,13 10:38
One of my loves lived till 37 years without having an orgasm from oral sex, until he met me. So it happened, that he just got back from a field exercise and haven't had an orgasm in at least a week, so he was super sensitive. I stopped by his house before work, and I had my scrubs on, and I didn't know it was a huge turn on for him. Anyways, I was sucking his dick, and I noticed that it was taking him a long time to cum. I asked him if he wants to cum in my mouth or inside of me, and he said that he never had an orgasm from a bj. It sounded like a challenge. I told him to slide to the end of the bed, and lift his legs in the air. I sat on an ottoman in front of the bed, so I'd be comfortable. I put my fingers under his balls, where his prostate would be, you can actually feel it being a bit enlarged, about a size of a small cherry, and started rubbing it, as I licked his dick from the balls to the tip, and when I go down, I put my hand in a fist and place it between the tip of his dick and my lips, to create a feeling of deeper mouth. As I went down, I twisted my hand, twirled my tongue, and moved my head from time to time. As I would go up, I would follow the big vein (I guess it's the sperm canal) from his P-spot, between the balls , to the shaft and I would suck the head as my hand comes up. It's hard to explain, but it's just like going up and down, but with extra perks... it took him about 5 minutes to cum, it wasn't easy, but the look on his face was priceless... and it led to a great fuck!

My advice to guys, who never had an orgasm from oral, is to lay off masturbation for a week or two, look for a bj porn that you might think you would enjoy, and ask your partner to do it that way, sometimes it's easier to show, than to explain how.
By #277673 at 16,Mar,13 10:55
i think i just came with that explanation
By #301038 at 16,Mar,13 12:13
do you think that would work for most of the guys?

I never gave a single bj without making a man cum... that's sort of my thing... it makes sex much better, after you give a great bj and go have a glass of wine or a cup of tee before actually having sex
By leopoldij at 16,Aug,16 10:08 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't cum from oral alone. Not usually. But then again, I'm getting lousy BJ's, if any. Can you give me one please? Pretty please?

By #350462 at 13,Aug,16 14:02
I don't usually cum from head ..I have like 2 times but it was outdoors.. Guess it was the snack factor... It's all in your head

By #7976 at 18,Dec,10 01:03
I'm about 50/50 with oral sex. Some women can give great head that sends me over the edge but a lot of women don't do it for me. Either way, I always enjoy having my cock sucked and stroked so it's good foreplay whether it's the finishing act or not.

By slipper at 17,Dec,10 03:17 other posts of slipper 
Of course, another reason for not cumming while getting blown is that one may think it is wrong to do so, or to do so with that particular person. That can kill any cum.

Just something else to consider.

By slipper at 21,Jun,10 18:57 other posts of slipper 
NOT for me!!!
By slipper at 22,Jun,10 20:39 other posts of slipper 
...and not if it is done right!

By spermkiss at 22,Jun,10 03:42 other posts of spermkiss 
No, it is not normal, but I've known two men who have been in your situation.

One was a man I had an affair with many years ago. He could reach a climax using his own hand or by fucking, but he never could climax by anyone else's hand or by oral stimulation. And believe me, I tried both ways on more than one occasion. Sucking cock is my all time favorite sex act and, since I've had a lot of practice, I'm very good at it. If I do say so myself, I'm a world class cocksucker. But I never got him off. Needless to say, I got fucked in the ass a lot when I was seeing him, since that was the only way he could get off.

Then recently an old, dear friend confided in me that he could not climax with oral sex. Since this was somewhat frustrating for both him and his partner (another dear friend), they asked for my advice. Unfortunately I could not give them any except to relate the story of the man with whom I had the affair.

By #82616 at 21,Jun,10 17:25
Find a girl that knows what she is doin or tell her what feels best for you. I love to have my balls tickled when im gettin head

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